Nokia Lumia 1020 (Swear Words)

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Voice: BULLSHIT!!!

Voice: Don't fucking stare at me!

Voice: This isn't funny!

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. BULLSHIT!!!
  2. What the fuck?!?
  3. Horny - Nirvana: Lithium
  4. Don't fucking stare at me!
  5. Get the fuck down!
  6. Vibrator
  7. FUCK!! - Tenacious D
  8. Sit down, son!
  9. Ass bang
  10. Get out of the way
  11. This is Sparta - 300
  12. What the fuck is that?
  13. You fucking dumbass
  14. This isn't funny!
  15. Don't fuck
  16. Skeet
  17. For
  18. Bullshit


  • After seeing the original commercial appear too often during a college football game, XDrang93 requested XScourgeTailsX to edit the commercial.
  • The voice says "Don't fuck" twice as saying "Don't fucking stare at me!"