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MovieEdits was a user who made several edits, mostly of movies as his name suggested. He made his last video in December 2011 and has not updated since.

The Bet Edited and references to it[edit]

His most famous edit, incidentally, was their only one NOT of a movie: of "The Bet" from Drake and Josh, a collab with fellow editor SpongyPantsEditor (whose work he frequently featured on his channel) and his last edit before shutting down shop. It has become a bit of a minor internet meme, especially around the "dank" corners of modern YouTube Poop, due to being slopply edited and nonsensical but still funny and quotable, and the fact that D&J itself is somewhat of a popular source in the "dank" meme areas of the internet.

It is quite often referenced and YTPed the same way you'd do with an unedited movie or show, practically becoming an entity on it's own. By far the most referenced bits from it are the line "BOOBS? Not fo'h me! I'm just gonna eat me a big ol' bag of FUCKING DICK!", and moments after when Josh attempts to remove cheese balls residue with a vacuum with a looping sound going "SUCK. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK."

Some examples:


EmpLemon, a universally beloved YouTube Pooper and the second-most subbed one to date, started referencing this edit in July of 2016. Almost every video he made after that, big and small, YTP and non-YTP, contained some sort of reference to it:

  • Lemon once made an AMV Hell-esque video wherein clips of wrestlers CM Punk and John Cena arguing was put over audio from the edit, during the edit's take on the scene where Drake and Josh get on each others throats for their respective addictions. Therefore, Cena criticizes Punk for chronic masturbation and Punk criticizes Cena for the latter's homosexuality.
  • In one of Lemon's non YouTube Poop videos where he reviews Pokemon Go, he at one point (2:38 in the vid) uses a string of edit words ripped directly from the edit saying "Fuck yourself, you fuckin' fucked up piece of fuckin fuck!" as his message to anyone who doesn't agree with him Team Instinct is the best team in the game.
  • One brief bit in ASCENDEDᵃ⁽²⁾ᶜᵉᶰᵈᵉᵈ [2.0]  has Squidward in a fetal position going "WHAAAT DA FAAAAAAHCK?" in the same way Josh does in the edit when his video game is turned off.
  • Hurricane Matthew Tribute, a parody of the DuckTales theme about Hurricane Matthew sung by Lemon himself, has a clip over the line "Hurricane Matthew can suck my dick now" over a clip from the Bet episode where Josh attempts to remove cheeseballs he ate (forgetting he was allergic to them in his fit of rage imitating Drake) with a portable vaccum. This is a subtle nod to the edit when this same part is put over a looping sounbite (provided by the "suck a cock" sound from Kickapoo) going "SUCK. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK."
  • The afromentioned vaccum scene is also referenced
    ASCENDEDᵗʷᵒ ᵖᵒᶦᶰᵗ ᶠᶦᵛᵉ {([beta_v_2.5_7/11%50%)} ℙ𝕆𝕃𝕀𝕋𝕀ℂ𝔸𝕃 𝔻𝕀𝕊𝕊𝔼ℕ𝕊𝕀𝕆ℕ 𝔸𝕊ℂ𝔼ℕ𝕋𝕀𝕆ℕ ], wherein it is combined with a clip from SILVERMANA's "Exclusive Interview with Gabe Newell" wherein "Gabe Newell" starts imiting cock-sucking.
  • Lemon announced a whole YTP collab of the original "The Bet" episode, the choice of episode of course being yet another reference to the edit. The thumbnail of the announcement video (which has obviously since been unlisted) was a similar but not identical image to the one at the top of this page, of Josh holding the Gamesphere with the caption "BIGASS PORN?". the image is also featured in the opening to the collab itself, briefly replacing one of the arrows)

The collab itself surprisingly contained little references to the edit, with only three:

