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Survival of the Idiots (Edited)

by EditsForWinners (finished July 14, 2020; released July 17, 2020)



Title card music: "Welcome to This World"- Primus

Babbling: SHED.MOV- hotdiggedydemon

"Shut up!": Leo and Satan- "Leo Goes to School"

Fart: GradeAUnderA- just about any video

"You wanna see a dead body?": The Simpsons- "The Boy Who Knew Too Much"

"2 Girls 1 Cup": Omega Kawaii Cuthwald Song

Gulp: Tom and Jerry- pick a short, any short, it's there

"Cyanide": The Simpsons- "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge"

"Piss off": Family Guy- "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington"

"Or you're gonna be sacrificed": "JB Jr Raps"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"Up your ass": Space Ghost: Coast to Coast- "Sweet for Brak"

"Oh, what the hell are you doing, fartknocker?": Beavis and Butt-Head- "Work is Death"

"Tiny little breasts": Gay Arnold!- OneyWivPebbles

"Heeeeee": "Explosivo"- Tenacious D

"The triangles go with the circles": OneyPlays- Kingdom Hearts EP 47: "Christmas Rogens"

"Are you hearin' the words that are comin' outta my mothafuckin' mouth--": Suck My Black Ass, Charlie Brown!- MostOffensiveVideo

Dance break: SpongeBob SquarePants- "Culture Shock"

Imagination music: "Unused SpongeBob Music: sperngbeb closeieing them"- NauticalSponge

"Blah blah blah blah, I'm a dumbass, blah, blah, blah": Beavis and Butt-Head- episode unknown

Scream: Smiling Friends

Dying groans: The MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "Ski Into Tree"

Police siren, "Oh, fuck! It's the cops!": The Great Reptar Adventure- MeatCanyon

"You ever notice that once we started eating these bars, our turds have been like perfect?": Tenacious D in: Post-Apocalypto- "Chapter 1: Hope"

"You're supposed to be in jail!": Space Ghost: Coast to Coast- "Sequel"

"I'm incredibly high!": "Making Love"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

Fat guy watching the edit: KONY2012- psychicpebbles

"Do it... [creepy breathing] DOOO EEET!!": Lazer 7 Preview- DomFera (no longer on YouTube)

Cocaine song: "I'm Just a Rock and Roll Clown"- Metalocalypse (Dethclown)

"You're too fucking--": Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz!- "Robert Burgless"

"I CAN DREAM, HAROLD!!": asdfmovie4

"That's not even my name!": Scary Stories with Kermit!- jacksfilms

"I'll fucking shoot you": Tenacious D in: Post-Apocalypto- "Chapter 3: Space"

"Gay elephant": Concrete Giraffes

"This is gonna be cool. Eheheheh.": Beavis and Butt-Head- episode unknown

"One false move, and [your mom] gets it!": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Hermit Ren"

"I'm going to fight you, and I'm going to kill you, until you're dead... today!": Dragonzball P- OneyNG

"Don't be startin' whatcha can't finish, bitch!": American Dad!- "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives"

"Ummm... gay elephant noise?": Concrete Giraffes

"Why don't ya time me while I run like a faggot?": greenday12688's "The Frycook Games" dub

"You have no future, you're a WASTE!!": Mean Internet- Ukinojoe

Laughter: Leo and Satan- "Leo Goes to School"

"That's enough": WABBIT SEASON- MeatCanyon (no longer on YouTube)

"Watch what I can do": 12 oz. Mouse- "Eye Dance" (promo)

All of Penis Cupcake animation: new animation by myself

SB's disgusted face: SpongeBob SquarePants- "Something Smells" (modified to scene colors, inbetweens animated by myself)

"Sono il factotum della citta, etc.": Rossini - The Barber of Seville: "Largo Al Factotum (Figaro)"- arranged by The Spirit of Orchestral Music

Happy fishsticks dancing: Rejected- Don Hertzfeldt

SB's unamused face: SpongeBob SquarePants- "Jellyfish Jam" (modified to scene colors)

Sandy wakes up: Analog Synth Low Sound Effect

Sandy growling: "Expectant"- Judith Cann

"Mr. Kookalamanza, and some real ugly kid!": The Simpsons- "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"

"I WILL CUT YOUR LIPS AND TONGUE FROM YOUR HEAD WITH A...": Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

"Belly semen": Moral Orel- "Sacrifice"

