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Transcript 1: Snickers[edit]

Barky is a cartoon, you dumb fuck!

Hold on a second. Fuck off, asshole!

Transcript 2: FedEx[edit]

You're fucking dead, kid.

Final Transcript: ESPN[edit]

Get the hell out!

Hell no, I'm not okay! I fell on my ass.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Strip pleasure, motherfucker
  2. Fucking
  3. Strip
  4. Nigger
  5. I dunno that sound source
  6. Blue Balls
  7. Dogshit
  8. Fuck off, asshole
  9. I don't know what that sound source is
  10. Long legged mack daddy
  11. Cockpocket
  12. I dunno that fucking sound source
  13. Fellatio
  14. Skeet
  15. You're fucking dead, kid
  16. Hell no, I'm not okay. I fell on my ass.
  17. What the fuck just happened?
  18. Black Man
  19. Motherfucking
  20. Fucking