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Shane809887's avatar on youtube

shane809887 is an editor and YTPer that started in late-2010 and is not very well known. He started to edit after watching an edit by Roshua777. He edited a episode of Spongebob in the December of 2010 but never uploaded it due to the fact that it was not synced well and not very many bad words. He than decided that editing was not for him and gave up. Then in mid-2011 after watching a tutorial on how to edit Spongebob using Windows Movie Maker, he decided to give it another chance by editing a Geico commercial. It did not get very many views but he decided to keep on editing anyway becaue he liked it. He than edited a couple more commercials that did not get more than a few views. After that he edited a blink-182 song and sent it to Mizzouedits. He told him that it was a good edit and that gave him the push to keep editing and he has been editing ever since. His influences are Editorzruss, Messerproductions, Roshua666, and Cs188. He started YTPs after watching a video from Cs188. He has only made a few of them but they keep improving each time he makes one. His most known edit was an episode of Adventure Time called Memories Of Boom Boom Mountain. It got nearly 2,000 views before Cartoon Network took it down. He no longer edits cartoons. He now sticks to editing songs, commercials, TV themes, and other random things he thinks are edit worthy.