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People may write news articles about the legality of YouTube Poop and Mountain Dew and use their notorious going-together-with-Doritos as an advertising point, but editing is far more awkward to publicly talk about and is not referenced as much in the "mainstream" media like YouTube Poops or MLG parodies. References to it tend to be limited to other parts of the internet.

Much of the times editing has been referenced in the "public" consist of several popular and mainstream YouTube Poopers having referenced MovieEdits "The Bet" edit, the examples of which are so numerous they are listed on that editors page instead. This will cover all references to editing and individual edits besides that one wherever they may turn up. It will also list people who reacted to an edit of their own work.

References to editing in non-edit places[edit]


Perhaps the most famous person to ever reference editing was the YouTube animator hotdiggedydemon (incidentally the source of A LOT of G3 era sounds, mostly in SuperIdiotMan00's videos), and alas it wasn't a positive one. As was pointed out by an infamous rant an editor who shall go nameless wrote when he officially announced he was retired, hotdiggedydemon apparently at one point on his Facebook had been linked the "Battle of the Band" edit by Spoiledmilk970. His lone response to it was a sarcastic "Yeah...real funny.". However said rant was the only evidence this ever happened, making the statement somewhat dubious.

HDD has yet to respond to an edit of one of his own videos, of which there are quite a few.

Stuart K. Reilly vs. GodOfFerrets13[edit]

The second-most well known person to ever reference edits (maybe third behind EmpLemon, which is detailed on the MovieEdits page) did not do so in a positive manner either. It was formerly revered voice of reason of the YTP community, now widly-loathed nostalgiatard laughingstock Stuart K Reilly, the host of YouTube Poop NEWS.

In the YTP NEWS episode "There's More than One Way to Piss Off a Spadinner Fag", Stuart rips into a pro-spadinner YouTube Poop video by a duo named "GodofFerrets13" (the original of which is still up). At one point (relevant part begins at 14:48), one member brought up those who hate edits due to lumping them in with spadinner on account of a similar audio replacement style.

Stu, not entirely sure what he was referring to, tried to figure out what kind of video an "edit" was, his guesses ranging from AMVs to unnesecary censorship to the "Dandub" (an edit-sub genre that uses nothing but Tourettes Guy sound clips). His unifying opinion on those were all the same: they are not YouTube Poops and they do not claim to be, they should all just be labeled as "parody works".

Stu finally figured out what he was trying to refer to during his next statement where GoF guy explicitly talks about "SpongeBob saying the Tenacious D sound 'fuck' isn't funny but if you sentence mixed him to say 'fuck' so that it sounds like faaack it's a thousand times funnier". He was enraged by this notation and expressed his disagreement, treating the "edit" genre far more harshly than any of his guesses on what it was. Stu's final conclusion was that he only liked edits because he made a crappy spadinner poop back in the day and upon getting flamed for it, tried to convince himself simplistic YTP wasn't that bad.

GodOfFerrets13 wasted no time with their counter-argument uploaded eleven days later. The cameraman taking front and center this time (as per Stu's wish), lambasted Stu for his aforementioned failure to properly define an "edit". After spending most of the video giving the definition of an edit, specifically citing "Inward Singing" and "Slob on My Knob" as common audio sources, he pointed out Stuart had never actually pointed out why it was an inferior style to sentence mixing. He wrapped it up by proving his point, showing both a sentence-mixed and and edited clip of "Sailor Mouth" that says "Krabs is a fucking gay" (it is unknown if they were both ripped from other videos, GodOfFerrets made them himself, or half and half).

Although Stu never saw the video it was received even worse than their first one. Not one person agreed they should be treated equally, with most people talking about how sentence mixing both sounds more natural and requires more effort, thus making sentence poopers popularity more deserved.

After this, GodOfFerrets13 revealed something that changed the whole ordeal: he was actually editor Laughtraxx and a friend. Stuart's theory about him being biased because he made an unpopular spadinner poop was completely correct.

Sheen and the Sex Slaves[edit]

Again in regards to Spoiledmilk970's "Battle of the Band" edit, an actual band was started by the name of "Sheen and the Sex Slaves", one of Sheen's suggestions for their band name in that edit. They only made one publically released song, called "Twentythree".

Goop Videos[edit]

In YTPers EmpLemon and Goop Videos collaborative parody of SILVERMANIA's "Exclusive Gabe Newell Interview", Exclusive EmpLemon Interview, when Lemon forcibly quits the two's Discord call upon Goop asking him about Frying Dory (an infamous suggestion for a poop that Lemon got requested to do so much, he made a five-minute video just to say he wouldn't do it), TheKingOfChamps' "Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin" edit can be seen on their call feed.

In Goop Videos' The Acension of Earrape 3 (volume warning), a massive (11 minutes!) complitation of random clips with their volume way too high, one of them (@ 5:10) is a clip of LickMyNoseHAHAHA's "Krusty Towers" edit.


In flash animator AlienMyth64's video "Cat F*cking Loves iPods", when the car of the titular cat explodes as a result of attempting to play the iPod whilst it is plugged into the car, the Jack Black "daamn..." sound is heard.

Rotten Cheese[edit]

Editor and general shitposter's Rotten Cheese's "Ocean Man" song parody "Peen - Lotion Man" ends with the Jack Black "GAH. Ahh, sorry" sound.

People who reacted to edits of their own videos[edit]


Mildly popular flash animator BisonBurger commented on AReallyAwesomeGuy117's edit of his most popular video "Twilight Sparkle Meets a Brony". His reaction was apathetic, wondering what point there was in editing a video that was already sexually suggestive, but nonetheless allowed it to be a video response to the original.


Universally loathed YouTuber 03bgood saw XScourgeTailsX's edit of his JesusWithBazookaz79 rant. He at first liked it, believing it to be an attack on Jesus and not himself, but Jesus himself, never one to let him have even one moment of happiness, was quick to tell him the exact opposite was true. 03b has since grown to despise the many other edits of him, speaking negatively on both of Scourge's and unsuccessfully flagging the announcement video when Rockorange announced an entire edit collab of him.


A Toontown parodist named Megasnoop reacted very positively to an edit of his "All-Star" parody. Like 03bgood, though, it was made as an attack on the person, whom the creator AHTheCat dislikes. Unlike that, though, AHTheCat didn't tell him the truth and was just amazed he found the video.