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RandomlyRandom1999 was a G1 editor. The only known year he was active during was 2010.

He was a pretty generic editor with no unique characteristics. The only reasons he's notable enough for a page on the wiki are that he is the second most-subscribed editor with almost 19,000 subs (after TheAssassin650), and he posseses the most viewed edit of all time, of "Frankendoodle". It is also one of only two edits to be in double digit millions of views, with 12 million (the other is TheAssassin's The Duck Song 16+).

He announced he had retired in a comment on the Frankendoodle edit when trying to calm down some of the excessive bullshit in that comments section (he did not suceed). His only activity since then was changing the description of the Frankendoodle edit to express astonishment about it getting so many views.

All of his edits were taken down by April 2016. He uploadeda non-edit video Febuary of that year, literally just a still image for 8 minutes while electronic music (of which he may have been the composer) played. As of August 8th 2016 he has taken down all his videos including the electronic music one.

In November 2016, he renamed himself 97oxen and restarted YouTube as a digital music composer.

Known edits[edit | edit source]

  • Pizza Delivery
  • Frankendoodle
  • Shanghaied (taken down and hasn't been reuploaded, only known to exist from his channel description)