Accidents are Bad, but Geico is Good (Edited)

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by NewPCPro1333

Pothole Transcript[edit]

(Are you shittin' me?)

Pothole: Oh fucking shit! Your cock is all small and wrong!

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Are you shittin' me?
  2. Fucking shit
  3. Cock
  4. Small
  5. Wrong
  6. Suck
  7. Viagra
  8. Whore
  9. Viagra
  10. Dumbass
  11. Fuck you!
  12. Nazis - Inglorious Basterds
  13. Viagra
  14. Penis

Tree Limb Transcript[edit]

Branch: Dude, that was fucking retarded! That'd been hanging up there for like 15 years! And that wham, here I am fucking pleased about my fucking cock! Oh, wait. You're looking for an apology? They tossed another tampon up your ass! It's bullshit. Hey what's up you fucking bitch?

Voiceover: Accidents are so horny, but jacking off is good with orgy replacement.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Fucking Retarded
  2. 15 Years - The Incredibles
  3. Fucking Pleased About - You're a Wizard, Harry
  4. My Fucking Cock
  5. Tampon
  6. Up Your Ass - Drive-Thru from Tenacious D
  7. Bullshit - Rock Your Socks from Tenacious D
  8. You Fucking - Inward Singing from Tenacious D
  9. Bitch - Get Hard
  10. So Horny - Lithium from Nirvana
  11. Jacking Off - Eddie Griffin: Freedom of Speech
  12. Orgy - The Ultimate Orgy of Homosexuality

Fender Bender Transcript[edit]

Car: What the fuck did you do to me? Holy fucking shit! I mean, wow; that looks gay! There's no need to discuss it further. In fact, you can put two of them up your ass. Just give it a once-over with a bag of crack. Okay, good talking to you.

Voiceover: Accidents are bad, but marijuana is good. With 24-hour free porno mags.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. What the fuck did you do to me? Holy fucking shit!
  2. Gay - I'm Gay from Holland Boys
  3. Put Two of Them Up Your Ass - Drive-Thru from Tenacious D
  4. Bag of Crack
  5. Marijuana
  6. Free Porno Mags

Pipes Transcript[edit]

Pipe 1: I am strong like the ox. I crushed you up your ass. Because you are so horny. Bitch, you hit me again and I suck my dick.

Pipe 2: FUCK! You're messing with the wrong pipe now, car! Trust me, I have to leave with her.

Voiceover: Stupid ass motherfucking boobs are bad, but Cleveland Steamer is good, with guaranteed load of bullshit with a side of fuck you up your ass.

Sound Clips[edit]

  1. Up Your Ass - Tenacious D: Drive-Thru
  2. So Horny - Nirvana: Lithium
  3. Bitch - Ray's Day Out
  4. Suck My Dick - Holland Boys: I'm Gay
  5. FUCK! - Tenacious D: Beelzeboss
  6. Stupid Ass
  7. Motherfucking
  8. Boobs
  9. Cleveland Steamer - Tenacious D: Rock Your Socks
  10. Load of Bullshit - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  11. With a Side of Fuck You - Robot Chicken: Ackbar at a Restaurant
  12. Up Your Ass - Tenacious D: Drive-Thru (again)