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TheDVDReview[1] (now SuperUsTube6/7), is a Spongebob editor that has been editing since June 2010. He commonly known for his daily edits as SuperUsTube and certain series such as I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!! (named after fellow editor, Roshua666) and Editor Survivor.


Not much is known about TheDVDReview other than his time under his first account, SuperUsTube. He was mostly known his 'daily edits' that made him a prominent editor. He normally make his edits into short and seperate parts.

Around August or September, TheDVDReview, as SuperUsTube, became the first editor to reach one hundred videos, with a 'Robot Chicken-type' edit of certain videos.

After reaching the 100-video mark, he was suspended by YouTube for copyright claims made by Viacom International, he returned later under TheDVDReview. On Febuary 15th, TheDVDReview was suspended. His new channel is SuperUsTubeForever, refering to his old account, SuperUsTube.

his account was in copyright trouble due to DMWFilms, so TheDVDReview reverted to SuperUsTubeReturns.

After eventually reaching Superustube7 he gave up on August 31,2012. he ha reverted to gameplays and reviews on his profile: loophole572


TheDVDReview has made more edits than any other editor, easily beating Roshua666 by over 65 videos. This is the edits he's made during his time as a editor

Note: This list maybe outdated. Please update it if incorrect, Thank you....

Scaredy Pants (4 Parts), Sailor Mouth (2 Parts), Valentines Day (2 Parts), Reef Blower (Music Video), Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (3 Parts), Help Wanted (2 Parts), FanBoy and Chum Chum WizBoy (2 Parts), Robot Jones Pilot (2 Parts), Secret Box (2 Parts), Billy and Mandy Pilot, Frog BaseBall, The CandyMan Can, Ripped Pants (2 Parts), Happy BirthDay To You, Anamaniacs and Angry Video Game Nerd Themes, JellyFishing (2 Parts), One Krabs Trash (3 Parts), Big City Slider, Krab Borg, Flinstones Smoking Commercial, Rock-A-Bye-Bivalve (2 Parts), Nasty Patty (2 Parts), Commercial - O - Rama, Jack - In - The - Box - O - Rama, Squid On Strike (3 Parts

After moving to TheDVDReview, he created series, I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!!, a review series named after Roshua666, and Editor Survivor, a parody of the reality show, Survivor.

I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!![edit]

Main Article: I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!!

In the ICBINR777!!! series, that premiered October 11th, 2010, he has reviewed these edits below, in chronological order, most of them made by editor, VideoFreaks3.

Editor Survivor[edit]

Editor Survivor, that premiered on November 26th, 2010, began it's first season with thirteen editors, with Roshua666 as the 'host'. The series itself is a combination of a somewhat fictional plot featuring computerized voices. Due to his suspension, TheDVDReview created an additional alt. This backup, however, is not for edits. Its sole purpose is to broadcast Editor Survivior episodes. This channel is not popuular yet, as it oly has 12 subscribers and 9 friends. But it may broaden among users in the future. Also, SuperUsTubeReturns has recently cancelled the series due to mixed feedback and tiresome work, he plans to give the account to someone who can go further with the series. As of now SuperUsTube has been using his EditorSurvivor as his regualr channel, for the purpose of not wanting to make SuperUsTube6

List of competitors in season one (in order; excluding the host):

  1. TheDVDReview (himself); active since June 2010
  2. editorzRus ; active since July 1st, 2010
  3. Freshmilk980; active since mid-2009
  4. joeybbaum1995; active since December 7th, 2008
  5. TheFunnyEdits1; active since June 12th, 2010
  6. ViacomCanSuckIt ; active since August 2007
  7. DahBestEditor ; active since possbily November 2008
  8. ny2049; active since December 7th, 2009
  9. MasterPlanktum; active since around late-2008 or early 2009
  10. Spoiledmilk980; active since July 7th, 2010
  11. MizzouEdits2 ; active since April 19th, 2010
  12. VideoFreaks3; active since February 20th, 2009, did not start making edits until June 26th, 2010

Bold means they have been eliminated from series.


Since his time as an editor, TheDVDReview has been surrounded by controversy and criticism, mainly because of his egotistic, hypocritical and biased behavior.

VideoFreaks3 tirade[edit]

Around July, he got into a feud/hate-fest with fellow/rookie editor VideoFreaks3, mainly because of his mediocre edits. Which is the primary reason that he made the series, I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!! as a way to bash VideoFreaks3 for his inability to edit, not to help make him a better editor. Another example of this tirade is his other series, Editor Survivor, as he deliberately included him on the first season, only to eliminate him in the first episode. This entire situation has even sparked on each others channels and even other people's channels. One thing to be pointed out is that he calls the tirade with him and VideoFreaks3 'a war', which is a completely incorrect way to refer to it.

Because of the incredible hostility between these two, the ICBINR777!!! series has been a major way to turn fans and fellow editors against VideoFreaks3, or at least that what it seems, apparently some editors have either just given their opinion or just haven't exactly said that he/she hates him, For instance, editor Roshua666 explained on his blog about a few reasons he's isn't the worst editor ever and the things wrong, but he didn't directly say that he hates him, only said that he hates his sounds the 'earrape' in his videos and vice versa. It's unknown what the other editors really think but the hard reason for this 'war' is because VideoFreaks3 spammed TheDVDReview while still under the name SuperUsTube. but, it's clearly obvious that this tirade is completely pointless, immature and idiotic, even for them. However, recently SuperUsTube has been calling to editors to stop saying VF3 is the worst editor since he noticed many worse editors in recent times, and even called the fued to finally stop.

His hypocritical and biased behavior[edit]

TheDVDReview, of course, has been secretly targeted for his level of hypocrisy and favoritism. One notable level of hypocrisy is his immature ability to criticize people of their lackluster ability to edit something similar to Roshua666's edits, yet he himself, can barely make a 'great' edit almost half of the time and makes short and lazy edits. He also sets this when people think VideoFreaks3 is the slightest bit funny, most notably criticizing imcoolbrandon for placing VideoFreaks3 in his former editors box, calling the decision 'highly illogical', which is a very incorrect statement to refer to such an action and even criticizing certain editors for 'doing whatever Roshua says to do', as part of a statement involving editors making accounts for edits, while he technically does the same thing, which is both hypocritical and setting a double standard. Lastly he accuses others of being hypocrites but at the same time, he technically is not in the position to pull rank on other people or accuse them.

He even shows signs of favoritism, notably having a 'love affair' for Roshua666, for example, naming his edit review series after him, flaming other editors of copying him and also tries to make edits similar to his. He's quite known to 'praise' him on unknown occasions, even if he didn't make an edit.

Lastly, he seems to come off as a dick and is mostly an attention whore, notably getting attention for Editor Survivor, that seems to be just computerized voices and more signs of favoritism, and ICBINR777!!! series that are poorly reviewed, places a 'FAIL' sign after certain parts, constantly compares some edits to other versions, like ny2049 and again, Roshua666 and seems to make each episode with almost no effort at all. The most or only controversial episode he's made was his review of Legobucket's final edit, just hours after announcing his sudden retirement, often comparing his edit with Roshua666's version. Legobucket claims that he never saw his version or even acknowledged him making it, nonetheless, it seemed to be a major and insensitive insult to the sudden news. Overall, almost nobody acknowledges his completely inappropriate hostility towards VideoFreaks3, his level of hypocrisy, bias and favoritism so far.

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