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Occupation Spongebob editor
Years Active September 20, 2009 - July 20, 2010 (as roshua777)

July 20, 2010 - 2012, 2019 - present (as Roshua666)

Notable Works Gary Takes a Bath, Employee of the Month, Training Video, Sleepy Time, Sandy's Rocket
Influences Klusignolo and MasterSkodwarde (probably others)
Influenced ny2049, MizzouEdits2, editorzRuss, TehKablam98, and many others

Roshua777 (now Roshua666) is a SpongeBob editor on YouTube. His uploads span from, but are not limited to, CoD videos, SMOD videos, edits, tutorials, school projects, and compilations. On July 20, 2010, Roshua777 was suspended by YouTube for copyright reasons hours after uploading a new edit; he moved to his alternate account Roshua666 shortly after.

AutoBiography (in editing)[edit | edit source]

I made my first youtube account, roshua777, in June 2009. At first, I had only uploaded a video of SMOD footage, a kickass mod of Half-Life 2, but then I began to delve deeper into the mechanics of youtube. At one point, my little brother showed me a video of Klusignolo's, the granddaddy of editing - I believe it was Sailor Mouth - and I laughed my ass off and watched the rest of his videos. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to edit myself, as I was inspired by MasterSpengbab back in the day. I began editing in the beginning of September of 2009, starting off with Big Pink Loser. It has none of my music, it is not sync'd very well, and it used a small number of sounds. It was made with Windows Movie Maker (WMM) and an episode downloaded off of LimeWire. A few of my personal friends liked it and I decided to make some more. My videos began to pick up popularity with my second video, Survival of the Idiots, and my account began to garner subscribers that weren't people I know personally. Soon, I was making edits not only for my own entertainment (and believe me, it is a LOT of fun), but also to share them with others on youtube. I believe a certain Shwartzie007 convinced me to keep going after my first and second edits, and from there, it pretty much evolved to what it is now. I am still editing, and I don't plan on stopping unless my accounts get suspended fifty times or more, or some other type of technical difficulty. Oh and by the way, I'm 18; the age that says 24 is just to hop over flag hurdles in youtube.

Other Interests[edit | edit source]

  • I play a shitload of PC games such as vCoD (CoD1), CoD2, CoD4, MW2, Diablo II, SMOD, Borderlands, CS: Source, UT2004, HoN, and many more. I play some PS1/PS2 games such as Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Tekken Tag, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Resident Evil 3 and 4 and Code Veronica X, Guitar Hero 2, and a few more. I play a handful of PS3 games such as Rock Band 1 and 2 (my favorites; I play all instruments, but I don't like to sing -.-), Resident Evil 5, and Metal Gear Solid 4. Also, I happen to be a very heavy critic on video games of almost every genre, so if you need a good opinion on a game, ask me. My steam is orangeboxnig (please tell me who you are or I'll prolly ignore), and my PS3 name I'll not give out unless you can play expert and shit. I do not have a mic for PS3, but I do have a mic for PC for ventrilo. I'll have to ask the owner if it's ok to use for anyone other than him and me.
  • I like to watch movies of many genres. In particular, my favorites are Star Wars, The Unforgiven, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, District 9, Lawrence of Arabia, Saving Private Ryan, the entire Alien series, Terminator, Iron Man 1, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Memento, Austin Powers, Shaun of the Dead, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Hurt Locker, and many more that I can't think of at the moment. I am a heavy critic on movies as well; you might as well consider me part of because I tend to agree with most of their ratings (I disagree with their rating of Avatar, I hated that movie). If you want a hard opinion on a movie, ask me.
  • I am an avid music lover of Metal, Prog, Prog Metal, Classic Rock, Grunge (especially), Rush gets its own category, Instrumentals, Indie Rock, Alternative, and a few more. I hate rap, hip hop, techno, trance, country, classical, reggae, pop, mainstream, and stuff. Some of my favorite bands are Rush, Alice in Chains, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth, Muse, Stone Temple Pilots, Symphony X, Liquid Tension Experiment, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses (the old stuff), Bloc Party, Explosions in the Sky, Thin Lizzy, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Kansas, Bullet for my Valentine, Blue Oyster Cult, Avenged Sevenfold, Radiohead, Primus (sucks), and various others. And what's next? You guessed it, I'm a critic of music and I am very picky. If you want a best-of of a band, you can blah blah blah.

Editing Style[edit | edit source]

My perspective:[edit | edit source]

I try to make a story out of every episode that only slightly diverges from the original plot. I find the edits that stay consistent to be the funniest, so I do my best to maintain consistence as well. I use a myriad of sounds that I find funny, but I also revise and review all of my edits and think to myself, "Would I laugh at that?" (of course, there are a number of edits that I rushed and they didn't turn out too well). While I try to make use of phrases as often as I can, eg. turn "make a krabby patty" into "make some love" or "make babies", I also use sophisticated literary devices such as alliteration ("penis pincher, cock climbing"), subtlety, and transitioning. Some may think that this is overdoing it for a stupid edit, but it makes a huge difference that is hard to examine. I try not to use the same sound too often, and I do my best not to over-edit in general. I avoid gag humor (unrelated/irrelevant jokes or humor) and long strings of words (which I don't really like for I-don't-really know why to be honest, I just don't like 'em). I constantly look for new sounds to use, as some may have noticed. Last but not least, I include some of my own music to not only express my musical taste, but also add some ridiculous humor into it, such as Squidward playing Thrasher by Evile out of his clarinet (the paper edit). Overall, I try to show that it doesn't take much to just slap on some cussing anywhere, but rather cleverly weaving a perverted and funny story with some good one-liners to make something more, kind of like a mad lib. Oh, and I am very elitist and biased in case you haven't noticed. What can I say, it's who I am. At least I admit it.

