I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!!

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I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777
Type Review series
Created by SuperUsTube
Editors Featured see Reviews
Aired Since October 11th, 2010 - April 1st, 2012 ( ICBINR777 ) / February 9th, 2013 (ICBINAEC )
Episodes 31 (including 17 other combined reviews with DahThirdBestEditor)- 48 total.

I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!, is a review series created by TheDVDReview (who is now SuperUsTube7), that premiered on October 11th, 2010 and ended on April 1st, 2012. The series is named after editor, Roshua666, making it the only editor-made series named after another editor.

Another series made during the life span of the series was ICBINAEC ( I Can't Believe It's Not Angry Edit Critic ) was released, which was a collaborative review series featuring half of SuperUsTube and half of DahThirdBestEditor. The series concluded with an official finale on February 9th, 2013.


In the ICBINR777 series, that premiered October 11th, 2010, he has reviewed these edits below, in chronological order. ICBINR777 ended on April 1st, 2012 with 31 episodes while his collaborative series, ICBINAEC ended on February 9th, 2013 with 17 total episodes, bringing the total number of reviews to 48.

  • VideoFreaks3's The Camping Episode edit
  • VideoFreaks3's Squirrel Jokes edit
  • DahThirdBestEditor's Band Geeks edit
  • His Scaredy Pants edit
  • klusignolo's Chocolate With Nuts edit
  • Roshua666's Missing Identity edit^
  • VideoFreaks3's April Fools edit
  • ToRxEdiTs' Mr. Meaty edit
  • Spoiledmilk970's Jimmy Neutron edit
  • Jonicster's Christmas Who? edit
  • Roshua666's MidLife Crustacuan edit^
  • Legobucket's Patty Hype edit
  • VideoFreaks3's Graveyard Shift edit
  • TinxEdits112's Complete 'Edited' Spongebob Minis
  • TheMexicanMario's Valentine's Day edit, (This got him suspended from TheDVDReview)
  • AnalKookaburra's Blues Clues edit
  • lilseani02's Picture Day edit, (TehKablam98's 3DMM edit was on as a filler)
  • akarich000006's Barney edit
  • Dmwfilm's Patty Caper edit
  • MizzouEdits2's TITDT edit, (The title was reversed to parody his decision on mirroring his edits; prior to the episode's release, he removed it after it was blocked by Sony and was unable to dispute.)
  • DahThirdBestEditor's Odd Jobs edit, ( Fairly Odd Parents)
  • yugidude45's Roller Cowards edit
  • VideoFreaks3's Secret Box edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • XTheAllianceX's Ripped Pants edit (Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • Gluecow's Wet Painters edit
  • MoreWTFVideo's FUN edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • SpicyTofuZ9's Grandma's Kisses edit
  • interupters's Sailor Mouth edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • All of MrFunnyEdit's Spongebob edits
  • Animefreak74's Spongebob Meets The Strangler edit ( Combined review DahThirdBestEditor )
  • All of 2049ny's edits ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • SpongebobsBoner's Sandy's Rocket edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • TheGoldenroy's Im With Stupid edit
  • Judgefudge418's Pokemon edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • Laughtraxx's Fairly Odd Parent's edit
  • SeanBoehm's Ed Edd n' Eddy edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • DahThirdBestEditor's, MizzouEdits2's,assmennfiossa's 3 Way Edit Off, ( This was a edit off between the 3 editors and in the end SuperUsTube chose MizzouEdits2's edit )
  • Bertee510's Plankton! edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor, this episode has been taken down because of Bertee510's major butthurt over himself )
  • Stopthedrill65's Jimmy Neutron edit
  • WyvErN675's Rock Bottom edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • Rockhard31's Help Wanted edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • Primedawg9170's Boo Haw Haw edit ( Ed Edd n' Eddy,Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • Barackthehouse622's MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy 5 edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • RoccoOneNineteen's Graveyard Shift edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • Laughtraxx and DahThirdBestEditor's edit off ( This was an edit off between 2 editoors and in the end, SuperUsTube chose DahThirdBestEditor's edit )
  • Gamefreak616's Survival Of The Idiots edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor )
  • VideoFreaks3's Ed Edd n' Eddy edit ( ICBINR777 Finale )
  • RandomlyRandom1999's Good Neighbors edit ( Combined review with DahThirdBestEditor, ICBINAEC finale )

^ - The title for this episode was changed to avoid confusion with Roshua666, who was reviewed in this episode.

Names of non-Spongebob edits is put in Italic.


  • This is the second editor-made series in Spongebob editing history, the first was MizzouEdits2's A Editing Compliation, that premiered three months prior to ICBINR777!!!.
  • There are only one other known edit review series, with MasterPlanktum's Angry Edit Critic being the only other review series. Also, in a response to TheDVDReview's review of Legobucket's final edit, MizzouEdits2 and Legobucket made a review video attacking TheDVDReview called, BuzzKill Reviews, it was very unsure if MizzouEdits2 planned to continue the series, but annouced that the series will continue.
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!! is the longest editor-made series in Spongebob editing history, behind Angry Edit Critc by a few episodes.
  • His 19th episode has been reuploaded 3 times and 2 of them were deleted by editor Dmwfilm, since he reupped them 2 times, and he already got 1, he got suspended.
  • Episode 21 has had some controversy due to the episode "not reviewed well". In fact, this resulted in MasterPlanktum (Angry Edit Critic), to unleash a commentary of his episode, making it the first commentary of a edit review show, and the second to respond to one edit review, (The other was MizzouEdits2's and Legobucket's collab review of TheDVDReview after he released his 12th review)
  • SuperUsTube5 plans on a ICBINR777! Movie. Its contents is unknown.
  • Collab reviews with SuperUsTube and DahThirdBestEditor are named I Can't Believe It's Not Angry Edit Critic! (or simply titled ICBINAEC!) The title is a spin off of both editor's review shows.
  • ICBINAEC has since grown popular and have been a main series of the 2 editors, with most episodes being released weekly
  • ICBINAEC #13 is a Halloween Special, and over 22 minutes in length.
  • ICBINAEC #15, (Dah Super Robotic Ultra Mega Fun Thanksgiving Special Of Amazingness) is a Thanksgiving special, and currently has the longest title.
  • ICBINR777 and ICBINAEC were finally finished on April 1, 2012 and February 9, 2013 due to the overall stagnant and abandoned editing community which arguably can be blamed on the fact that ICBINR777 was much more easy and interesting then editing in a certain degree, which somesay also made editing not as fun when editors knew that they could be critiqued for putting in their hard work and time.
  • SuperUsTube is actively uploading all of his edits/reviews on his blip.tv account, and plans to do other things with the SuperUsTube7 channel once he's done uploading the rest of his archived videos.
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