Snickers Starring Don Rickles

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Joe Pesci: You wanna fucking die, asshole? Super bitches, you motherfucker!

Don Rickles: Oh, yeah! Jackpot!

Girl at Party: WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Voiceover: You're not gay when you're sucking dick. Niggers stink like shit!

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Suck
  2. Dick
  3. Yes
  4. Unknown
  5. Still unknown
  6. You wanna fucking die, asshole?
  7. Bitches
  8. You motherfucker
  9. Eat a dick
  10. Horny
  11. Yeah
  12. Suck my dick
  13. Horny
  14. Jackpot
  15. WHAT THE FUCK?!?
  16. Sorry
  17. Gay
  18. Sucking Dick
  19. Nigger
  20. Stinks Like Shit