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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.


ToRxEdiTs current channel image

ToRxEdiTs was one of the most popular editors on YouTube and was best known for altering the titles of his edits, like ny2049, so that they don't match the original episode's title. His best known edit was "Squidward gets chopped and screwed". He is also one of the prime inspirations for LickMyNoseHAHAHA and ny2049. Almost all of his edits were made by the mysterious Kling10, which no one seems to be able to find and always uploaded his edits to ToRxEdiTs' channel. Unfortunately, his channel was removed.

His edits included Wishing You Well, Squidward Gets Chopped and Screwed, Sandy's Bitchin', Patrick is a Stripper, The Creation of the Holiday INN, and Driven to Tears.

ToRxEdiTs has also made a solo edit of the first episode of Mr. Meaty, it was however not very well received.