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Ny2047 (formerly Nyc2049 and Ny2049 before his accounts were shut down by Viacom) was a YouTube editor who was mostly known for his Spongebob edits, which were altered heavily and had unique titles.

Ny2047 was active and officially retired from editing videos. [Link]

History[edit | edit source]

Ny2049's first videos were insults to a Nazi troll known as ColonPatrol. He started out watching edits and edit-like YouTube Poops, gaining influence mostly from ToRxEdiTs, and Nubforlyfe. He first edited an Arthur episode and started replacing the episode's lines completely and came up with alternate titles for his edits, a trait that's similar to ToRxEdiTs but with his own flair, and even created completely original lines out of edit sounds.

He often edited certain parts of an episode and then skipped on to other episodes, mostly to display his good ideas and jokes independent of the main edit. Ny's edits were heavily edited and he often uploaded edits once a month, due to him often coming up with the jokes himself, as opposed to on the fly, like most editors. His renamed edits included: Law and Order, Police Encounter, Who Did It, Distorted Minds, Expert Sellers, Slutty Vibrator, Unlawful Work, Fag Auditions, Pink Dildo, and Born to Be Gay. Many fans consider him to be the best, but many dispute that claim. He wasn't cocky, so he didn't call himself the best.