    • The first was in SalmonAniminim's entry Dake n' Dosh Get Type 2 Diabetes wherein the "SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK" spiel is used when Megan dries her hair on the two, pointing out the unfortunate positioning of it
    • The second was from Lemon's own nameless entry (uploaded on its own here) wherein Josh gives the "BOOBS? Not fo'h me!..." spiel apropos of nothing whilst answering Jay Sherman on the phone.
    • and the third was the one in Goop Videos' nameless entry, which is detailed in his own section.
  • RIP EARRAPE USERS (volume-warning), an ear-raped version of one of Gordon Ramsey's rants Lem did for Goop Videos' "Acension of EARRAPE 2" collab, has a brief bit where Gordon saying "fucking dick" is followed by Josh saying those words in Jack Black's voice as occurs in the edit.
  • At one point in YouTube Theory: Empty Subscribers, when it randomly segues into a YTPMV of "Acceptable in the 80s", Walter saying "BIGASS" in Jack Black's voice is used as one of the "instruments", replacing the "BEM-BEM" part of the beat.
  • How I Make Such Quality Contentis an alteration of the edits take on the scene where Josh sates his video game withdrawal by mashing buttons on the oven. It is altered so Josh is making the scene earraped everytime he presses the buttons
  • we are number one but it's actually ASCENDEDᵃˢᶜ⁽³⁾ᶰᵈᵉᵈ 3 - 🅰🆂🅲🅴🅽🅳🅴🅳 [thREEEE3EE3E33E333 ]. Being one of Lemon's longest post-reboot YTPs at seven minutes, hammering in more-or-less all of his post-reboot running jokes, it's a given it contains a large amount of The Bet Edited referemces:

    • It begins right with the intro, a parody of Weird Al's "Fat" video that shows Al and his backup dancers (all of whom have been replaced with different versions of Pepe the frog) dancing to "you reposted in the wrong neighborhood". Right as the song's building up, it briefly zooms in on one of the shocked gangsters in the video, who goes "WHAT?" in the same fashion as Josh does in the edit (in the voice from "Crackhead Thief #2").
    • about a minute, a deliberately terrible sentence-mix of The Rock plays, going "Let's get ready to SUCK HUMONGUS FUCKING DICK!". "Fucking dick" is yet again the clip of Josh talking in Jack Black's voice.
    • The above joke is immediately followed by the "SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK" audio clip playing overt Amethyst from Steven Universe swallowing a large pastry in an unintentionally suggestive matter. Accompined with it is an image macro saying "SUCC", the exact one changing with each repeat of "suck".
    • One bit parodies a "The Nutshack but _____" video. The fictional video-within-the-video alternates the replacement for "nutshack", and two of them are one individual "SUCK" from the vacuum scene and Drake saying "CUM" in the voice of Bon Scott. Shortly after, the bit "Tito Dick Dickman baby" is used, which of course becomes "Tito, FUCKIN' DICKman baby" as Josh appears again.
  • In MEME Theory: How Behind the Meme is Ruining the Memescape as We Know It whilst showcasing the particularly crappy attack video Behind the Meme made to Anthony Fantano, the "WHAT" from Crackhead Thief #2 is used yet again.
  • Inthis video showcasing the negitive comments "Meme Theory" recived, when the last comment calls him "a fucking dick" a predictible clip of Josh is shown as he says it.

Goop Videos[edit]

Another very popular YouTube Pooper, a fellow editor, and the unofficial "apprentice" to EmpLemon, Goop Videos, has done his fair share of "The Bet" references too:

