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The editing community has many fans scattered all across the internet. Most fans hope for reasonably lengthy edits, usually around the 5-9 minute mark. They often leave (a) comment(s) of their favorite line(s) from an edit. They can ask for requests, but some editors are not fond of this. The fan base used to be very small from 2007-2008, but after those years, the the number of fans grew, still increasing in numbers as of 2017. Like editors, fans hate Viacom and will call them many names, creative and/or derogatory (most people in general will say Viacom sucks). Many fans are particularly fond of edited SpongeBob episodes.

A list of well-recognized editing fans:

  • aaron rickenbach
  • acfreak55
  • AlienMyth64
  • AntiTroll1000
  • Black Storm
  • bobkyleyou
  • Demon Rantz
  • Dylan4YouTubication
  • fighter5583
  • ginnrollins211 (became an editor as of 2017)
  • Mack Davidson
  • MasterMario548
  • maxgamer010
  • QueerWard
  • Rycan18
  • TheAngryGuy20
  • TheGreatguy123
  • Thefightinphillies13
  • XDrang93
  • xgamerXrandomman1