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Recently in the world of editing, Editors have found other activities and hobbies to keep themselves busy. Some of these activities are even put on display on the editor's channel. These are known as editor hobbies, and are a good breaking of the mold on an editor's upload list, and a nice way to pass the time between making edits.


A more popular hobby, many editors chose to tape themselves playing video games, notably Call of Duty: Black Ops as well as various other titles, and then place it on their channels. Editors of this trade include Roshua666, Legobucket, as well as others.


Other editors choose the literary path and write in their spare time. Some of these fan-fictions are based on anime such as Code Geass and Bleach. These fan-fictions aren't usually advertised via video, but are at times linked to in channel descriptions. Participators include MizzouEdits and TehKablam98, who writes Nicktoons fan-fictions.

Secondary-Use Channels[edit]

Some editors even create other kinds of videos on separate channels. The purpose of these channels vary from sports to news. A notable example is MasterSKOADWARD's news clip channel, as well as his channel full of classic rock. As stated above, gameplay is also uploaded, although sometimes onto other channels also.


A more personal hobby, certain editors will set up websites, mainly on Wordpress, to rant and rave, and blog about their lives. Viewing these blogs can teach you more about the editor's personal life, and their likes and dislikes. A notable blogger is Roshua666, who often posts insightful messages and information from his point of view.