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OctacleProfilePic 2021 Update.png
Occupation Editor, meme-maker, gamer
Years Active 2015-2016 (As Crazy Cradily)

2018-present (As Octacle)

Notable Works I Had an Accident, The Algae's Always Greener, The Fry Cook Games, Hooky, Happy Tree Friends: Ski Patrol
Influences SuperIdiotMan00, Raster0fMandomness, Rockorange, AReallyAwesomeGuy117, ImpartialGem98
Influenced Manhattan Mauler
Website https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAekx_kF_pe36oF3e6Keb5g

Octacle (formerly known as Crazy Cradily) is an editor best known for coming out of retirement after 2 years, for editing on Funny or Die (rather than YouTube), for owning the reupload channel Edit Reupload Central, and for pioneering sounds for sources such as Dookieshed, Yo Mama, Animeme, and Annoying Orange. Aside from editing, he's also a gamer, and is partucularly a fan of Pokémon and other Nintendo franchises. In fact, his name comes from his favorite Pokémon, Cradily, as it has eight tentacles.

History (as Crazy Cradily)[edit]

After a while of watching edits, Octacle figured "I could do that if I tried..." so he uploaded his first edit as Crazy Cradily, "Clarence: F**k Dungeon Face Off" and it was a surprising success. He then uploaded over the course of time, "We Bare Bears: Panda's Gay Sneeze",  "Edited Bits of Cartoon Network" (which featured short edits from Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, and Teen Titans Go!, which were all current CN chows at the time) and "Sesame Street: The Mystery Box (despite there being six other versions of the edit. He also uploaded a video containing all Annoying Orange deaths (from the first video to the 5,000,000 Subscriber Special) as well as a video containing all instances of the "exploding piano/xylophone gag" from Looney Tunes (despite missing one from a WWII era "Private Snafu" short; he also included in the video a reference to this gag from Animaniacs) After receiving two copyright strikes (one for his latest edit, "SpongeBob: I Had an Accident" and one for a "Best of Family Guy" compilation) he decided to retire, and requested his entries for The Editing Collab 2 by Rotten Cheese (now presented by Raster0fMandomness) be left out of the final project. He soon created a new channel titled "Octacle Plays" for gaming on YouTube.

History (as Octacle)[edit]

Octacle eventually made a big decision to return to editing on March 21, 2018. He decided to upload his main videos on Funny Or Die due to his negative opinions on YouTube's copyright filter (unlike most editors who blame ViacomCBS for their videos being wrongly blocked and taken down, Octacle blames YouTube's copyright filter) - he gave permission to Rockorange to reupload his edits on Editors Defiant (An edit reupload channel owned by Rockorange, AReallyAwesomeGuy117 and XDrang93and returned to The Editing Collab 2.  He uploaded his soundpack to YouTube on April 9, 2018. His channel preview edit, SpongeBitch SquareCock Theme, was released on April 10, 2018. His first official edit, Big Pink Dickhead, was uploaded to FoD on April 16, 2018. On April 17, a day after his previous edit was released, he uploaded an edit of "Annoying Orange: ZOOM!!!" On April 19, he uploaded a remake of his Mystery Box edit, titled "The Mystery Butt", which featured new sounds and jokes. On May 11, he uploaded his first collab, which was an edit of the SpongeBob episode "I Had an Accident" (an episode that served as his final edit for his original stint) which he did with Raster0fMandomness, AReallyAwesomeGuy117, and SuperIdiotMan00. His next edit, Doing Time, was uploaded on June 11, 2018. He uploaded a Ren & Stimpy Show edit; "Nurse Shithead" on June 20. On June 21, he uploaded an edit of the Dos Equis "Ocho Equis" commercial as a response to Dos Equis commercials plaguing Funny or Die, his editing homebase. Due to Dos Equis being a FoD sponsor, the edit was removed, prompting him to reupload it. This caused his channel to be deleted. He created a new one and reuploaded his other edits and videos. On July 24, he uploaded his next SpongeBob edit, "The Bully, which was dedicated to Raster0fMandomness, who had very recently announced his retirement. 

