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Rocko's Modern Life: Schnit Heads (Edited)

by EditsForWinners (released June 24, 2020)



Title card music: "Daddy Would You Like Some Sausage?"- Freddy Got Fingered

"Smegma": Krusty Cooch Training Video- Uncle Al

"Greetings, friend!": The Simpsons- "Lisa's Date with Density"

"Donuts!": SpongeBob SquarePants- "Mermaidman and Barnacleboy"

"Is that a banana in your pocket or a erection in your pocket?": Family Guy- "I Take Thee Quagmire"

Scream: Horrible Abomination Sings With the Best of 'Em!- ABZ Cartoons

"Choke me while I touch myself": Family Guy- "Perfect Castaway"

"You are a spineless worm!": Team Fortress 2

"Masturbating with stolen cheese": Jon Lajoie - "Not Giving A Fuck!"

"Secret butt fun": The Hub promo for Pound Puppies

"AYIYIYIYI!": Game Grumps- Super Mario Maker (episode currently unknown)

"You're talking like a song from The Lion King": King of the Hill- "Won't You Pimai Neighbor?"

"I'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU!": Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

"What a fantastic 30 seconds!": Self-Aware Computer Episode 2- SkyCorp Video

"CHEW ON YAH PRICK!": "Daddy Ding Dong"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

Babbling: "London Paris"- Pizzicato Five

"Foreskin": Krusty Cooch Training Video- Uncle Al

"Spit": da bes spongbobn edit in da wurlld! (unreleased early version)- SuperIdiotMan00

"You fuckin stupid bitch": Rick and Morty- "Interdimensional Cable 2"

"Yeah": "JB JR Rap"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

Heffer drowns and dies: The MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "The Golf Kart"

"Agenda! (suspenseful sting)": The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy- "The Secret Snake Club"

"Must! Kill! Lincoln!": Family Guy- "Mind Over Murder"

"hello, young lady!": SpongeBob SquarePants- "Chocolate With Nuts"

"Dick sucked": Gay Arnold!- OneyWivPebbles

"Fuck YOOOOOOOUUUU!!!": Nostalgia Critic- "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"

"Call us! We'll be drunk!": Spacecataz

"DO YOU FOLKS LIKE COFFEE?": "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle"- Metalocalypse ("The Curse of Dethklok")

"Ugh, my mouth tastes like an ashtray!": The Simpsons- "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (part 2)"

"Bullshit": Mr. Show- "The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop" (skit: "Coupon: The Movie")

"One time I saw my grandmother in the shower! Her bush starts above her bellybutton!": "Teenage Love On the Phone"- Adam Sandler

"Dead children": Concrete Giraffes

"I killed my husband with a": The Simpsons- "Marge in Chains"

"Hyena's spermy dick": "Suck a Cheetah's Dick"- Wesley Willis

"Dicks to complete the dickship": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Dickesode"

Fart: Leo and Satan- "Leo Goes to School"

"But I'm gay": Family Guy- "The Giggity Wife"

Pole dance music: Adventure Time- "Power Animal"

"And for the ladies": SpongeBob SquarePants- "MuscleBob BuffPants"

Laughing evilly: Sonic Shorts Volume 1

"YOU ARE DEAD AND BURIED, YOU! ARE! DEAD!!": "Lifetime Achievement Award"- Lemon Demon

"Main Street Electric Dick Parade": remixed by SuperIdiotMan, mixed off "Baroque Hoedown"- Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley

"The fucking church": WELCOME TO FUCKING

"Elon Musk": "Take Us Into Space"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"I'll kill him!": King of the Hill- "Pilot"

Heff makes sausage animal: Adventure Time- "Mortal Recoil"

"I'M A HORSE!!": Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon- "Ren Seeks Help"

"DOODILY DING DONG TICK TOCK": Metalocalypse- theme song

"Come and get it": Bob's Burgers- "Human Flesh"

