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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Occupation Editing, fan Homestar Runner Halloween costumes on his dA, and other random shit
Years Active 2013 - 2021
Notable Works (editing) Snowball Effect, Soos and the Real Girl, O-Ed Eleven (YTP) Mr. Enter Has a Change of Heart
Influences (editing) SuperIdiotMan00, XScourgeTailsX, AReallyAwesomeGuy117 (YTP) masterofhomestar, MadPilot86, fluffythewhitewolf
Influenced pretty much every editor after him

Raster0fMandomness is a retired G3 editor who started out specializing in editing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its many fan videos but eventually moved on to anything and everything. He is most well known for his edits of the SpongeBob episode "Snowball Effect" and the Gravity Falls episode "Soos and the Real Girl". Snowball Effect (a collab that [Stationboxz] wrote nearly the whole script for, although nobody ever gives him any credit for it) is by lightyears his most viewed edit, with ten times as much as Real Girl (200,000 vs. 20,000).

File:Rasternew avatar.png
One of Raster's old avatars

His name formerly ended with the number "87" .It was meant to be a reference to the year 1987 being a running gag in Homestar Runner, but he got rid of it the same day he semi-retired due to fear that Five Nights at Freddy's-tards would think it was referencing The Bite of '87.

On September 12, 2017, Raster announced that he would be deleting his YouTube channel the upcoming Friday due to issues with his mother and school work. A day later, he announced that he and his mother made up, and he would not be closing his channel.

Raster officially announced his retirement from editing on the official Discord server for editors on July 24, 2018, following a termination of his channel. Fellow editor Octacle attempted to get his channel and videos back via the help of a Trusted Flagger, but unfortunately failed.

He would release his remaining projects on his alternate channel, EditsOfItaly, finishing with his final edit, a mass collab of the Ed, Edd, & Eddy episode “O-Ed Eleven”, released in April 2021.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-editing era[edit | edit source]

The Clubber Fuck from AVGN, his former avatar used from April 2014 - July 2015.
His second avatar, used July - October 2015.

Raster joined YouTube in 2012 under the name Flutterguy999 and made many YTPs, his preferred source being Garfield and Friends. In 2013, he left the account, which had over a hundred subscribers, due to constant harassing about his having an MLP:FiM themed avatar and name and started the account Master0fRandomness87. Later that year, he removed almost all the Flutterguy videos due to copyright claims from both PAWS Inc and 20th Century Fox for a The Simpsons video. He shut Master0fRandomness87 down in 2014 when less than a third of the subscribers migrated.

How he found editing and very early edits[edit | edit source]

He originally hated edits at first, but sometime in 2012 or 2013 he watched a few and found them amusing, although he still was not a hardcore fan yet. He found one sound clip hilarious, the "OH SHIT!" from Fergie's "London Bridge". Near the end of the account's life, he wanted to find out what the sound was from to put in his own YTP and in the progress found SuperIdiotMan00's "Nature Pants" edit. He watched it, fascinated by the fact he found his own sounds and put them in the description, and was hooked, eventually watching AReallyAwesomeGuy117 and XScourgeTailsX's edits as well. Somewhat sick of YTP decided to make his own edits for a change of pace. Still having an interest in Garfield, he made his first edit out of the trailer for the notorious live-action film Garfield: a Tail of Two Kitties and followed that up with edits of the My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks YouTube short "Guitar Centered" and the scene from the first live-action Garfield film where the titular cat falls out the window of a tall building and somehow survives by landing in a lasagna truck. None were very popular, and the latter Garfield one was removed by the film's owner 20th Century Fox immediately.

Raster0fMandomness87[edit | edit source]

He made his third account under the name Raster0fMandomness87. His first edit-like video on it was "The only joke I could think of about the season finale", which had an edited sentence saying "You shittin' me up your tight virgin asshole?" over the Rainbow Power MLP characters from the episode "Twilight's Kingdom, part 2". He then reuploaded "Guitar Centered" (the only one he still had on his computer) but it received negative feedback. This probably would have been the point where he regarded editing as a failed experiment and went back to YTP, but then realized what he probably did wrong: He felt it necessary to know the source of every single sound he used. To give it one last shot, he made a "Pinkie on the One" edit instead, which was featured in XDrang93's video "Links and Borders" (although saying he would not be reviewed for "personal reasons", i.e. having no knowledge of his prior account, he thought he was just starting out), introducing him to editors such as AReallyAwesomeGuy117, XScourgeTailsX and EditsOfGreatBritain. He has been happily making edits and getting positive feedback ever since.