In August of 2018, after noticing the power of color filters, he made the drastic decision to move to YouTube and upload his edits with filters to bypass Content ID. He began to reupload his edits to YouTube, and created a second channel to safely test his videos before uploading them to his main. This was a smart move as Funny or Die would eventually restructure and delete all user-uploaded videos.

Octacle would eventually create an edit reupload channel titled Edit Reupload Central, among the likes of ImpartialGem98 Re-Ups and Editors Defiant.

He has participated in the Krusty Kunt Training Porno collab and the Pussy Pants collab.

Following RasterOfMandomness' recent anticipation of retirement, Octacle took over presentationship of the Editing Collab 2.

Octacle also aided EditsForWinners with an edit of "Sven Hoek" from The Ren & Stimpy Show.

July 6, 2019 marked the release of his edit of Krabby Land, titled Krappy Land.

On March 15, 2020 (Annoy Squidward Day), he uploaded a collab months in the making, Taming of the Retarded, an Animaniacs edit which he made with SuperIdiotMan00 and EditsForWinners. It was meant to coincide with the reboot launching on Hulu in the fall of that year.

Later in 2020, Octacle released The Semen's Always Whiter, an edit of The Algae's Always Greener, as well as an edit of the Happy Tree Friends irregular episode "Ski Patrol". He also would release an edit for EditsForWinners' second Spooktacular Fuckathon edit, his entry being an edited excerpt of the Catscratch edit "Evil!" (as a matter of fact, he is a fan of the show, and is clamoring for a reboot). He collaborated with SuperIdiotMan00 for an edit of the SpongeBob episode Hooky, titled Hookers, and hosted the Christmas Song Collab, where he, SuperIdiotMan00, Ginnrollins211, and Manhattan Mauler contributed new edits, while also including a small handful of old favorites from the editing community's Christmas-themed edits.

January 2021 marked the release of his next work, "The Gay Cock Games", an edit of The Fry Cook Games.

Edits He Made[edit]

As Crazy Cradily[edit]

(note: all of these edits are gone forever)

  • Clarence: Fuck Dungeon Face Off
  • We Bare Bears: Panda's Gay Sneeze
  • Edited Bits of Cartoon Network (edit compilation)
    • We Bare Bears: Food Truck (excerpt)
    • Clarence: Money Broom Wizard (excerpt)
    • Steven Universe: Message Received (excerpt)
    • Teen Titans GO!: Grube's Fairytales (excerpt)
    • Uncle Grandpa: Uncle Grandpa Shorts (excerpt)
    • The Amazing World of Gumball: The World (excerpt)
    • Regular Show: Trash Boat (excerpt)
    • Adventure Time: Memories of Boom Boom Mountain (excerpt)
  • Sesame Street: The Mystery Box
  • SpongeBob: I Had an Accident (final edit as Crazy Cradily)

As Octacle[edit]

SpongeBob edits[edit]

  • Theme Song
  • Big Pink Loser (Big Pink Dickhead)
  • I Had an Accident (collab with RasterOfMandomness, AReallyAwesomeGuy117, and SuperIdiotMan00; I Had an Orgasm)
  • Doing Time (Doing Bitches)
  • SpongeBob: Ripped Pants Song
  • The Bully (The Rapist)
  • Band Geeks (Band Faggots)
  • Krusty Krab Training Video (collab with Ginnrollins211, SuperIdiotMan00, Rockorange, and RasterOfMandomness; Krusty Kunt Training Porno)
  • Scaredy Pants (collab with Ginnrollins211, Mrdavidatify, EditsForWinners, RasterOfMandomness, Rockorange, and SuperIdiotMan00; Pussy Pants)
  • Krabby Land (Krappy Land)
  • The Algae's Always Greener (The Semen's Always Whiter)
  • Hooky (with SuperIdiotMan00; Hookers)
  • The Fry Cook Games (The Gay Cock Games)

Non-SpongeBob Edits[edit]

