Troll from Honda

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Video: The Pilot from Honda / The Penis from Honda


Troll: Whoa! Stop right there, you motherfucking hobknockers!

Girl: Are you fucking retarded?

Troll: Wow, is that a box of condoms?

Girl: Maybe.

Troll: I wasn't talking to you!

Voiceover: Penis from Honda.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Whoa!
  2. Stop Right There
  3. You Mother
  4. Fucking
  5. Hobknocker
  6. Sucks
  7. My
  8. Unknown sound source
  9. Rip your dicks
  10. Fucking retarded
  11. Boy
  12. Bitches
  13. For
  14. Wow!
  15. Box of Condoms
  16. Shut up, bitch! I wasn't talking to you!
  17. White People
  18. Niggers
  19. Penis