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Lowland Gorilla Transcript[edit]

Don't get fucked up by a lowland gorilla.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Butt Sex
  2. Really horny
  3. Horny
  4. GET FUCKED!!!
  5. Go Completely Insane
  6. Dildo, Dildo
  7. Of shit, OF SHIT!!!!
  8. Fucked
  9. Huge Prick
  10. That's what I'll kill you!
  11. Fucked up
  12. Pricked
  13. Sex is shit
  14. Go fuck yourself

Roadside Ditch Transcript[edit]

Don't wake up in a roadside orgasm.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Strip Club
  2. Dick and Balls
  3. Dildo
  4. Queer
  5. Orgasm

Stray Animals Transcript[edit]

Stop taking in stray animals.

Sound Clips[edit]

  2. Blowjob