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What a Cartoon!: Boid 'n' Woim (Edited)

by EditsForWinners

Released October 3, 2020


Violence disclaimer: "Super Violence Disclaimer" ID- Adult Swim (usually aired before Blood+)

"Kick you in the nads": Beavis and Butt-Head- episode unknown

"Drunk as hell": 12 oz. Mouse- theme song

"To make me not wanna kill myself": Smiling Friends

"Gettin' fucked in the ass or somethin'": Eddsworld USA- Ukinojoe

"Strangle an orphan girl": Nostalgia Critic- "Mr. Magoo"

"Could you, like, shut up?": Beavis and Butt-Head- episode unknown

Screaming: Peperami ad- "Running" (second half raised in volume)

"...you barely piece of suckass car": 12 oz. Mouse- "Star Wars VII"

"Who are you": "Who Are You?"- The Who

"Yea okay, that sounded kinda gay": SWAG.MOV- hotdiggedydemon

"Fuck those stupid kids": The Great Reptar Adventure- MeatCanyon

Evil music: "Snot"- LFO

Grub screaming: IMPROVABLES: Orphanage- psychicpebbles

"You can't tell me what to do!": asdfmovie4

"Oh, I can't wait to get my dick sucked": Gay Arnold!- OneyWivPebbles

"Ecstacy": The Ren & Stimpy Show- "Fake Dad"

"Well, what's it gonna be?": "The Ballad of King Arthur and Robin Hood"- Home Movies ("Renaissance")

Mr. Dick being shredded, screaming, and bleeding into a martini glass: Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Revenge of the Trees"

Shitting: Unicorns Rule- El-Cid

"St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast": "St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast"- Frank Zappa

"YOU SHOULD LET THE GREAT PUMPKIN EAT YOU!": Robot Chicken- "The Time of the Great Pumpkin" (episode: "Vegetable Funfest")

Scream: American Dad!- "The American Dad After School Special"

Gross burp: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack- "Kid Nickels"

"A telephone wire": "Liar Liar"- The Castaways

Defacation and scream: SMILEY SUICIDE

"Aw jeez, did you piss yourself? You dumbass geek!": LUIGI'S DAY OUT- hotdiggedydemon

Laughing: Billy Madison

"My teeth are bleeding, my teeth are bleeding!": DumbLand- "6: My Teeth Are Bleeding"

"I'm hurt now!": Ed, Edd 'n Eddy- "Little Ed Blue"

"I'll fuckin' plow your daisy!": "Daddy Ding Dong"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"You better take a seat": Leaked Donald Trump Call with Chris Hansen (ft. PsychicPebbles)- Kerem Erdinc

"Trusty doggie": "Hope"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"Ya motherfuckin' mutt!": "Daddy Ding Dong"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

Mr. Dick screaming in pain when his eyes pop through his glasses: Nyan Neko Sugar Girls

"I will shoot myself, and then I will shoot you!": Audrey and Victor- "Literally Hitler" (Ukinojoe)

"Asshole": DumbLand- "8: Ants"

Mr. Dick's gettin' laid!: "Chacarron Macarron"- El Chombo

"You do not fuck with me, you stupid piece of shit!": Tenacious D in: Post-Apocalypto- "Chapter 5: Donald"

Rising tense music: "Monster Chords (a)"- Peter Lea-Cox

"[screaming frantically] GET 'EM OFF ME, GET 'EM OFF ME!!!": "Albuquerque"- Weird Al Yankovic

"STD's": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Rubberman"

Scare chord of Butt's skinless arm: "Jimmy's Big Solo"- Home Movies OST ("Guitarmageddon") / Analog Synth Low Sound Effect

Butt's skinless arm: original art by myself

"God, I can't believe how dumb you are!": YOLO: Crystal Fantasy- "The Dusty Truck 'n' Donut Muster"

Suspense!!: greenday12688's "Hey Arnold!: The Movie" dub

"I'm sweatin' like a pony": The Animation Show- "Welcome to the Show" (Don Hertzfeldt)

Growl: How To Read Twilight- HowToBasic

"Mr. Poopybutthole": Rick and Morty- "Total Rickall"

"Discretely": "Fuck Her Gently"- Tenacious D

"Oww, my eye! I'm not supposed to get [knife] in it!": The Simpsons- "Homer vs. Dignity"

"Wherever you are, fuck you!": Hairballs- Doug Lawrence

"You look really good in those tights, honey!": Space Ghost: Coast to Coast- "President's Day Nightmare"

"AAHwhoawhoawhoawhoa!!": Mario Kart 64

Violently coughing: How To Remove a Tampon- HowToBasic

"You make a loop de loop": "Loop de Loop"- Ween (SpongeBob SquarePants- "Your Shoe's Untied")

Intense screaming: The Evil Strawberry

Mr. Butt's getting closer: "Trial"- 10 Second Run OST (DSiWare)

"Oww, I'm in Hell!": The Simpsons- "Homer vs. Dignity"

"You little fucking runt!": Aqua Teen Hunger Force- "Rubberman"

"You're gonna fucking DIIIIEEEEEE--": "Colors"- Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto

"Oh shit! Holy shit! [piano playing]": The Lazer Collection 5- Dom Fera

"Why, you LITTLE!! [strangling Mr. Dick]": The Simpsons- "'Round Springfield"

"Choking your chicken": Beavis and Butt-Head- "Choking"

"FUUUUUCK YOOOOO--": Farce of the Penguins

End credits music: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast- "Story Book House"

Chris-Chan ranting over credits: "ECV 00192"- Chris-Chan

Interruption: The 1st Max Headroom Incident- The Nine O'Clock News (WGN Channel 9)

Kazoo music: Groose: Grooseward Gourd- Ukinojoe

Faceless Hayley: American Dad!- "The Mural of the Story"