"Yuck!": Metalocalypse- "Facebones: Mordhaus Things" (DVD extra)

"Ey, relax, guy!": South Park- "Terrance and Phillip in: Not Without My Anus"

Guitar riff: Metalocalypse- censor bleep

"They see me rollin'": "Ridin'"- Chamillionare

"Cremation": The MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "Cremation Crotchety"

"Eat some fuckin' shit!": Rick and Morty- "Interdimensional Cable 2"

"Shut up, bitch! Get beer, for me lawyer!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Super Spore"

"Everybody... everybody get naked!": The Simpsons- "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment"

"I'm sick of this shit!": Mad Mad Mario- jonnyetco

"They hatin'": "Ridin'"- Chamillionare

"Who gives a fuck about these?": Metalocalypse- "Facebones: Mordhaus Things" (DVD extra)

Backwards incantation: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast- "Sweet for Brak"

"Weenie in [and] the Butt": Family Guy- "Mother Tucker"

"Irrigate the ground with the sweat of a wrinkly brow on [Penis] land!": Squidbillies- "America: Why I Love Her"

The sun: "Spicy Sammich"- Flying Lotus

"What does 'extra girth' mean?": Leo and Satan- "Leo Goes to School"

"Well ya can't come, ya son of a bitch!": charlie teh unicron- FilmCow

Guard breathes in: Kirby

"What are you, gay?": Dragonzball PeePee- OneyNG

"Now you get the hell outta here before I rip out your brain!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Circus"

"Are you gonna cry? Waaah! Are you gonna cry like a [fuckin' bitch?]": Chowder- "Gazpacho Stands Up"

Filburt and Rocko build something: "Montage Song"- Team America: World Police

"Knock knock knockin'": "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"- Guns n Roses

"I AM FLUFFERS, DEVOURER OF WORLDS!!": The Hungriest Fluffle- ABZ Cartoons

"So I can": Mad Mad Mario 5- jonnyetco

"PERVERT": The Simpsons- "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment"

"Why don't you just shut your yaktrap and": The MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "Science Project"

"Help me, mommy! Help me! I want my blankie!! I WANT MY BLANKIE!!!": SpongeBob SquarePants- "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

Heffer is thrown in: Klasky-Csupo 1998 "Splaat" logo

"Hahahaha! They FAILED!": "The Metal"- Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

"I'LL RIP YAH HEAD OFF!!": "Daddy Ding Dong"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

Filburt crying as he's beaten up: Metalocalypse- "Dethclown"

"Hey can ya hear me, lardass?!": Home Movies- "Brendon's Choice"

"You've been a naughty boy today!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "T-Shirt of the Dead"

"You can't get away, there's no time to pray, your finish is going to be fast!": Swing You Sinners

"Yes, I can!": The MJ Morning Show's Crotchety Prank Calls- "Christmas Crotchety"

"The Bibble": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

Scream: SpongeBob SquarePants- "Sailor Mouth"

"My name is Captain Diqhedd!": SleepyCast Lost Episode- "The Day We All Lost Our Virginity At The Same Time"

"What. The hell": Rick and Morty- "The Ricks Must Be Crazy"

Peter staring and smiling: Family Guy- "Thanksgiving"

"You like popsicles? I got a whole freezer full of popsicles": Family Guy- "To Love and Die in Dixie"

"Get in my flipping belly": Adventure Time- "Return to the Nightosphere"

"GYAYAYAHYAAAAH": Oney's Toon Tutorials- Episode 3: Sound (no longer on YouTube)

"Up and awaaaaaay!": SpongeBob SquarePants- "Mermaidman and Barnacleboy"

Both "dun dun dun dun dun" suspense themes: greenday12688's "Hey Arnold!: The Movie" dub

"Is everybody ready to die?!": Metalocalypse- "Murdering Outside the Box"

Screaming: The24thPowerProductions' "Greasy Buffoons" dub

Ending theme: Augenblick Productions logo