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Man: To all those bitches down at the club we all want to have their asses raped, but I must admit; you're a disgusting fuckbag! Even if you are a homosexual, now get the fuck out of my house!

(Scene Shows Technical Difficulties)

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Those Bitches Down at the Club - Greenday12688
  2. Need to have their asses raped
  3. Cock
  4. Unknown
  5. Even more unknown
  6. Yet more unknown
  7. Still more unknown
  8. Disgusting piece of shit
  9. Shitbox
  10. Would you look at this?
  11. What the fuck?
  12. I dunno what that sound source is
  13. I still dunno what that sound source is
  14. Really nigga
  15. You're such a stupid motherfucker
  16. How do you think I know this, fucking retard?
  17. Kind of guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach around - Full Metal Jacket
  18. Big Ass
  19. Bullshit
  20. Vibrator
  21. Fuck
  22. Butthole
  23. Self-respect
  24. Stop
  25. Masturbating
  26. Gay porn
  27. You faggot
  28. I must admit it
  29. You're a disgusting fuckbag - Greenday12688
  30. You are a
  31. Homosexual
  32. Now get the fuck out of my house!