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Stationboxz (aka StationAperture) was an editor on YouTube and is currently a poet/digital artist on DeviantART.

Station's started editing on October 11,2014. He was inspired by SkateboardEditor, SuperIdiotMan00, and EditDealerMD. His first edit was a Jehovah Witness cartoon called "Obedience to God" after watching a video about that cartoon by JaclynGlenn. After that edit, he made the edited "Ed Edd Eddy: For the Ed, By the Ed" that got the attention of XDrang93 (PURPLE!) and EditsofGreatBritian.

Station's stopped editing the Jehovah Witness cartoons because 1). They were getting old and 2). He was running out of cartoon shorts by The Watchtower. So Station went to WWE, Ed Edd Eddy, and other random crap he found on the internet. Although The WWE has filed copyright notices which is bullshit because Cartoon Network, The Watchtower, and many other companies didn't care about the edits but WWE does. Fuck the authority! First Daniel Bryan now this.

Later, he would make a Stone Cold Steve Austin edit where he famously predicted this wiki would be taken over by XDrang93. He played the role of a mailroom clerk who gets promoted as a main man at the edit company. Another coincidence was that Rockorange was mentioned as a man in the room when he was the only one to comment on XDrang's blog post asking to be an admin. Really fucking mysterious, right?!

Stationboxz also has done collabs with RockorangeEdits Raster0fMandomness, NitroEdits

His collab with Raster of Snowball Effect is by far either party's most viewed edit, having over thirty times as much views as Raster's second-most viewed edit and over THREE HUNDRED times as much as Station's second-most viewed edit

In October 2016 he announced in a comment on the Snowball Effect edit that he had retired from editing. The main reason was he was so happy with how the collab came out he felt there was nowhere left to go after it.

In May 31, 2017, Stationboxz came out of retirement with his "Donald Trump Mcdonalds Commercial Edit" In which Station joked about his budget plans being "retarded" and implied that Trump received a Golden Shower from Putin.

Stationboxz's YouTube:

Stationboxz's DeviantART: