Bad KFC Commercial

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Transcript 1[edit]

Old Colonel Sanders: Yo, what's up? It's me, Colonel Sanders.<br /> Real Colonel Sanders: Hey, what the fuck? That's not the real Colonel Sanders! I'm a mothafucka who invented it! And this is how you fuck bitches and get money. What up, bitch? It's me, the real Colonel Sanders. I'm back, baby! Now I'm here to tell you about my new $6,000 Butthole Fill Up. It's a fucking load of a bullshit with a side of fuck you observed in my ass on treasure chests. It's fucking disgusting! Don't try it!

Sound Clips from Transcript 1[edit]

  1. Yo, what's up?
  3. I'm a muthafucka who invented it!
  4. Fuck Bitches and Get Money
  5. What up, bitch?
  6. I'm back, baby!
  7. $6,000
  8. Butthole
  9. Fucking load of bullshit with a side of fuck you
  10. My ass
  11. Fucking disgusting, don't try it!

Transcript 2[edit]

Colonel Sanders: Any bitchass drug dealer can give you a bag of weed for four fucking bucks, but only Colonel can give you a fucking bombass bag of crack for $5. You're in luck, cause...I'm the boss. It's a great way to stay in shape.

Sound Clips from Transcript 2[edit]

  1. Bitchass
  2. Drug Dealer
  3. Bag of Weed
  4. Fucking
  5. Fucking
  6. Bombass
  7. Bag of crack
  8. I'm the boss
  9. A great way to stay in shape

Transcript 3[edit]

Sound Clips from Transcript 3[edit]

  1. Bitches
  2. Addiction
  3. Big Vice
  4. Locking
  5. Hard
  6. Big Fat
  7. Love
  8. Extra Large
  9. Dildo
  10. My Dick
  11. Have Sex
  12. Assrammer
  13. Cocksucker
  14. Asshole
  15. Fucking
  16. Disgusting

Transcript 4[edit]

Colonel Sanders: Introducing KFC's Fucking Disgusting Nashville Hot Weed only available for a limited time by---

Real Colonel Sanders: Some fucking bitch pretending to be queer but I'm gay so only I could fuck KFC's delicious new Nashville gay cock with his fucking stupid flavor

Sound Clips from Transcript 4[edit]

  1. Fucking
  2. Disgusting - MF Doom: Beef Rapp
  3. Weed
  4. Scream - Disturbed: Meaning of Life
  5. Fucking
  6. Bitch
  7. Queer
  8. Gay
  9. Fuck
  10. Gay
  11. Cock
  12. Fucking Stupid
  13. Big Ass
  14. Fuck Yeah

Transcript 5[edit]

Hey there bitches it's me a child rapist and I love sex with children

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Bitches
  2. Child Rapist
  3. Sex with Children
  4. Bullshit
  5. Horny
  6. Really Hard - Hard Fucking
  7. Cum
  8. Blowjob
  9. Stupid
  10. The Kids
  11. WHAT THE FUCK?!?
  12. Stinks Like Shit - I don't know that sound clip from the song