Weird gibberish: The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Hair of the Cat"

Flapjack clip: the instrumental intro

"I WANNA FUCK JACK MY BIKE!": Jackie Robinson Was the First Black Baseball Player, Charlie Brown!- MostOffensiveVideo

"You're a flabby tits asshole man!": greenday12688's "The Frycook Games" dub

"I AM AN ANGRY POTATO AND I HOPE YOU GET CANCER!": The Twenty Minute asdfmovie

"Time to take a piss! [peeing on Sandy through megaphone]": Mario Pissing

"Look, I've sucked one dick! That's all!": Hotel Mario redubbed by original voice actor

"They bite, and fight, they bite and fight and bite, etc.": "The Itchy and Scratchy Show Theme"- The Simpsons

Omen music: What a Cartoon!- "Utica Cartoon"

Sandy awakens: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (opening)

"Haha, you said ass!": Super Slumber Party- OneyNG (no longer on YouTube)

"You'll drop dead soon!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Bad Replicant"

"AW, HERE WE GO AGAIN!!": Metalocalypse- "The Curse of Dethklok"

"Hey, you guys... YOU WANNA DIE?": Adventure Time- "Storytelling"

"YOU'RE NEXT, MEESTER DOGGY TREEEEAAT!": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Man's Best Friend"

The chase: "Three String Serenade"- Squidbillies (extended credits theme)

"I'm gonna kick it harder if you don't come over here!": King of the Hill- "King of the Ant Hill"

"Oooh! Ruuun, ruuun, I'm coming for you!": Team Fortress 2

SpongeBob swirling: "London Paris"- Pizzicato Five

SpongeBob flung: Visualize logo

"I'll put a cigarette in your damn eye!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Super Birthday Snake"

"Stay away from me, squirrel! Stay away! Good squirrel, good squirrel, good squirrel!": The MJ Mornign Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "Rental Car Squirrel"

Rolling: Bruce Almighty

"Who the fuck are you?": Rick and Morty- "Total Rickall"

"I'LL SUCK ON YA DICK!!": "Daddy Ding Dong"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!": Beavis and Butt-Head- episode unknown

"What's going on?! What happened to my shoes?!": The Simpsons- "Don't Fear the Roofer"

Alternate ending music: Her Lovely Fears- Ben Wheele

"Okay, that's it! I'm outta here cause you're a nutcase!": The Weird Al Show- "Al Gets Robbed"

Squishy shit sounds: PIKAMON- psychicpebbles

"I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE! EEEUEEEEHHH!!": SpongeBob SquarePants- "Tea at the Treedome"

"March, march, march, march": "marCH"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"Am I dead yet?": The Simpsons- "Homer Simpson in: Kidney Trouble"

"You tell me": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Super Squatter"

"My dick's fallin' off!": Game Grumps- "Super Mario Maker: Brutal Misery - PART 81"

Fat guy watches in horror as Pat's dick cracks off: KONY2012- psychicpebbles

"I'm a pretty lady! Preetty laaadyyyy!!": Home Movies- "Method of Acting"

"Nothing makes me happier than thinking about your corpse": KERMIT SINGS- jacksfilms

"Uuuuh, uh-uh. Screw that": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Super Spore"

"Break as many bone[r]s as possible": The Skeletal Conspiracy- ABZ Cartoons

"Grappling with the onset of menopause": The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy- "Mommy Fiercest"

Speedy speedy go fast music! Whee!: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends- "Blooooo"

"I know! Let's": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Sven Hoek"

"We're better than meatloaf!": Metalocalypse- "Dethstars"

It's Spring! You're screwed!: "Source Music of Doom"- Invader Zim OST

"Your fuckin' flowers": "Take Us Into Space"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"Shitty": Invader Zim- "Walk of Doom"

"Downtown": "Downtown"- Petula Clark

Giggle: Bruce Almighty

"This is the song that I wrote at 3am": American Dad!- "Stan Time"

Blood curdling scream: "Come to Daddy"- Aphex Twin

"Suck your dick for Pixie Sticks, uhh I mean trick or treat!": It's the Great Dolemite, Charlie Brown!- MostOffensiveVideo

"This is all your fault!": The Simpsons- "Rosebud"

Chainsaw slicing SB and Pat as they scream: SMILEY SUICIDE