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Occupation Editor
Years Active Jan 19, 2009 - present
Notable Works Suds, Ripped Pants, Milk-maid Man and Barnacle Balls III, No Free Head
Influences Roshua666, EditorzRus, Spoiledmilk970, CaveManEngi, Lnickjrose
Influenced SpongebobFan35, RockorangeEdits, Raster0fMandomness, Stationboxz, ImpartialGem98, Octacle, EditsForWinners

SuperIdiotMan00 is a YouTube editor best known for his Spongebob Edits. He is known for using many new sources for clips, including Metalocalypse, Wesley Willis, and Superfuckers. He is also one of the few editors who still edit pre-movie Spongebob episodes. He is still one of the most well-known editors and gets a lot of praise for making and influencing the funniest things on YouTube. He makes edits every 2 days (that is if you live on Mercury).


SuperIdiotMan has currently made twenty SpongeBob edits (Ripped Pants, I'm Your Biggest Fanatic, Squidward the Unfriendly Whore, Jellyfish Hunter, Grandma's Kisses, Nature PantsMilk-maid Man and Barnacle Balls III, Walking Small, No Free Head, Suds, Naughty Nautical Neighbors, Selling Out, part of Christmas Who?, Pressure, part of I Had an Accident, part of Krusty Krab Training Video, As Seen On TV, Dumped, Arrgh!, and Hooky), four song edits (Nuttin' for Christmas, SpongeBob ScaredyPants, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas), a Kids Next Door collab (Operation:POINT) with EditDealerMD, a Rocko's Modern Life collab (Canned) and an Evil Con Carne collab (Max Courage) with EditDealerPhD, a 1000 Ways to Die edit (D.U. Die), a short Rugrats edit (Stu Makes Chocolate Pudding), a Homestar Runner collab, a Futurama edit (Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV), two commercial edits (Frosted Mini Chex and an ID-theft PSA), an 03bgood edit (Favorites Glitch, WTF!), two anthologies of various edits, a Ripped Pants collab, a Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4 edit, a Merv Griffin Show edit (Dennis Hopper interview), a Space Ghost Coast to Coast collab (Fire Ant), a Sonic Sez edit, a Flapjack collab (Several Leagues Under the Sea), an Animaniacs collab (Taming of the Screwy), a Mario Sex Ed collab, and a Little Bill edit (Going Camping).

Suds in particular is notable for being the most viewed edit still on YouTube to this day (since the takedown of kkeps123456's New Student Starfish edit), at over 4 million views.


His first venture into "editing" was his first YouTube Poop, which consisted of many different random clips mashed together in segments of between a few seconds and a minute each. Around this time, he started to discover SpongeBob editing. In June of 2010, he uploaded his first SpongeBob edit, "I Shit My Pants", about SpongeBob, well, shitting his pants at the beach. At Christmas time of 2010, he made a song edit, "Buttsex for Christmas", which detailed the tragic story of a young boy who gets butt-fucked as a punishment for being a gay, dick-sucking dirty bitch.

In April of 2011, he uploaded his second edit, "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic", which included more than fifty new sounds. However, the edit was removed by Viacom within two weeks, resulting in his first copyright strike. His re-upload also got removed after about a week, but the original video's strike was later appealed, and is still viewable to this day. After this, he would upload further edits on his backup account, SuperIdiotMan00a. In November 2011, he uploaded "Squidward the Unfriendly Whore," his third SB edit, on his backup account. It is notable for containing a larger degree of visual editing, in the paintings on Squidward's walls.

In August of 2012 he uploaded his fourth edit, "Jellyfish Hunter." This edit also contained notable visual editing, this time oriented more toward visual effects. Around the same time, he finished his first collab with EditDealerMD, Kids Next Door's "Operation:POINT". Around New Years 2013, he uploaded an edit of Grandma's Kisses. In April of 2012 his first edit, "I Shit My Pants", was removed by Viacom. It had been up for over 2 and a half years. In July 2013 SuperIdiotMan released his sixth edit, Nature Pants. This edit also contains a significant amount of visual editing - more specifically, the many ways in which he censors SpongeBob's crotch (even though he has no cock and/or balls). In August 2013 he and EditDealerPhD uploaded their second collab, Rocko's Modern Life "Shit Canned". In October 2013 he uploaded a short edit, "1000 Ways to Splooge - D.U. Die". In early November his account got deleted (as did those of most other editors) after which he moved his backup videos to Dailymotion and Funny Or Die.

