Unknown Sound Sources

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As enormous as the sound source list is, it will likely always be incomplete, as there are a few sounds whose sources elude us to this day.

G1-2 sounds[edit]

currently, no sounds meet this criteria.

G3-4 sounds[edit]


Fan submissions[edit]

Recently Found[edit]

  • "In your hands" - Link: From "Cave Intro", a rare Tenacious D audio skit.
  • "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" - Trigger Happy: Interrupting A Meditation Session
  • "Babies": A long-gone video by SacredCrotch
  • "Viagra": Viagra Commercial hot spot
  • "Diarrhea": Tonight by Donnis
  • "Condoms": fake Trojan Magnum Condoms commercial (the one with Richard Cheese's cover of "Closer" by NIN)
  • "It's some little midget, bitch!": SyeTen - "How to Correctly Draw Muhammad"
  • "Ah, fuck this fucking game!": Pedestrian quotes from GTA IV
  • "Assrammer" - self-recorded clip by Stupideditsxx
  • "Weed" - Xbox Live conversation recorded for edit use by DaCaveManEngi