  • Several different references occur during one very quick scene in his poop Road to Multisource (the part the reference sccurs in also being featured in EmpLemon's "Schoolhouse Rock Collab").
  • Goop did a crossover dub gag ala Lemon's WWE video using audio from the edit. His was with the movie Deadpool, during the scene where the eponomous character starts mockingly imitating Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Deadpool's imitation is replaced with the line "BOOBS? Not fo'h me! I'm just gonna eat me a big ol' bag of fuckin' dick!", to which Negasonic responds "...that's my lubrication for hard fucking.". Given this line makes no sense in the new context Deadpool is quite confused.
  • The "piece of fuckin' fuck" line is used (in reference to Jack Black rather than the edit) in the poop Gape Bape and His Giant Gabing Iglazyass
  • The Ascension of EARRAPE (massive volume warning) is two straight minutes of random clips of people angry/screaming with their volume massively increased ("ear raped" as it is known), done as an anti-Google Heroes video. Some clips from the edit are among them (0:31 - 0:34 of the video)
  • Road to Multisource 2, the third and final part of which was also Goop's entry for the afromentioned The Bet YTP collab, briefly contains the "SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK" soundclip when Plankton is forcing Drake to suck Patrick's large black penis.
  • gabeo al bukletotumthe last poop of the same tennis that "Gape Bape" was made for, has a bit using "I Had an Accident" from SpongeBob when Patrick goes "This game stinks" pooped to be "This game SUCK-S PINGAS" in the same way Drake says it in the edit, with the background turning into the scene in question. It is followed by the clip of an outraged Josh going "WHAAAT DAA FAAAAAAAAAAAAHCK" (accompined with a "TRIGGERED" of course)
  • The Acension of EARRAPE 2collab (massive volume warning again), in addition to the joke in EmpLemon's entry detailed above, opens with a parody of the scene in the edit when the Gamesphere (or rather, Bigass Porn) is turned on: "Prepare for the ultimate BONER experience. Now let's FUCK BOOBS AND BIG ASS!". In this version, "boner" is changed to "ear rape" (the clip taken from Frozen Cereal's "Elsa Lets Her Sanity Go") and, of course, the whole second sentence is ear-raped.
  • The tradition continues withExclusive EmpLemon Interview, Goop and EmpLemon's collabretive parody ofSILVERMANIA's "Exclusive Gabe Newell Interview" portraying a mock interview between the two and Lemon as a similar interviewee to Newell in that video (i.e. dismissive, nonsensical, prone-to-going-off-topic, and utterly refusing to answer one solitary question seriously). At one point, Lemon mishears Goop saying "YouTube Poop", and repeating himself, asks if it was "YouTube Boobs" "Boobs" is represented by Josh saying it in the voice of Abridged Jiraiya.
    • At the end of the same video, Lemon forcibly quits the two's Discord call upon Goop asking him about Frying Dory (an infamous suggestion for a poop that Lemon got requested to do so much, he made a five-minute video just to say he wouldn't do it), calling him as "fucking asshole" (parelling the end of the original video, in which the interviewer has a similar emotional breakdown upon realizing how unproductive their interview was). This is followed by Josh saying "FUCKIN' DICK" in Jack Black's voice.


  • This very fucked up set of flash cards has as one clue "Famous quote from Josh Nichols". The answer is "I spurt...on my chest.", a line from the edit.
  • Another revered YTPer Sinned_tragedy once tweeted an image of Josh in the edit with a caption saying "BIGASS PORN" (what the Gamesphere is renamed in the edit), in large font ("Porn" is a modified version of the band Korn's logo)
  • A Twitter account, cleverly titled "The Bot Edited", is literally a bot programmed to Tweet a line from the edit every 30 minutes. (It has since expanded to include lines from kkeps123456's "#1 Fan" edit)
  • Many recursive YouTube Poops and YouTube Poop Music Videos.
  • The offical Reddit for EmpLemon pokes fun at his overuse of the edit. In the description is a section "TOP MEMES OF ALL TIME", listing all the reccuring phrases in his work. The last one is just the words "the entirety of drake and josh - the bet edited".
  • The YouTube Poop An Ear-Raping Camel Celebrates the Midweek (volume warning once again) by Paperking99 gets a reference in when the camel asks "Do I have popcorn on my FUCKING DICK?". Of course, Josh provides the last two words in Jack Black's voice.

Edits in general[edit]

Despite the immense popularity of their video MovieEdits himself never became a household name. He had made many other equally sloppy and weird edits in the past but despite them all being over five years old only two have even broken 1,000 (those being his two Shrek edits, the second of the three on his channel is actually SpongyEditor's). His most viewed edit besides The Bet (which ranked in the hundred thousands) is the first Shrek edit with a measly 2,000. His most viewed non-Bet video isn't even an edit but rather Beavis and Butthead headbanging to Dethklok's "Hatredcopter" for three minutes, which has 12,000.

Some of their edits weren't even actual edits in the EDITED sence but rather agressively mediocre YouTube Poops. Here is a list and links for all their edits, with the ones in the "mediocre YTP" catagory in bold.