Zelda is a Midget

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Kid: Holy dog shit! Did you see the latest Nintendo porno mag?

Kid: What are you fucking stupid?

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Holy dog shit
  2. Porno mag
  3. I dunno that sound source
  4. All the things I would do to you
  5. Are you fucking stupid
  6. Put this shit right here
  7. Blow your fucking mind
  8. Some little midget, bitch! - SyeTen - "How to Correctly Draw Muhammad"
  9. Running around
  10. Like a Giant Faggot
  11. Niggers
  12. I'm so fucking dead
  13. Jews that erupts too. Go ahead and try to sue
  14. I still dunno that fucking sound source
  15. Fucking destroy it!
  16. Ah, fuck this fucking game! - Pedestrian from GTA IV
  17. When there's smoke
  18. Sue your ass and your balls!