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The creator of the now-deleted Mighty Magiswords Edits Wiki, the mirror of the SpongeBob Edits Wiki.

My own page[edit]

Main article: MagiswordEditor


Bold text means that is the Non-SpongeBob Edits

Italic text means that is the upcoming edits

Strike-through text means that is the cancelled edits and lost edits

Edits, Edit Mashups, Edit Collabs made by him[edit]

  1. We Bare Bears: Nom Nom's Entourage (the only edit he made on 2016) - link
  2. We Bare Bears: Neighbors - link
  3. We Bare Bears: Coffee Cave - part 1 part 2 part 3 ending
  4. We Bare Bears: Frozen Ice - link
  5. Spotify: Play This At My Funeral - link with the first sneak peek of his first Mighty Magiswords edit
  6. Sandy’s Nutmare - link
  7. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Virus - part 1 part 2
  8. LazyTown: Robbie's Dream Team - part 1
  9. Object Overload (original): Television mocking Candy (Set In Stone) - link
  10. Joe: We Gotta Get SpongeBob Back 1 & 2 (the only edit he made with Windows Movie Maker) - link
  11. Mighty Magiswords: Bad Man Oldman - link
  12. Squeaky Boots - link
  13. The edit mashup between Kyle Jacobsen's Sailor Mouth and Mr SkeleBoner's Sailor Mouth edit - Link
  14. SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget - MEGA / Vlare / BitView
  15. Regular Show: Party Horse - link
  16. Mighty Magiswords: Witchy Simone Ruins Everything (link)
  17. Mighty Magiswords: Action Comedy (clip)
  18. Mighty Magiswords: Elect to Decline - Link
  19. We Bare Bears: Anger Management - MEGA / Google Drive (Google Drive requested by Edits Are Awesome)
  20. Just One Bite - VidMe / YouTube
  21. Employee of the Month - VidMe / YouTube / Funny or Die
  22. Chuck Chicken: The Magic Egg - BitChute / PeerTube
  23. Ed Edd n' Eddy: The Hat of Discipline (Momma's Little Ed) - YouTube / VidMe
  24. Texas - Link
  25. Fools in April - Limk
  26. SB-129 - Limk
  27. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI - The Motion Picture - Limk
  28. Ed Edd n' Eddy: Rolf's Sad Moment from Dueling Eds - Link
  29. Ed Edd n' Eddy: Double D's Strong Hiccups (The Good Ol' Ed) - Link
  30. Ed Edd n' Eddy: Truth or Ed - YouTube / VidMe
  31. We Bare Bears: Kyle - VidMe / YouTube (when Rockorange/XDrang/AwesomeGuy downloaded and reuploaded on their reupload channel "Editors Defiant" on YouTube, the YouTube link will be changed) / Google Drive
  32. 300 - This Is Sparta Scene - YouTube
  33. Ed Edd n' Eddy: Sir Ed A Lot - YouTube
  34. We Bare Bears: Icy Nights - VidMe / Google Drive
  35. The Fairly Oddparents: The Big Fairy Share Scare (i know the tenth season of The Fairly Oddparents was the worst season) - MEGA
  36. "We Will Rock You" by Queen - YouTube
  37. The Fairly OddParents: The Hungry Games - YouTube / VidMe
  38. Chuck Chicken: Combat in Death Valley - VidMe
  39. Mighty Magiswords : Trasylbabies Song - YouTube
  40. Ed, Edd n' Eddy: Double D vs. Eddy (Big Picture Show) - YouTube
  41. Clarence: Belson's Sleepover / Mighty Magiswords: The Desolation of Grup / Ed Edd n' Eddy: Fa-La-La-La-Ed / We Bare Bears: Hibernation (Originally for Rotten Cheese's Editing Collab 2) - Link
  42. OK KO Let's Be Heroes: Intro + Let's Be Heroes - Dailymotion / YouTube
  43. Mighty Magiswords: Play That Song Again! (Originally for Scriblemonger's Cartoon Network Editing Compilation) - MEGA
  44. DuckTales (Disney XD reboot): Woo-oo (Part 1) - Dailymotion / Funny Or Die
  45. DragonBall Z: Goku's Fear Of Needles (Captain Ginyu...The Frog) - Link
  46. The Endless Summer - YouTube (when Rockorange/XDrang/AwesomeGuy/SuperIdiotMan downloaded and reuploaded on their reupload channel "Editors Defiant" on YouTube, the YouTube link will be changed) / Funny or Die / MEGA
  47. Ed,Edd n' Eddy: One + One = Ed - Link
