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XDrang93 is a YouTube user who bills himself as "That Damn Familiar Blue Star", mainly for using a picture of Polaris as his profile picture. He is an edit reviewer who comments on the current goings-on in the edit community and gives his opinion on certain selected edits. His main characteristic is wearing a camouflage hat and a bandana over his mouth, which has changed in design throughout the course of the videos.

History[edit | edit source]

XDrang93 started watching edits as early as late 2011. Throughout the majority of 2012, he watched edits without an account. In October of 2012, he stumbled upon iamsage14's video You're Doing It Wrong #1, which helped pique XDrang's interest in reviewing edits, along with CaveManEngi's Edit Quest, theunknownuser0's Bad Edit Hunter, and (of course) SuperUsTube7's I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!!. Tired of not being able to post comments, on the evening of November 12, 2012, XDrang created a YouTube channel, mainly to post comments and nothing else.

Original picture December 2012 - April 2013

XDrang gained very little attention from editing when he was a commenter, but when he became friends with Departur3z93, his view on editing had drastically changed. He came across editors, such as xXLIGITXx47 (now MDEproductionz HD), AReallyAwesomeGuy117, among others.

In March of 2013, after a poorly made rant video, and a rejection message from iamsage14 for a review request (mainly because the edit was made by a noob editor), XDrang decided to create a video called A Editing News Vlog (also called AENV), focusing on events that happened in March of 2013, which was met with positive reviews. Billing himself as "Not Your Average Editing Fan", he later went on to review Freshmilk980 and Spoiledmilk970's edit on The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which garnered him some attention from multiple editors.

My Opinion On Brony Editors was the first video XDrang was requested to do, from this PM written by xXLIGITXx47, "Btw can you make a video about bronie editors and your opinion on them? Because I like your rant videos." The video came out later than expected because the original white bandana got torn during production, so he went to buy an opal colored bandana. the opal colored bandana wasn't a success since a few viewers thought XDrang was in a gang, which was not true. The opal bandana was later ditched in UPDATE (May 2013).

In an attempt to create a wider variety of videos in his channel, XDrang tried uploading videos focusing on various topics, such as music reviews, choices, random video compilations, and stories that made little to no sense. All of which were abandoned due to lack of interest and views. XDrang still makes Q&A videos on occasions.

In July of 2013, fellow YouTuber, nothingonmydesk finnthehuman (no longer on YouTube), created a second channel for XDrang to use. The second channel was originally called XDrang83. The channel was later renamed BlackHoleSpoon94 mainly because 1. XDrang didn't name the channel himself and 2. is a big fan of Soundgarden.

The next month, XDrang billed himself as "The Last Edit Reviewer" because he no longer saw himself as a fan, and was edit only person at the time to make edit reviews.

The original camouflage hat was a light-up hat and was occasionally turned on when giving a 5-star rating to an edit, or filming in a dark room. By 2014, the hat was replaced by a camouflage trucker hat.

Some of the videos during the Winter of 2014 were recorded in a garage because the heavy winds can disrupt the clarity of the microphone.

During the rise of editing collabs/compilations in 2014, XDrang did reviews on a few of them, depending on what type piques XDrang's interest. The one on the Ugly Barnacle scene is the most notable review on a compilation to date. XDrang thought about reviewing ShadowParanoia's song collab, but later declined due to lack of interest. XDrang DID get mentioned in the collab, mainly for the infamous opening to "Raging" Song Collabs & Stuff, which is later used as a sound source by certain editors. An earlier video, 3 Edits On Sunday opened with the use of burning paper, but it wasn't as aggressive.

In October 2014, XDrang moved to a different state and made videos there. In November, XDrang noticed an increase in reaction clips being used in the middle of, or ending certain edits since the Summer. XDrang considers its use as a YouTube Poop element, but unfortunately, finds them rather annoying than funny.

Toward the end of 2014, XDrang replaced his camouflage trucker hat with a similar hat, and considers changing his hat a thing he does every year.

Throughout 2015, XDrang has been losing interest in edited videos, but maintains loyalty to the editing community. Because of this, XDrang made seven videos in 2015. In September of that year, XDrang's lack of interest was made public when he announced that he never laughed a single time at SuperIdiotMan00's recently released Naughty Nautical Neighbors edit on Twitter. Despite this, XDrang will not quit or retire anytime soon. It was later revealed that XDrang found SuperIdiotMan's edit rather disappointing than humorous, much to the chagrin of the rest of the Editing Community.

In June of 2016, XDrang made a brief return to the EC was planned on making videos throughout the Summer of that year, but failed to put out a single video.

As of September of 2017, XDrang remains active through Discord and still has a noticeable presence in the EC on YouTube via comments.