In October 2014, he quit bronydom, marking the end of all MLP edits with it. The last one, of two scenes from the actual Rainbow Rocks movie, was uploaded November.

In January 2015, he made first collab his first collab, a revival of iamsage14's "All-Star Edited Commercial Bundle". At the end of the same month, he started a text-based edit review show, his first review being RaccoonRigby's edit on the Camp Lazlo episode "Beanies and Weenies".

Semi-retirement[edit | edit source]

Sometime in February 2015, his laptop stopped working and it had to get fixed, which took until April 2015 to do. When it finally came back April 15th, Raster discovered that it had occurred to neither him nor his dad it would have been a good idea to actually back up his upcoming edits instead of just the individual videos he made them with, resulting in them being lost forever. He was so dismayed by this he announced he would be semi-retiring from editing, as in he would only be doing all the collabs and requests he had agreed to up until that point and nothing else, and also retiring from YTP. The plan was to have his three upcoming big collabs, his "Wish You Were Ed" edit with Rockorange, The Shortest Soundpack Collaband The LA Sailor Moon collab be his swan song.

However, he changed his mind the very next day, as he realized how little editors there were left and thus how much of a blow to editing his retirement would be. He said he would instead take the Walrusguy approach and only make an original edit every 3-5 months.

Ever since then, he made several more reviews, entered several editing collabs, and even came out of YTP retirement, making an entry for NitroEdits' Robotnik Collab IV. But most importantly of all, he released a trailer for his first non-collab edit in almost five months, of Kill La Kill.

However, on May 27th, the laptop stopped working again. Fortunately, despite the fact that they failed to fix it, he simply just hooked it up to another monitor (nothing was wrong with the actual hardware, the screen just wans't showing) and he has started editing again.

He changed his avatar to his second one 7/27/15, designed to deliberately piss of Enterbots. It took TWO DAYS for someone to get upset at it.

Leaving the anti-Mr Enter fandom (and failing miserably)[edit | edit source]

On the fateful day of September 25, 2015, something in Raster finally snapped. He had been part of what he called the "anti-Mr. Enter fandom" for almost a year now, but the awful truth was he NEVER actually liked the community. He had only joined it due to peer pressure about being an autistic Mr. Enter fan, and was actually just pretending to agree with everything they said. He originally enjoyed being in the community because a. he didn't like Mr. Enter anymore after the "Troll" admirable and was happy to see people agreed with him, and b. being respected and liked at last. 

However, that all changed one day when he realized just how far we took some of it. He observed an unfunny joke that JesusWithBazookaz79 made, keeping a folder of AA notepages he disagreed with and calling it "Retarded Deviants". Inside was one about the YouTube video Racist Mario, which Raster didn't like. Not because it was gory, but because it was too predictable. The user in question, one "AnimationCreated" had developed a completely valid series of reasons he did not enjoy that video that were not "WAHH THIS IS TOO OFFENSIVE AND GORY, YOU RUINED MARIO".

However, despite this, Jesus still accused him of doing just that. it was at that moment Raster realized that this fandom was really no different that Mr. Enter's fandom. They both listen to what somebody says (Clay Claymore in the hatedom's case) and always follow it like lemmings, never thinking for themselves if its right.

He still pretend to be part of the fandom for a few months because he was set to appear in Death Script: the Filthy Sucessors (who says no to being in a Death Note parody), but on the fateful day of the September 25th, after a good talk with his friend, he deleted all his anti-Mr. Enter videos and made this announcement (it is delibertaly bad and grammar and offensive because the AEE were gnna be pissed by his decision either way, why not get his money's worth?)

This lasted a short time before he then decided that he liked the community and rejoined it like nothing ever happened. This was because he was mentioned on Encyclopedia Dramatica is a guy who makes anti-Mr. Enter YTPs and he liked the sound of that. He also chaned the "0" to an "O" because he believed it was why he wasn't easier to find.

In October, he finally uploaded "The Shortest Soundpack Collab", wherein the editors could edit whatever they want but only could use a soundpack that had a grand total of 16 sounds. The only other editor to join was SuperIdiotMan00 but given he kicked ass as usual he decided to not let his edit go to waste.

He changed his avatar yet again October 15th. This time it's a man in a rather creepy bootleg SpongeBob costume who is frequently featured in skits on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In December he uploaded his first-full length collab edit, of "The Snowball Effect" with Stationboxz. It was a huge hit and got 20,000 views over the next two months, making it his most popular edit by far.

