Caveman from Geico (Edited)

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by NewPCPro1333

News Transcript[edit]

(Scene: News Video)

(Title Card:'s So Easy a Nigga Can Do It - Offensive?)

SPOKESMAN: How can it be offensive if it's true?

CAVEMAN: Okay, first of all, fuck you! I'm not 100% in love with an ass right now.

SPOKESMAN: My ass aside historically that you niggas have struggle to take a shit.

CAVEMAN: Yeah, right. Fucking pussy upright, discovering Satan, inventing the porno mags and laying the Cleveland Steamer for all mankind. You're right, good point. Sorry we couldn't get that to you sooner…you FUCKER!!!

SPOKESMAN: Connie, you're reaction.

CONNIE: I'm so horny.

(Cut to: GEICO Logo)


(Phone# 1-800-947-AUTO)

(Text: or call the office near you)

VO: GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on sex.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Fuck you - Pwning Olympics Entry #2 (Nice Job Waking Me Up)
  2. Ass
  3. My ass - At a Medium Pace
  4. Niggas
  5. Take a shit
  6. Fucking
  7. Pussy
  8. Satan
  9. Porno mags
  10. Cleveland steamer - Tenacious D: Rock Your Socks
  11. You fucker
  12. I'm so horny - Nirvana: Lithium
  13. Sex

Restaurant Transcript[edit]

Man: At, you can handle all your masturbation needs online. It's so easy, a nigga can do it. Seriously, we apologize. We have no idea you niggas are still around.

Caveman #1: Yeah. Next time, maybe suck my fucking cock.

Waiter (voice only): Gentlemen, are you all ready to order?

Caveman #2: I'll have a roast duck penis with testicles.

Caveman #1: I don't have much of an appetite, thank you.

Voice: Geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on marijuana.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Masturbation
  2. Nigga
  3. Niggas
  4. Suck my fucking cock
  5. Penis
  6. Testicles
  7. Watch me whack off
  8. Marijuana

Baltimore Transcript[edit]

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. I Am Gay
  2. Venereal Disease
  3. Ace
  4. Balls
  5. Balls
  6. Dog in the Ass
  7. Your Dad