  48. Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta's Pink Shirt (Frieza's Counterattack) - Link
  49. Dragon Ball GT: Para Para Brothers (Dance and Attack) - Link
  50. Dragon Ball Super: Black Kills Goku With The Divine Lasso - Link
  51. We Bare Bears: Panda's Sneeze (tribute to Octacle's old edited video "Panda's Gay Sneeze") - MEGA / Google Drive
  52. DuckTales (Disney XD reboot): Woo-oo (Part 2) - Part 1 / Part 2
  53. Chuck Chicken: Clips from 2 episodes - The Video Game / The Lovely Death
  54. Chuck Chicken: Wing's First Love - Link
  55. Foundation for American Security and Freedom: The One [EDITED COLLAB] - YouTube / PeerTube
  56. Jellyfish Jam - PeerTube / MEGA
  57. The Bad Show Edited Collab (including Gene's Dragon Ball GT skit) - Google Drive
  58. Oswaldo: Me Pego Lá Fora - Link
  59. Chuck Chicken: The Lovely Death - Link
  60. Chuck Chicken: Plant Panic - Link
  61. Mighty Magiswords: Hoppus The Hunted - Link
  62. Mighty Magiswords: Bad Man Oldman (revamped) - link
  63. THE FIRST EVER SONG ALBUM: StevenEditingBomb
  64. Mao Mao: Heroes Of Pure Heart: Meet Tanya Keys - link
  65. Mighty Magiswords: Witchy Simone Ruins Everything (revamped) - Link
  66. Spotify - Play This At My Funeral (revamped) - Link
  67. We Bare Bears: Charlie's Haloween Thing (Attack of the Scare Bears) - Link
  68. We Bare Bears: Charlie's Haloween Thing (Full) - Link
  69. Mao Mao: Heroes Of Pure Heart: Scared Of Puppets - Link
  70. Snowball Effect - Link
  71. Cupcake And Dino: Internet vs Everyone - Link
  72. Cartoon Network Shorts: Trick Moon - Link
  73. Tiny Toon Adventures: Rock n Roar - Link
  74. Pineapple RV - Link
  75. Animaniacs (2020): Hindenburg Cola - Link
  76. Mermaidman And Barnacleboy II - Link
  77. Sandy, SpongeBob And The Worm - Link
  78. Sailor Moon (DiC Dub): Sounds Of The Sea (No Thanks, Nurse Venus!): Link
  79. Chuck Chicken: The Double - Link
  80. Squilliam Returns (fanmade extended version of the EmpLemon's 2017 April Fools video) - Link
  81. Mighty Magiswords: Sibling Sorcery
  82. Mighty Magiswords: The Saga of Robotpiggeh
  83. Mighty Magiswords: To Balderly Go
  84. Mighty Magiswords: Winning at Whining!
  85. Mighty Magiswords: Catbook The Status of Cattus
  86. Tom and Jerry: The Lonesome Mouse (Hanna Barbera cartoon) (maybe) - Unfinished Version
  87. Tom and Jerry: Part Time Pal (Hanna Barbera cartoon) (maybe)
  88. Tom and Jerry: Heavenly Puss (Hanna Barbera cartoon) (maybe)
  89. Tom and Jerry: Touché, Pussy Cat! (Hanna Barbera cartoon) (maybe)
  90. Tom and Jerry: Barbecue Brawl (Hanna Barbera cartoon) (maybe)
  91. Tom and Jerry: The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit (Gene Deitch cartoon) (maybe)
  92. Tom and Jerry: I'm Just Wild About Jerry (Chuck Jones cartoon) (maybe)
  93. Tom and Jerry: Duel Personality (Chuck Jones cartoon) (maybe)
  94. Tom and Jerry: Advance and Be Mechanized (Chuck Jones cartoon) (maybe)
  95. Tom and Jerry: Is There a Doctor in the Mouse? (Chuck Jones cartoon) (maybe)
  96. Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling

Reuploaded edits which is made by someone else (before making his edit reupload channel "The Edit Graveyard")[edit]

  1. Squidtastic Voyage (made by SpoiledMilk970) - link
  2. Ed, Edd n' Eddy: Wish You Were Ed (made by Gašper Oštir) - VidMe / Vimeo
  3. Karate Choppers (made by Kill723) - Link
  4. Banned in Bikini Bottom Edited (made by 96EDITS) - Link
  5. Regular Show: First Day (made by SkateboardEditor) - Link
  6. Krusty Towers (made by ToRxEdIts) - Link
  7. Regular Show: Busted Cart (made by SkateboardEditor) - Link
  8. Don't Look Now! (original creator unknown) - Link
  9. Frankendoodle (made by Achmed1787) - Link
  10. Opposite Day (made by time_net) - Link
  11. Fools in April (made by FulcrumEdits360) - Link
  12. Squilliam Returns (made by EmpLemon) - Link
  13. Sailor's Mouth (made by Ben Rizzo) - Link