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As a former editor with a short lifespan (thanks to those dickbag, parody-hating Viacom stalkers) I have a load of sound sources I will never get to use. I shall suggest a load of them right here, and you are free to use them, hence list them as sound sources on this wiki. 

I WILL UPDATE WHENEVER I CAN (usually on weekends) First, just to clarify things. If something is in a bracket (ex. [Michael went and] beat the shit out of him), that text is unnecessary, it's just to make things easier to understand as a full sentence. If there is an asterisk, there are additional notes. If it's in parentheses, it's optional to use.

Let's get the fuck started!

Source #1: Animeme[edit]

Baby Godfather[edit]

  1. Who the fuck [is Simon?]
  2. Son of a bitch [told me it's naptime.]

Baby Godfather 2[edit]

  1. (Fat) [purple] fuck
  2. Motherfucker
  3. He's dead
  4. Balls
  5. Wipe my own ass
  6. And it's fuckin' great!


  1. Blowjob
  2. Hand job

Philosoraptor 2[edit]

  1. Private parts
  2. Prostitute

Philosoraptor 3[edit]

  1. Child molester

Awesome Penguin[edit]

  1. Erection
  2. Get laid
  3. Lose virginity

Courage Wolf 2[edit]

  1. Your virginity!

Source #2: Annoying Orange[edit]

TV of TERROR![edit]

  1. Oh, no! I'm NAKED!

Ask Orange 12: Break Dance Lessons![edit]

  1. Agh! I'm naked!

Source #3: Yo Mama[edit]

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Toilet[edit]

  1. Shit

YO MAMA SO STUPID! Puzzle[edit]

  1. Yeah, I just called your mom retarded!

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Freddy Krueger[edit]

  1. Bitch!

YO MAMA SO FAT! Stephen Hawking/Black Hole[edit]

  1. Asshole


  1. What the FUCK, lady?!

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Bath Water[edit]

  1. Ah, fuck this!

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Strip Club[edit]

  1. Strip club

YO MAMA SO FAT! School Pictures[edit]

  1. Get bitches!

YO MAMA SO FAT! Yogi Bear[edit]

  1. Oh, shit

YO MAMA SO FAT! South Park[edit]

  1. You BASTARD!

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Santa Claus[edit]

  1. Holy shit!

YO MAMA SO OLD! Ancient Aliens[edit]

  1. Motherfucking

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Deadpool[edit]

  1. [Could somebody get me] the fuck [out of this joke?]

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Juggernaut / X-Men[edit]

  1. Bitch!
  2. Oh shit!
  3. Fuck you, [Charles!]

YO MAMA SO UGLY! Ice Cube[edit]

  1. Aw shit!

Source #4: Dookieshed[edit]

Klefki Will F*** You Up[edit]

  1. Shit stain
  2. You got a fucking problem [with fairies?]
  3. [Klefki just] stole your bitch!
  4. Fuck
  5. Really hard
  6. Up your ass

Cradily Will F*** You Up[edit]

  1. Cock
  2. What the fuck is that thing?
  3. Shithead!
  4. Harder than my dick is
  5. Bitch!
  6. Acid!
  7. Motherfucking dicks!
  8. Retarded ass

Raticate Will F*** You Up[edit]

  1. Fuck you!
  2. Motherfucker
  3. Little bitch

Braviary is Patriotic as F***[edit]

  1. Pull that wiener from out your throat and listen the FUCK up!

Shedinja Will F*** You Up[edit]

  1. Bitch!
  2. Fuck
  3. Too fucking bad!
  4. Asshole!
  5. Get the hell outta here!

Mega Rayzuaza Will F*** You Up[edit]

  1. You're fucked!

BEAT Will F*** You Up[edit]

  1. Beat off
  2. Sexy as fuck!
  3. Dumbfuck ass
  4. Nut-sucker
  5. Fucking dumbass(es)
  6. Fuck you
  7. Fucking stupid
  8. Fucking dogs
  9. Bitches!


  1. Holy shit
  2. Satan's asshole
  3. Fuck your shit up!
  4. You worthless sack of rhino dicks!


  1. Some dipshit [child]
  2. Bitch!
  3. Get right the fuck out of here!


  1. Dildos


  1. Bitches!


  1. Dickbrain!
  2. FUCK NO!

Top 10 Cutest Pokémon[edit]

  1. Give a fuck

Source #5: Robot Chicken [edit]

NOTE: Some sketch titles are listed differently than their official names on Adult Swim's YouTube channel. 

Lil' Magnum P.I.[edit]

  1. I'm gonna teach that son of a bitch a lesson he'll never forget!
  2. What the hell just happened?

Codename: The Abortionator[edit]

  1. Shoot your parents!
  2. Make sweet, sweet love

Down On Your Knees, I'm the Piano God[edit]

  1. Tiny schlong


  1. Mentally challenged

Oz Prison[edit]

  1. Toss my salad
  2. Balls

Egyptian Lego[edit]

  1. In the nutbag!

Where in Time Is My Broken Heart (the uncensored version is on YouTube as well)[edit]

  1. What the fuck?
  2. You motherfucking whore!
  3. You dumb bitch!
  4. That fucking bitch
  5. You whore!
  6. You fucked it all up!

Gullah Gullah I Lied[edit]

  1. You dumbass!

Bitch Pudding Special (part 1)[edit]

  1. Up the butt (x2)

Bitch Pudding Special (part 2)[edit]

  1. Moose dick
  2. Asshole
  3. That asshole
  4. My boot up his asshole

Source #6: Family Guy[edit]

Peter's Two Dads (Peter takes up crack)

  1. What the fuck?

An App A Day (Stewie's Tennis Rage - Uncensored version is on YouTube)[edit]

  1. Are you shittin' me?!
  2. Fucking
  3. Piece of shit
  4. I'm gonna (go to your house and) fuck your wife!

The Juice Is Loose (Stewie on the roof)[edit]

  1. Penis (TV version)
  2. Fucking your girlfriend (uncensored DVD version)

Source #7: (they upload their vids to Youtube, too)[edit]

Top 10 Discontinued Snack Foods (Four Loko newscast clip)[edit]

  1. Liquid cocaine