TinxEdits22 (Not to be confused with ToRxEdiTs) was an account that has been rumored to have produced some of the worst edits in existence, it was formed as an editing profile for chicken49. after being lambasted by TheDVDReview and forced to run away, he deleted his account as opposed to improving his edits.

The EditsEdit

He Released 2 edits, one of the Spongebob Movie and the other of Spongebob in China. The edits consisted mostly of random words thrown together and video clips positioned at random as well. TheDVDReview caught wind of these edits and christened them "The Worst Edits of All Time" in a review.


After Deleting his editing account, TinxEdits Proceeded to make several videos insulting TheDVDReview as TheDVDReview1, He was revealed due to his lightly distorted, easily recognizable voice, although some mistook him for VideoFreaks3, another editor that TheDVDReview criticized heavily. He is shunned as a traitor, troll and pariah in the editing community