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MrFreshedits has total of six edits starting with taste buds the most recent edit is flapjack kid nickles the video is below he kind of overedits some parts by adding multiple audio clips in a row he kind of uses wack-off and lick on my butt the most but he has his own unique editing style i know someone who is friends with MrFreshedist in reality so i know about his upcoming edits he upcoming edits are Spongebob F.U.N and possible chowder the heist. Mrfreshedits was suspended and then he created Mrfreshedits2. Mrfreshedits2 was gone and he created Mrfreshedits3 and Thefreshedits4.

Inspirations. MrFreshedits inspiration come from the invinsible freshmilk980 and Roshua666.

Autobiography[edit | edit source]

Once when i was younger at age 12 (i put 24 to watch flagged videos) i was watching eminem music video using spongebob in the related videos it said Driven to tears edited so i told my brother to click on it we watched it and i was crying laughing so within the next few months i was like i have to make edits myself so i used WMM i was disaster my first edit is trashed in my recycle bin never to be viewed by anyone or anything ever again,my second edit was better but still suckish so i gave up editing for months then i july 2010 i was watching edits so i started editing again,now im working on projects such as spongebob and flapjack.

Episodes Edited(in order)Edited clips.Taste Buds.Gary takes a of a man.Kid Knickles.F.U.N.

Episodes that are blocked.Gone.F.U.N.edited of man.if you want these episode i can get MrFreshedits to email these to you just leave your email and youtube username(if you have one)