Anyone else's perspective (give your youtube name or go anonymous if you like, and dont be shy in criticizing me as long as it is valid :P)[edit | edit source]

All of the following are verbatim. [sic]

  • "He is a different kind of editor. In my personal opinion, the best because he follows a story line, doesn't over edit, and his lines are just hilarious. If you really want some good laughs, watch idiot box, gary takes a bath, squirrel jokes, mid life crustecean, and hooky. Those are his best in my opinion. All his others are very good too." - Anonymous
  • "I've known about Roshua ever since his first video, He takes a episode and makes it incredible, and i also love his style of music he always puts in, how he makes a story out of each video, and that his video's have entertained and inspired so many people. The way i see it, He is the greatest editor of all time but klusignolo is also the best and we all hope he wil keep on making very funny edits" - MizzouEdits
  • "roshua777, is the 2nd editor i've seen, (first- SantaWithDrugs). Then I wondered how to edit videos, i've been trying to edit shit, but didnt know how, so I watched roshua777's video on how to. I got sound clips and I was inspired by him the most"- SuperUsTube
  • "Roshua777 is a nigger.... just kidding. He is possibly the best editor out there. He also told me where half the sound clips are from. He taught me how to edit, helped my stupid ass when I needed help. Also, I am jealous of him because Viacom doesn't assrape his edits within ten minutes of when they are first put up." - platypuspwn
  • "Roshua777 is probably the best editor out there. His edit of Mid Life Crustacean, made me realize 1: he is awesome, and 2: i just pissed my pants from laughing! He is the person that takes an episode, and makes magic out of it. I want to follow in his footsteps, and make videos as kick ass as he does. Move over Klusignolo, a new editor is in town!" - PwnageSpongebobEdits
  • "Lets Hope he keeps making edits 4ever" - DingusHead45542
  • The Paper is my favorite Roshua777 edit.- TheGreatGuy123(also known as viacomustdie)
  • "His Edits are pretty well organized and are not over-edited like Me, Ny, And ToRx, it's a different style than mine, but he has my respect as one of the editing revolutionaries and plus he is a true original with Quality, keep churning those awesome edits out, you awesome mofo"-LickMyNoseHAHAHA
  • "He brought back editing to where it should be." - Joeybbaum1995
  • "Roshua666 is probably the best editor I've seen. Sure there are other editors like editorzRuss and TheAwesomeAsian72 who make awesome edits, but Roshua666's edits will never get old." - Assmennfiossa
  • "Three words: OH, HELL YES. Now, I never think an edit is bad, but as far as editORS go, roshua's one of the best. Hell, why am I sitting here typing about how awesome an editor he is when I could be watchin' some RIGHT NOW?!"- 24animeman [aka realdeal456]
  • "We all seriously owe a lot to roshua for pioneering edit sounds/techniques and further cementing edited videos' places in Internet history. Yessir, I like him"- EditsForWinners

SpongeBob Edits he did[edit | edit source]

In chronological order: Big Pink Loser, Survival of the Idiots, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy V, Something Smells, Tea at the Treedome, Born Again Krabs, The Paper, Hooky, Party Pooper Pants, Sailor Mouth, Sleepy Time, Employee of the Month, Mid Life Crustacean, Wormy, Sandy's Rocket, Fry Cook Games, Gary Takes a Bath, Pizza Delivery, Pre-Hibernation Week, Patty Hype, Squirrel Jokes, Musclebob Buffpants, Pickles, Krusty Krab Training Video, Idiot Box, SB-129, Club Spongebob, Dumped, Spongeguard on Duty, Rock-a-Bye Bivalve, Sandy, Spongebob, and the Worm; Missing Identity, Chocolate with Nuts, The Camping Episode, Wet Painters, The Bully, Christmas Who, Graveyard Shift, Snowball Effect, Big Pink Loser (Remake), My Pretty Seahorse, Dying for Pie, The Great Snail Race, New Student Starfish, Life of Crime, SpongeBob Meets the Strangler, and Pranks a Lot.

Most of these are all gone, presumably forever, with some exceptions, including Survival of the Idiots, which was reuploaded by a fan, and Idiot Box, which [Raster0fMandomness], under his alt EditsOfItaly recreated (he was sent the edit's audio track and he put the episode's visuals back on it). These two edits were blocked but can still be accessed and downloaded via a Canada VPN. The Great Snail Race, Graveyard Shift, and Christmas Who are still on his channel, but are blocked in most countries and only accessible through playlists. These three edits would later be reuploaded by ImpartialGem98's reupload channel, along with SB-129 and Sandy’s Rocket. A handful of other edits were reuploaded to BitChute by Roshua in recent years, including a remake of Squirrel Jokes and a new edit, SpongeBob Meets the Strangler.

As of late 2019, Roshua has started releasing both new and remade edits on Bitchute.

Non-SpongeBob Edits he did[edit | edit source]

Jack Black's Octagon (Sesame Street), iGo Nuclear (iCarly), iStart a Fan War (iCarly), It Came From Outer Ed (Ed, Edd n Eddy), Are You Popular? (1940s educational film)

Jack Black's Octagon is still on YouTube under the still-intact Roshua666 account, and Are You Popular? was reuploaded on BitChute, but the other three are gone forever as well. 

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