  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: Nurse Stimpy (Nurse Shithead)
  • Ocho Equis Commercial (Spiked Semen Supreme)
  • Annoying Orange: ZOOM!!!
  • Sesame Street: The Mystery Box (remake)
  • Ape Escape commercial
  • Frosty the Snowman song (Frosty the Pedophile)
  • My Mother the Car: Come Honk Your Horn (excerpt; for EditsOfItaly's Bad Shows collab)
  • Pizza Hut commercial: The Pizza Head Show: Pizza Head's Alien Adventure
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: Sven Hoek (with EditsForWinners)
  • Pizza Hut commercial: The Pizza Head Show: Pizza Head Gets A Kick
  • Home Alone: Angels with Filthy Souls
  • Animaniacs: Taming of the Screwy (with SuperIdiotMan00 and EditsForWinners)
  • Happy Tree Friends: Ski Patrol
  • Catscratch: Evil! (excerpt; for the Spooktacular Fuckathon 2)
  • Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms (entry for own Christmas Song Collab)


  • The Tick - The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account (collab with SuperIdiotMan00)


  • The Pizza Head Show - Pizza Head's Slam Dunk
  • The Pizza Head Show - Pizza Head Flies High
  • SpongeBob - Chocolate With Nuts
  • SpongeBob - Krusty Love


  • SpongeBob: Graveyard Shift (might be resurrected as a scripted collab)
  • SpongeBob: Karate Choppers

Other works[edit]

Octacle has uploaded four "Portrayed by SpongeBob" videos. The first was "Video Game Companies Portrayed by SpongeBob". The jokes were obvious for Electronic Arts (micro-transactions) and LJN (their games suck). His second was "Chain Restaurants Portrayed By SpongeBob". The third was "Video Game Consoles Portrayed By SpongeBob". The fourth was "Disneyland Portrayed By SpongeBob". He plans to make more in the future.

Sound Clips[edit]

Find the new sound clips in each of my edits (beginning with Ski Patrol) here.

Trivia and Factoids About Me[edit]

  • My favorite color is purple.
  • I love music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as Tenacious D and a lot of other music artists that are well known in the editing community.
  • I am a Pokemon fanatic, and currently own the final evolved forms of every Pokemon, as well as every non-evolving Pokemon, in my copy of Ultra Sun (not counting Melmetal, as that is not available in a main core game yet, although I do have one in Let's Go Eevee). My favorite game is SoulSilver and my favorite Pokemon is Cradily.
  • The editor I hate the most is Legobucket, as I hate how he'd become a traitor to the entire editing community. I also hate this so-called "editor" called Rockpurple, who clearly tried to rip off Rockorange in multiple ways. At least he changed from making "edits" to making SML knockoffs.
  • My favorite SpongeBob episodes are Band Geeks, Big Pink Loser and Chocolate With Nuts. I also like some modern episodes including Selling Out, The Lost Mattress, and Mimic Madness.
  • My favorite non-Pokemon video games include Mega Man 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Grand Theft Auto V, Ape Escape 3, and many more.
  • My favorite editors at the moment are SuperIdiotMan00, EditsForWinners, and DJ Dahlgard 2.
  • My favorite video game genre is platform games.
  • My favorite edit sound is "used tampon" from Beware the Easter N***a, Charlie Brown!
  • I LOVE George Carlin.
  • My favorite edit of all time (that isn't one of mine) is Suds by SuperIdiotMan00
  • Of all the edits I made, I personally think my favorite would be either Frosty the Pedophile or Band Faggots
  • As much as I hate Adam Sandler's recent movies, I love his skit and song albums.
  • My favorite TV show is Robot Chicken. I also like Family Guy, South Park, and much more.
  • I'm a fan of Super Sentai/Power Rangers, but not so much with Kamen Rider. I hope Zyuohger gets adapted someday.
  • My favorite movie is Scarface (the one with Al Pacino; there is another one released beforehand that doesn't have him in it)
  • My favorite YouTubers (not counting other editors) include Dookieshed, Angry Video Game Nerd, Annoying Orange (DON'T HURT ME: THIS IS MY OPINION!), Epic Rap Battles of History, Animeme, Yo Mama, and many more.
  • My YouTube channel was intended to be a gaming channel. I plan to use it for gaming in addition to edits, but I might never get to it
  • My two favorite pre-kill quips in movies are...

"Is that all you got? You trick in a cheesy one-liner?"

"Sweetheart, that could be the name of my autobiography."

- Iron Man 3

"Don't you wanna hear my last words?"

"I just did."

- Heist

  • The worst edit I've seen is a tie between John H's Graveyard Shift and Lil Wills' Squirrel Jokes.
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