Messer Productions

inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Messer Productions
Messer Productions "Angry Dora" Icon
Occupation Editor and YouTube Pooper
Years Active Mar 1, 2009 - Sep 5, 2009(as MesserProductions)

Sep 5, 2009 - Apr 12, 2011(as MesserProductions2)

Apr 12, 2011 - Sep 28, 2011(as viacomsuckspenis)

Sep 28, 2011 - Jun 12, 2012(as MesserProductions4)

Notable Works iCarly, Hannah Montana, Dr. Seuss Cartoons
Influences klusignolo(ViacomCanSuckIt), Pimpenbacher(Gluecow), yuriogy1
Influenced Mreditor22, shane809887, and more

Messer Productions (also known as MesserProductions2, then viacomsuckspenis, now MesserProductions4) is a YouTube editor who edits a variety of shows. He was a very active editor, usually releasing one edit every week or two. He has been active from Febraury 2009 and on YouTube since March 1, 2009. He was influenced by Pimpenbacher, Klusignolo, and yuriogy1. MesserProductions has entertained many for over 3 years until his retirement on June 12, 2012. MesserProductions also makes a wide variety of videos, such as raps, dubs, Youtube Poop, and other random and miscellaneous things, unlike most editors. Messer Productions made a return in August 2013, releasing a short song edit, however, that will be the last edit he will make.


Messer Productions first got interested in editing after he watched Pimpenbacher's Dora Christmas Special edit. He thought the videos were really cool. After watching even more edits from editors like klusignolo and yuriogy1, he started to make some YouTube Poops with some of the sounds in, but they were terrible. He never released them to YouTube. He made a few more and eventually got better. Then he mentioned editing to his friend and they each made one together. After making some more, he decided to upload them to YouTube.


On March 1, 2009, he opened a YouTube account called MesserProductions. He started out by uploading a few suckish videos, but over the summer of 2009, he improved a lot, gaining subscribers and views. At this point in time, he did not make much use of his account and he released minimal videos. The account became inactive in the beginning of September when he made a new account.


On September 5, 2009, he opened a new account called MesserProductions2. Until January 2010, the account was mainly inactive with only a couple videos. His account started to gain popularity after releasing an iCarly edit on January 11, 2010. He saw how much people liked it, so he started to make one or two every month. It remained that way until January 29, 2011 when he re-edited his old Gary Takes a bath edit. He finally realized how entertaining it was not only for his fans, but for himself to make edits, so he took it to the next level. He created and released edits more often and improved greatly within a couple months. His edits became professional, and his subscriber count shot up from about 40 to over 100. It was an era of success for him, but that came to a screeching holt on April 12, 2011, when MesserProductions2 was suspended. He moved to a backup account which he created about two months before his suspension.


On February 14, 2011, he created a backup account for MesserProductions2 called viacomsuckspenis. The account was inactive until April 12, 2011, when MesserProductions2 was suspended. Most of the videos were re-uploaded. He re-gained about a third of his subscribers, and is starting to become popular again. Two strikes have been obtained on that account, so he will no longer edit Viacom shows, and will edit things from Disney, Cartoon Network, etc. Viacomsuckspenis was suspended in late September 2011.


MesserProductions4 was created in late August 2011 as a backup for viacomsuckspenis, and became the main account in late September. So far, MesserProductions4 has no copyright stikes. MesserProductions retired on June 12, 2012, but the account along with all of the videos will remain public. Other videos may be released from time to time, mostly YTPs.

Editing Style

Early 2009 - Late 2010

MesserProductions's editing style at that time was mostly concentrated on editing to create a storyline. The edits included a lot of random "YTPish" content such as repeating clips, effects, etc. Some people have critisized him because of that, calling it "filler", but most saw what he saw, the random element of edits can be really funny due to it being unexpected and/or silly.

Early 2011 - Mid 2011

This editing style was very different from its earlier form. It concentrated on editing, with moderate to heavy editing. This style is what made him more popular, however he did not enjoy making them as he thought it was boring after a while of using that style.

Mid 2011 - Mid 2012; Mid 2013

MesserProductions reverted back to his oldest style, which he enjoyed making very much. His current edits have a very unique mixture of editing and YTP. His fans really enjoyed this style, so he stuck with it. Using this style, he has been called "the BEST editor" by one of his subscribers. New elements have been incorporated into this style such as music and sentence mixing.


"Really a lot of random shit goes´╗┐ on..." - Laughtraxx

"I think your style is very unique since you add ytp elements to your edits. It stands out too, most editors´╗┐ go for classic editing. When I mean classic, I mean Roshua666. Sometimes you make sentences out of the edit words, which is impressive since a couple of people do it. Not many people do it because it's harder to do if you want to keep consistency, but you do a job at it. Your editing is a refreshing change." - 45coolz