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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Occupation Editor (wide variety), Fan-fiction writer
Years Active April 19 - July 17, 2010 (as MizzouEdits)

July 19, 2010 - April 2015 (as MizzouEdits2)

Notable Works see Current Work and Future Work
Influences Roshua777, klusignolo (now ViacomCanSuckIt), nubforlyfe (now DahBestEditor), BadAssEdits (now SantaWithDrugs) Freshmilk970
Influenced TehKablam98, Miku Alli, etc.
Website http://www.mizzouedits.com/

MizzouEdits (mostly known as MizzouEdits2) is a YouTube editor and fan fiction writer. He is mostly known for his edit of the episode "Squidville", Shane Dawson's parody of Degrassi: The Next Generation and his compilation series, A Editing Compilation. Little do anyone know, the "Mizzou" in his username is a reference to the University of Missouri-Columbia.

History[edit | edit source]

Throughout his entire editing tenure, MizzouEdits has had a series of events in his editing career. On May 20, 2010, He went on a indefinite hiatus and during that time there was no word on if he will still continue editing. but on July 7, 2010, his birthday, he returned to editing after nearly a month and a half long hiatus and created an alternate channel named MizzouEdits2, which he currently uses now.

But almost a week after his return, He earned his first copyright strike for his Krusty Love edit. and then on July 16, 2010, three days after getting his first strike, He got another strike for his edit of Bubble Buddy and then announced that he will no longer upload edits under MizzouEdits and decided that on July 19, 2010, he will return to YouTube under the alias MizzouEdits2 and kcmizzou55.

On November 27th, He returned a second hiatus with another episode of his popular series, A Editing Compilation, but on December 2nd, he earned another copyright strike for the video, which was his first since moving to MizzouEdits2 as well as the first episode to be removed. Later that month, he made his first edit since exactly September 25th, with a edit of the SpongeBob song, Don't Be A Jerk, It's Christmas.

During the time he hasn't been editing, he began writing fan-fictions and soon enough, he made another channel for only sports gameplay videos, however that channel has now been removed since he had no use for it. Then later, on July 12th, 2011, he created an account specifically for episodes of A Editing Compilation, so far only four episodes have been uploaded.

After the channel was made, he received his second strike under MizzouEdits2, which prompted him to made yet another account, named MizzouEdits3. Unlike before, he's still active under his current account as he has not chosen a date to move to MizzouEdits3.

So far, he has sustained from editing so far. Originally, he was working on a collaboration edit with 45coolz, however he disappeared from YouTube, as far as he knows. He still plans to work on future edits, and new episodes of AEC. Sometime in 2012, episode eight of AEC was taking down, possibly being the end of MizzouEdits2 but YouTube counted it as his "second" strike.

On June 9th, he launched his new website, MizzouEdits Plus; making him the first ever editor to have their own .com domain. So far, he plans to add his videos on the site and currently is attempting work on edits again, in hopes to resurrect his editing career.

In April of 2015, his channel was taken down.

Biography (in editing)[edit | edit source]

At first, I didn't really like edited versions of SpongeBob, The first time I ever watched a SpongeBob edit was when I was up late and had nothing to do, so I look up a SpongeBob video I saw my little brother was watching one night, But after a month watching I wanted to watch more. The first ones I've ever watched was sailor mouth, then I watched the camping episode and then krusty krab training video (all made by klusignolo) then I began watching BadAssEdits's videos and that's when the feeling to make a edit began. Even I started watching videos from nubforlyfe starting with free credit report and my one of my most favorite edits, castrol edge. After roshua777 uploaded a sound collection, JolyBadMad put up a link to download the sounds and after getting them I started editing, After making my first edit, I made my second account MizzouEdits and uploaded my edit of Trapped in the Closet which was the third chapter. then i later go to roshua for help and tips on how to make my videos more popular. After that, I made my second edit that was a video from ShaneDawsonTV, The reason for that video was to help get my name around a bit and make his video funnier. then after that one, I continued my Trapped in the Closet }edit series{

With the 4th, and 5th chapters, Then decided to make my first SpongeBob edit, Squidville. Currently, it has over 13k views and my most popular video ever, then I made Bubble Buddy, well two edits to the episode, the original and the remake (i uploaded the remake) Then, I had the idea to combine parts six and seven of Trapped in the Closet and after that one, I finally got a hold of a Total Drama Island episode, I, Triple Dog Dare You, the first time i edited the episode, WMM wasn't working so I had to make a remake (which that's sucks that i had do it again) I uploaded the first part and two days later I made and uploaded the second part.

Current Work and Future Work[edit | edit source]

He has edited Trapped in the Closet (parts Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven), Shane Dawson's parody video of Degrassi: The Next Generation, SpongeBob SquarePants (episodes Squidville, Krusty Love, Bubble Buddy, Skill Crane and All That Glitters) and Total Drama Island (episode I, Triple Dog Dare You). MizzouEdits has also edited the anime Bleach after he went on hiatus. After taking another leave from editing, he made an edit of Ed, Edd n Eddy and a GEICO commercial. On December 25th, 2010, he made his first SpongeBob-related edit with Don't Be A Jerk, It's Christmas! and an edit on the popular video, Up Butt Coconut.

Also, MizzouEdits has edited music videos, mainly very bad songs. He was the first in the community to edit the song Friday by Rebecca Black, and since then, some other editors have made their own versions too. He also made a collaboration edit of Selling Out with Joeybbaum1995, making it the second known collab edit in history.

He also has edited Bud Light commercials, one of which appeared in Iamsage14's 'All-star edited commercial collab'.

On July 12th, 2010, he made his popular series, A Editing Compilation. Which prompted other editors to make their own series. But AEC was not entirely the reason. And on January 15th, in response to TheDVDReview's review of Legobucket's final edit, he and Legobucket made a collaboration review on his Krabby Land edit. Many editors and fans speculated that he will not continue the series, until he announced that Buzzkill Reviews will be renewed. It returned with it's second episode on March 19th, 2011.

MizzouEdits has also made three guest appearances in other work, the first was Editor Survivor, the second was iamsage14's 300 subscriber commercial collaboration and TheDVDReview's I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!! series, reviewing his Trapped in the Drive-Thru edit under his request.

A Editing Compilation[edit | edit source]

Main article: A Editing Compilation

A Editing Compilation is a compilation series created by MizzouEdits2 on July 12, 2010. It features clips from edits made by certain editors like Roshua666, Freshmilk980, DahBestEditor, ViacomCanSuckIt and ny2049. Currently, it has four episodes including one special which premiered on August 25, 2010.

There is more expected in the following months including another special.

Watermarks[edit | edit source]

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