In 2016 he only uploaded two edits over the first two months, one was his entry to the sequel to the shortest soundpack collab and the other was a commercial bundle. His only other uploads have been three entries to three collabs, all ill-fated in some way, and one short video "The Kid Who Couldn't Impersonate a T-Rex".

He has decided to go onto hiatus until the summer due to real life and somewhat losing interest in editing. He has four non-collab edits planned but these will probably be spaced out wide over long periods of time.

Other works[edit | edit source]

Raster made a different type of video from time to time during his career. While these can sometimes be everything from dubs to live action skits (the name "Master0fRandomness", in fact, was chosen because it was supposed to convey it being a grab-bag sort of channel), most are just YTPs. By far his most infamous poop (before it was deleted is Mr. Enter Has a Change of Heart, a YTP of Mr. Enter's "Troll" review that claims to "talk about [Enter] in a very negative light" but never really does so, instead focusing on strange things like Enter high on weed and Raster himself having sex with fellow pooper SuperSuck64. It has become so infamous for a. being one of the only times someone even tried to badmouth Enter and b. just being batshit stupid in general that it is featured on Encyclopedia Dramatica's page regarding Enter, with Enter's cannabis trip even being one of the page images.

In the month of December he attempted to make his own version of "YouTube Poop News" after it was announced the host of the real version Stuart K Reilly retired. He made one episode, still viewable on the channel "MancusosOlderBrother". He did not stop because he didn't like the results, but rather because Stuart came out of retirement before episode 2 had even finished post.

He has a DeviantArt too, mostly used to share fan ideas for the obscure costumes the Homestar Runner characters wear each Halloween.

Channel Takedown (Almost)[edit | edit source]

On September 12, 2017, Raster uploaded a YouTube video announcing his retirement and soon-to-be deletion of his channel, which was to happen in three days. He claimed the reason was because his mother was incredibly unhappy with how he uses the Internet whenever he isn't working on anything school-related. The following day, it was revealed that he and his mother apologized to each other, and the channel wouldn't be closed after all. Due to this, a second account of RockorangeEdits (co-run by AReallyAwesomeGuy117 and XDrang93), which had reuploaded Raster's edits and other videos, listed the said reuploaded videos as private.

Official Retirement[edit | edit source]

On July 24, 2018, Raster officially announced he will be retiring from edits on the Editors' Discord Server, following the termination of his channel (for violating Community Guidelines). Before officially retiring, he finished up his remaining projects and released them on EditsOfItaly. His final edit was a mass collab of "O-Ed Eleven" released in April of 2021.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

XDrang93[edit | edit source]

XDrang93 stated in "Links and Borders" it was understandable why "Guitar Centered" was taken down. He described it as "60% filler", since almost all of it was just Rainbow Dash and Trixie's guitar duel with Tenacious D's "Beelzeboss" playing in the background. Later still, he through comments criticized him for using "source songs" (the songs on Sound Sources and/or List of Songs Used) over the opening credits of his edited shows. He said he would not be surprised if he opened up an edit with Nirvana's "Lithium". As a response to this, his "The Adventures of Donut Steel" edit opened with "Lithium"...by Evanesence.

The filler complaints returned when XDrang talked about the Nokia Lumina 920 commercial edit while discussing the Dash of Poop collab (or lack thereof) in "AENV #6 (August 2014)", as the YTP element of it was just a 12-second filler scene where, after an old woman says "pony", the MLP:FiM opening plays while a voice (Michael Rosen) yells "I'VE GOT TO DO IT! I'VE GOT TO DO IT!" (referring to making an MLP joke).

In "A Very Typical XDrang93 Editor's Day "Special"", he gave a subtle blow to the "The Adventures of Donut Steel" edit by mentioning it is the first time he made an edit in response to one of XDrang's comments and he "fell asleep in the first 10 seconds".

Pgj1997[edit | edit source]

Pgj1997 saw episode 4 of Raster Reviews, which was of his "some kinda robot" edit, and made a retort. In the retort, he explains several things that counter-argue what Raster criticized him for:

  • Raster, before getting to the edit, criticizes him for having running gags, but pretty much EVERY pooper has them (i.e. cartoonlover98 and 9/11)
  • Raster criticized him for using trite sources like CDi and Big Bill Hell's, but in the end, tells him to use the "traditional sounds", which have gotten just as trite.
  • The average person making an edit would not know there exists a soundpack to use, which rebutts against the VideoFreaks3-like selection of sounds he used.
  • He didn't WANT to be an editor, finding edits the same joke every time and only having done the lone edit because he was starved for ideas for a sub special.

