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Skateboard Editor found out about YouTube one day from an article in "Nintendo Power Magazine" talking about a Nintendo related YouTube video. Some years later, a twelve-year-old SkateboardEditor was bored so he randomly searched "Drunk Mario" on YouTube. He found an animation and in the related videos he discovered something called a "YouTube Poop." Eventually, he came across a Spongebob Sailor Mouth edit with YTP in the title. He then came across the Sailor Mouth edit by none other than the creator of edits Klusignolo. From then on, SkateboardEditor knew he wanted to make edits of his own, but alas he had no idea how. His parents were against it, of course. However, two years later he got an iPod Touch for Christmas. Now persuaded by his explaination of the editing community that editing wasn't full of neanderthals, SkateboardEditor's parents weren't so against him editing anymore. Thanks to his dad, SkateboardEditor got software that would convert songs with edit sounds on his iPod into files that would import into Windows Movie Maker. He wanted to edit Spongebob since that was the first ever edit, but he only knew where to get CDI cutscences from QuebecGamers and Mario shows from YoshiArt. As a result, his first edit was of the Hotel Mario CDI cutscenes. He then edited the rest of the available CDI game cutscenes and when those were done he edited episodes of Super Mario World until he found out where to get episodes of other shows. Before SMW was over, however, he had already found out how to convert YouTube videos so he no longer had to purchase songs and convert them to edit. SkateboardEditor has been a twelve-year-old editor wanna be, a fourteen-year-old beginning editor, and is now a twenty-one-year-old in the editing community. He hopes his story can motivate others who want to start editing.