List of his reviews[edit | edit source]

My reaction to The Milk Bros. edit on the Spongebob Movie: Freshmilk980/Spoiledmilk970: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (5/5)

My top 10 Regular Show edits:

  1. regular editor: "Exit 9B" part 2
  2. TheCaveManEngi: "Benson Be Gone"
  3. TheCaveManEngi: "The Power"
  4. (tie) EditDealerMD: "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit"
  5. editscentral: "Night Owl"
  6. iamsage16: "This is My Jam"
  7. (tie) TheCaveManEngi and regular editor: "Ello Gov'nor"
  8. regular editor: "Exit 9B" part 1
  9. regular editor: "High Score"
  10. SkateboardEditor: "First Day"

My top 5 Adventure Time edits (done in text):

  1. Departur3z93 and SkateboardEditor: "The Monster"
  2. SkateboardEditor: "Rainy Day Daydream"
  3. SkateboardEditor and MesserProductions: "Mortal Recoil"
  4. Departur3z93: "Five Short Graybles"
  5. SkateboardEditor and MesserProductions: "Mortal Folly"

Review: KickAzzEdits' Krabby Land edit : KickAzzEdits: SpongeBob SquarePants - "Krabby Land" (4/5)

5 Edits, 1 Opinion: 5 edits that were released between 7/18/13 and 7/25/13:

  1. XScourgeTailsX: Credit Karma commercial (3.5/5)

  2. AReallyAwesomeGuy117: "Married Again" MLP:FiM comic fandub by SonicFan39Returns (3/5)

  3. JinIsABeast: Ed, Edd, N Eddy - "Fool on the Ed" (3/5)

  4. TwoIdiotsEdit: "asdfmovie6" by TomSka (3.5/5)
  5. SuperIdiotMan00: SpongeBob SquarePants - "Nature Pants" (5/5)

3 Edits on Sunday: 3 edits that were released in between 10/26/13 and 10/28/13:

  1. TwoIdiotsEdit: "22 Crazy Vines (that Don't Exist)" by Smosh
  2. SuperIdiotMan00: 1000 Ways to Die - "D.U. Die"
  3. XScourgeTailsX: Snickers commercial

First Edit Review of 2014: XScourgeTailsX: Regular Show - "Ello Gov'nor" (4.3/5)

The Ugly Barnacle Compilation review: A collab of five editor's takes on the scene from SpongeBob SquarePants - "Something Smells":

  1. Rotten Cheese
  2. xXLIGITXx47 (Best ending/reaction)
  3. ShadowParanoia
  4. AReallyAwesomeGuy117 (Best story)
  5. XScourgeTailsX (Best opening)

2 Edits in Late February:

  1. AReallyAwesomeGuy117 - SpongeBob SqaurePants - "Chocolate with Nuts"
  2. Rotten Cheese - "SWAG.MOV" by HotDiggedyDemon

The Stu Makes Chocolate Pudding Collab:  A collab of six editor's takes on the scene from Rugrats - "Angelica Breaks a Leg":

  1. EditsOfGreatBritain
  2. Raster0fMandomness (Best conversation with Angelica)
  3. XScourgeTailsX
  4. Rotten Cheese (Best kitchen conversation/Angelica cry)
  5. AReallyAwesomeGuy117
  6. SuperIdiotMan00 (Best ending)

"Long Awaited" Review

  1. HappygoSponge Edits - SpongeBob SquarePants - "Don't Look Now"
  2. 211darthreven443 - SpongeBob SquarePants - "Don't Look Now"
  3. TheKingofChamps - The Amazing World Of Gumball - "The Game"

Q&A #2: Almost every edit made by primetime9071, due to primetime asking XDrang on what he thought about his edits. (8 edits)

A Very Typical XDrang93 Editor's Day "Special"

  1. XScourgeTailsX - Thomas the Tank Engine - "Thomas Goes Fishing" (3.95/5)
  2. Raster0fMandomness87 - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (4.1/5)

Recreating A Comment Response

  1. Raster0fMandomness87 - MLP:FiM - "Magic Duel"
  2. Rotten Cheese - Sesame Street - "Jack Black defines Octagon"

Fireworks of Attention

  1. EditsOfGreatBritain - XDrang93 - "A Story That Makes No Sense"
  2. AnarchistDude666 - Ed Edd n' Eddy - "Dawn of the Ed's"
  3. Raster0fMandomness87 - HotDiggidyDemon - "DRESS.MOV"

Thoughts on some Christmas Edits (Not that much of a review)

  1. Rockorange - Futurama - Xmas Day
  2. RockorangeEdits - The Simpsons - Marge Not Be Proud
  3. RockorangeEdits - SpongeBob SquarePants - Christmas Who? (Patchy segment)
  4. RockorangeEdits - Dan Vs. - The Mall Santa (Two parts)
  5. RockorangeEdits - Regular Show - Merry Christmas Mordecai
  6. EditsOfGreatBritain - Regular Show - The Christmas Special (Two parts)
  7. Austin Desfosses (NitroEdits) - Frosty the Snowman

They Call Me XDrang

  1. Stationboxz - WWE - Stone Cold Steve Austin Boardroom Meeting (Edit of February 2015)
  2. SpongebobFan35 - SpongeBob SquarePants - Endless Summer
  3. RockorangeEdits - SpongeBob SquarePants - MuscleBob BuffPants

A Editing News Vlog #8 (2 Years)

  1. XDrang93 himself - Eleven videos made between March 2013 - August 2014

Q&A #4: Three edits by SquidwardGamer (This is the first time XDrang actually shows clips of the reviewed edits):

  1. Ukinojoe - We GOTTA Get SPONGEBOB Back
  2. MAD CN series - My Little PWNY
  3. MysteryBen27 - EAT YOUR PEA, PINKIE PIE (indirect edit of The Powerpuff Girls - Supper Villian)