In late January of 2014 he uploaded his seventh Spongebob Edit, Milk-maid Man and Barnacle Balls III, and in late May 2014 he uploaded his eighth Spongebob Edit, Walking Small. In July he participated in EditsOfGreatBritain's Stu Makes Chocolate Pudding compilation, and in September he uploaded his ninth SpongeBob edit, No Free Head. At the same time, he and EditDealer's third collab, Max Courage, was released on EditDealer's channel. In December he hosted his first collab, the Homestar Runner Collab, which was released on January 1, 2015 in celebration of's 15th anniversary.

In early January he released an entry for RockorangeEdits' Simpsons/Futurama collab, Bender Should Not Be Allowed On YouTube, and later in the month he released an entry for Raster0fMandomness87's All Star Commercial Collab, Frosted Mini Chex. In mid-April he made an entry for RockorangeEdits' 03bgood collab, 03 B. Goode Breaks His Testicles, and a week later he uploaded his tenth Spongebob Edit, Suds. In June he contributed to Rotten Cheese's "The Editing Collab", a free-source rapid-fire collab where each edit was 5-15 seconds long. Later that month he hosted a re-edit collab in celebration of the 5th anniversary of his first edit, Ripped Pants. At the same time he released an updated version of the original edit with cleaner graphics and sound. Starting in summer of 2015, several of SuperIdiotMan's edits started getting flagged for "spam, scams, and/or deceptive content," leading him to put disclaimers in the descriptions of his videos as well as move his clip lists to pages on this wiki in the hopes of preventing further flaggings. In September he uploaded his eleventh edit, Naughty Nautical Neighbors. In October he took part in Raster0fMandomness' "Shortest Soundpack" collab (and was the only other editor to do so), editing "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared 4".

In January of 2016 he was once again the only entrant in Raster's Crossover Dub collab, and also made an edit of a Dennis Hopper interview for NitroEdits' Actors YTP Collab. In March Rotten Cheese revealed that he and Superidiotman were collaborating on a Space Ghost Coast to Coast edit, Fire Ant, which was finally completed in January 2017. This was SuperIdiotMan's first collab with a G3 editor, or anyone besides EditDealer. In March 2016, his "Suds" re-upload became his first edit to reach 1 million views, after being up for only seven months. This is more than twice as many views as any of his other edits have, including those that have been up for several years. Between January and May 2016 SuperIdiotMan took a hiatus to focus on school work, his only official uploads being a series of short April Fool's videos. In this time he also made entries for RockOrangeEdits' second Ed Screams collab, NitroEdits' Rock/Rap YTP collab, and Palette's Experimental Collab. In late August he finally uploaded his twelfth Spongebob edit, Selling Out, which has a color filter to keep Viacom at bay. The original version has since been reuploded on the Editors Defiant channel.

In December 2016 he participated in a collab with SpongeBobEdits1, RockOrangeEdits, and MrSkeleBoner. This would finally be released in July 2017 as the Christmas Who Collab, which, unusually, was taken down twice by ViacomCBS, but now remains on YouTube thanks to him filing a counter-notification. In late December 2017, he uploaded his 14th SpongeBob edit, Pressure, which was also taken down by The Company That Must Not Be Named. The edit was eventually reuploaded with a color filter similar to "Selling Out". Around the same time he made a Sonic Sez edit, released on Raster0fMandomness' channel as part of a Sonic Sez compilation.

