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Lights, Camera, ORGY - collab entry

by EditsForWinners (finished January 3, 2021; released January 21, 2021)



"Shut. Up.": 12 oz. Mouse- "Because They Could"

"Respect my authoritah!": South Park- "Chickenlover"

"Hey, dumbass": Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon- "Altruists"

"Package": "Mega Marital Problems"- Starbomb

"Bobicle": SpongeBob SquarePants- "Mermaidman and Barnacleboy II"

"Motherfuckin' kill": "Daddy Ding Dong"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"Oh yes, oh yes": Fred Phelps Montage

Horrible siren: Aqua Teen Hunger Force- final volume DVD menu

"This sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before": Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

"Little kid soup": Adventure Time- "Dungeon"

"Get off the road, ya freakin' maniac!": The Simpsons- "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson"

"Fatty fat fat fatty": American Dad!- "With Friends Like Steve's"

"SHORTCUT": Rocket Power- episode unknown

"What seems to be the officer, problem?": South Park- "Bloody Mary"

"Shut up! I can't hear myself die!": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Ren's Retirement"

"Drugs": YouTube Commenters 2- Ukinojoe

"When I'm deeaaad": "Atomic Copper Claw"- Lemon Demon

"I'm gonna drive this car off a cliff and we're gonna die!": Bushworld Adventures