Dick Hobknocker (Live and Recorded Porn)

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GRANDPA: (laughs)

DAD: Hey, you're seeing this?

GRANDPA: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'm trying to watch pornography!

(SFX: Fart)

Voiceover: Only the Hobknocker from Dick lets you watch live and recorded porn anywhere. Click here to die.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Hobknocker - iCarly
  2. Porno - I don't know that music video clip
  3. Whack Off - Adam Sandler
  4. Penises - I dunno what that is
  5. Oh Yeah
  6. Fuck
  7. Fucking
  8. Pornography
  9. Farting
  10. Dick
  11. Porn
  12. Die - Legend of Zelda (Ganon Segment)