On April Fools Day 2018, amidst other shitposts, he made an edit of "Rotten Eggs" from Homestar Runner. The catch...the entire thing was 100% word-matching, an editing technique often derided ever since a short fad following the "seventeen"s in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 3. Regardless, it is his first non-collab Non-SpongeBob edit since D.U. Die. He also released a YTPMV sample pack but titled generically as if to imply it was an editing soundpack. In May of 2018 he participated in a collab of I Had an Accident, hosted by Octacle on FunnyOrDie, and eventually uploaded to YouTube by Raster0fMandomness. In September 2018, in the wake of FunnyOrDie's removal of user-generated content, he opened a VidLii account as his new backup channel. The same month he was also involved in a collab edit of Krusty Krab Training Video, hosted by Raster on his backup channel. In October 2018 he and Raster released a Flapjack collab, originally made as an entry for Raster's aborted O.G. Non-SpongeBob Edits collab. That month he also contributed an edited ending song for EditsForWinners' Pussy Pants collab. In December EOGB released the Bad Commericals Collab, featuring SIM's edit of a shitty identity theft PSA.

In March 2019, he released his first full-length SpongeBob edit in over a year, As Sucked On TV. It survived for quite a while before being blocked. Strangely, two of his previous edits, Pressure and Selling Out, were blocked as well, despite being released at least 1 year beforehand and having filters. Selling Out, however, is still viewable without a filter on Editors Defiant, a reupload channel he co-runs with Rockorange, XDrang93, and AReallyAwesomeGuy117. Octacle would reupload Pressure with a new filter on his reupload channel, Edit Reupload Central.

In August 2019, a clip of his Naughty Nautical Neighbors edit was shared on the SpongeBob Facts parody Twitter account. Soon after, the original version was flagged and removed from YouTube for violation of Community Guidelines. Octacle would also reupload it on Edit Reupload Central.

In November 2019, a majority of his SpongeBob edits got blocked in most regions by Viacom. The affected edits were reuploaded with filters by Octacle on the Edit Reupload Central channel. SuperIdiotMan00 also uploaded all of his SpongeBob edits to Vlare.

In March 2020, he uploaded his next SpongeBob edit, Dumped, just under a year after his previous SB edit was released. This was his first publicly released edit to be made in Premiere Pro instead of Premiere Elements. That same month, Octacle released the Animaniacs collab Taming of the Retarded, featuring him and EditsForWinners. In April 2020, he and DavidT released a collab edit of the Mario Sex Ed PSA parody, notably the first non-SpongeBob edit uploaded to the SuperIdiotMan00a account.

June 2020 saw the 10th anniversary of SuperIdiotMan00's first published edit, for which he made a milestone tribute video featuring every edit he had released up to that point with the source footage taken out, all layered on top of each other at once.

In May he released an edit of Little Bill, originally made the previous summer for an abandoned collab hosted by DavidT. In October he released another SpongeBob edit, Arrgh, Fuck!, as part of EditsForWinners' Spooktacular Fuckathon 2 on Halloween. In November he and Octacle released a collab edit of Hooky. In December he participated in Octacle's Christmas Song Edit Collab, with edits of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". Several classic edits, including the "Nuttin' for Christmas" edit from 10 years prior, were also included in the compilation.

Other Work[edit]

In addition to edits, SuperIdiotMan00 has made many Dethkok on Piano videos, several YTPMV's, dubs of The Dick van Dyke Show and The Room, two Game Grumps Animated's, a Q&A, and multiple YTP collab entries, in addition to various shitposts that defy explanation.


SuperIdiotMan00 uses the following software for his edits:

  • Adobe Premiere Elements - main A/V editing (2010 to 2019)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro - main A/V editing (2019 to present)
  • Adobe After Effects - advanced VFX editing (2013 to present)
  • Adobe Flash / Adobe Animate - occasional graphics and masking work
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements - advanced still-image and graphics editing (2010 to 2012)
  • Adobe Photoshop - advanced still-image and graphics editing (2013 to present)
  • Adobe Audition - soundpack management, audio cleanup, and occasional audio editing
  • Audacity - multi-track source audio management




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