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Barney with Bad Words is an EDITED series started by the user supergodzilla12 and continued by the user BarneyPooper and continued again by the user TheNewBarneyPooper. As you probably would have guessed, it is mostly a series of parodies of Barney and Friends and related media, although they do use other sources occasionally.

Characteristics of the Series[edit]

How It is Different From Other Edits[edit]

While it is definitely a series of edits, several things made it stand out from the rest of them (besides the uncommon source material).

  1. They contain YTP elements, which would not be done again in an edit until ShadowParanoia came along.
  2. A good portion of the swears used is the original audio sentence-mixed. In fact, at least one episode ("One More Thing") had no outside sounds except the "WASSUP MOTHERFUCKAS" (see "Other characteristics" for more on that) and was just mixing. This is never done in an edit nowadays because, while it fits it perfectly with the character's actual voice and thus can be funnier, it can be ruined by the fact that sentence-mixing is often illegible. If you are experimenting with making a line actually sound like the character, one nowadays either uses something else profane the VA did (i.e. putting Princess Clara lines from Drawn Together over Twilight from MLP:FiM, both voiced by Tara Strong) or using an unmixed bit of the original audio in a new context (i.e. twisting the context of SpongeBob saying "crabs" so it now refers to the STD instead of his boss)
  3. It uses original lines from Microsoft Sam, which is considered cheating nowadays.
  4. It has VERY strong continuity for an edit series. If an edit has continuity, it's usually for just the edit, but this one somehow keeps a story all the way through. Two examples of continuity:
  • In "Caring Means F*cking", when one kid announces she is going to feed Zippity the hamster, an outraged Microsoft Sam reminds her he committed suicide in "Barney Goes to High School".
  • Even the non-Barney edits interact with the Barney ones. In "Wasted on New Year's", when Big Bird delivers the traditional "WASSUP, MOTHERFUCKAS", Barney is pissed at him for stealing his line, which comes back to bite Big Bird in the ass at the end of the video when Barney rigs the New Year's ball with explosives.

Other Characteristics[edit]

The main running gag of the series is Barney always says "WASSUP, MOTHERFUCKERS!" to the children/the audience. If you do not hear that soundbite at the beginning, chances are they will acknowledge it by the end.

As sad, Microsoft Sam dialogue is used. However, it is more creative than just writing swear words in Speakonia and using them as sounds (although that did occur). He is actually a secondary character who interrupts the episode to rant whenever something particularly stupid happens. For example: In "Three F*cking Wishes (BarneyPooper)", he observes how Barney is for some strange reason blue and eventually black. In "Barney's Sh*tty Vacation", he chews out a kid who reacts to seeing Barney with "Dinosaurs aren't real!" by showing him images of dinosaur skeletons and asking him if they look fake.

The show used the Marrokiu sound selection instead of the traditional sounds, for the most part.


The one who started this series. His YouTube account has been, as expected for an editor, terminated and his current one has no videos whatsoever. HOWEVER, he thought ahead and thought to upload some to a non-YouTube website, the site being called "Break".


Bold are the non-Barney edits, with the used show in parantheses.


The man who continued the series. However, his last video was uploaded on December 2013 and then he closed his account in 2017.

He got so popular, a DeviantArt user by the name of TheAtomMan1996 gave several episodes Mr. Enter-like notecard reviews. We shit you not. 

And his friend joined, too.


Bold are the non-Barney edits, with the used show/game in parantheses.


In November 2017, shorty after BarneyPooper closed his account, a new user continued the series again and was in the process of making new Barney with Bad Words episodes(which are not as creative as the previous ones), but commented that he will not make any more videos due to YouTube termination strikes. His channel is still viewable until further notice.


Bold are the non-Barney edits, with the used show in parantheses.