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the king of this shithole

SuperIdiotMan was not always the superhero you know and love today. As recently as 2007 he was just a normal boy trying to stay on top of his school work and lack of a social life. However, his life changed forever when he witnessed an alien spaceship landing near his town. The aliens believed they were in the vicinity of their long-lost mother ship, and selected the soon-to-be Super Idiot Man to help them find it. After using his expert spaceship navigation skills to mash every button on the dashboard repeatedly with his face, he found his way into the spaceship's trash pod, where he was ejected into deep space. As luck would have it, the trash pod was not lost forever, as it was headed straight toward Jupiter, where the immense gravity swung him back toward Earth. However, the effects of Jupiter's gravity changed his physical biology, giving him super powers. Thus, Super Idiot Man was born.

Possibly the most remembered event in S.I.M.'s superhero career was when he attempted to stop a train from falling over a broken bridge. Blessed with super-strength, Super Idiot Man used his powers to try to slow down the train. The train fell off the bridge and exploded on impact with the ground. S.I.M. was the sole survivor.

Super Idiot Man's life was changed once again when he encountered an old lady with a mystical secret. After being killed in a freak boating accident, the old lady had been given new life through a magical packet of Hot Cocoa mix. Armed with super powers of her own, she became Super Idiot Man's first... supervillain. After their first battle, Super Idiot Man noticed the old lady's Cocoa packet, and picked it up, intending to use it to make a cup of hot cocoa to celebrate his victory. However, the packet's powers activated, mixing with Super Idiot Man's Jovian super powers. Unfortunately, the combination of power sources overwhelmed Super Idiot Man's physical form, annihilating his body. After a brief stint in hell, S.I.M. returned to earth in mortal form.

No longer a superhero, he faded into obscurity, now known only through his YouTube account, where he posts SpongeBob Edits and piano covers of Dethklok songs, alongside an assortment of random minor videos. The rest is history.

  • The Cocoa packet sent the old lady into a cryogenic chamber at the earth's core, where she would never be heard from again.
  • The man responsible for blowing up the train's bridge was sent by Satan to the presence of Kim Jong Il, who sued the man for plagiarism for blowing up so much stuff. As punishment, Kim nuked him, then nuked him a second time by sending a missile into hell. Although Kim Jong Il survived the first missile, the structural damage from the blast trapped him in rubble and killed his faithful bodyguard, "Samoan".