Raster has since taken down the edit due to this last point. Since the purpose of edit Reviews is to suggest ways to improve an editor's style in the hopes the creator sees it and takes the advice into consideration in the future, reviewing the lone edit by somebody who doesn't like edits and has no plans on making more is as useful is trying to eat air.

Edits[edit | edit source]

2014[edit | edit source]

  1. Garfield: a Tail of Two Kitties trailer (taken down)
  2. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks - Guitar Centered (taken down)*
  3. Garfield Falls Out the Window (Garfield: the Movie) (taken down)
  4. The only joke I could think of about the series finale (MLP:FiM - Twilight's Kingdom part 2)
  5. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks - Pinkie on the One *
  6. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks - A Case for the Bass
  7. DRESS.MOV by HotDiggedyDemon **
  8. Stu Makes Chocolate Pudding (Rugrats - Angelica Breaks a Leg) (for EditsOfGreatBritain's "Chocolate Pudding" collab)** ****
  9. The Adventures of Donut Steel by Silly Filly Studios *****
  10. The Singing Telegram (MLP:FiM - Party of One)
  11. Nokia Lumina 920 commercial (entry for ShadowParanoia's "Dash of Poop" collab, which never materialized because it was literally the only entry) ***
  12. Alternate take on a scene from DRESS.MOV
  13. Improving Rotten Cheese's First Edit (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie) *****
  14. The Double Decker Couch (The Lego Movie)
  15. My Dad Calls Me by Michael Rosen
  16. Offical JonTron MERCH!! by JonTron
  17. MLP:FiM - Magic Duel
  18. Sesame Street - The Mystery Box (for Rotten Cheese's "The Mystery Box" collab)
  19. MLP:FiM - Putting Your Hoof Down
  20. MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
  21. Paddington trailer(for EditsOfGreatBritain's collab)
  22. Strong Bad Email - some kinda robot (for SuperIdiotMan00's Homestar Runner collab)
  23. Free Credit Report commercials - Dream Girl
  24. Nostalgia Critic - Sailor Moon
  25. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  26. DRAT Episode 4

2015[edit | edit source]

  1. All-Star Edited Commercial Bundle 2015(includes entry from him, Herman Cain "I Am America")
  2. Gravity Falls - Soos and the Real Girl
  3. 03bgood(for Rockorangeedits' 03bgood collab)
  4. Sesame Street - Rock Hunting(for Austin Desfosses' Nostalgia Collab)
  5. SpongeBob - Just One Bite(for Rotten Cheese's "The Editing Collab")
  6. SpongeBob - Ripped Pants
  7. Kill La Kill - Dawn of a Miserable Morning
  8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (for ShadowParanoia's "The Editing Collab", which never materialized because his was the only entry. History repeats itself, no?)
  9. Fox ADHD - Sailor Moon 2015
  10. Ed Edd 'n Eddy - Wish You Were Ed(with Rockorange)
  11. Where is the Love? by Barracuda (for his own "Shortest Soundpack" collab)
  12. MLP:FiM - Testing, Testing, 123
  13. Sesame Street - Big Bird in Japan
  14. SpongeBob - The Snowball Effect (with Stationboxz)

2016[edit | edit source]

  1. Doramon - Big G: Master Chef (for Shortest Soundpack 2)
  2. Commercials (Snickers, FedEx and SportsCenter)

2017[edit | edit source]

  1. SpongeBob - Squid on Strike (with Rockorange, Ginnrollins211, and AReallyAwesomeGuy117)
  2. Ed Edd 'n Eddy - One Size Fits Ed (with Rockorange)

2018[edit | edit source]

  1. SpongeBob - I Had an Accident (with Octacle, SuperIdiotMan00, and AReallyAwesomeGuy117)
  2. Dos Equis commercial

Unreleased[edit | edit source]

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Greg pees on Rodrick scene
  2. Piemations - 5AM at Freddy's: The Sequel`

Raster Reviews[edit | edit source]

  1. RaccoonRigby - Camp Lazlo - Beanies and Weenies
  2. dante965123 - Chad Warden Talks Shit About Nothing
  3. A Triple Helping of Fruit Salad (ArkayProductions, ishadowshots and Mogsten/ToastyAnteater's edits on The Wiggles' "Fruit Salad")
  4. pgj1997 - Homestar Runner - some kinda robot (taken down for reasons explained in "Criticism")
  5. havy9286 - WordGirl(replaced the taken down pgj1997 review as episode 4)
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