Marrokiu was the Christopher Columbus of editing. Sometime in 2007, he decided to make a series of videos that took children's TV shows and replaced parts of the diolouge with profanity and sex-related words to make a delightfully perverted, fucked up video, not giving any credit to the person who had done it before. This is not to say he was a bad editor (some might say he holds up today far more than Klusignolo), but it's just that he seemed to be a bit of a fraud.

He also made YTPs that incorporated the editing style, making him the first (possibly second, depending on whether or not his poops came after Krusty Krab Traning Video Bootleg Edition) pooper to do that.


His editing style is pretty much the same as Klusignolo's, just a bit heavier and with a different choice of sounds. His perferred sounds were South Park, The Boondocks, Penn and Teller: Bullshit, Fred Phelps' sermons and some unknown stuff that nobody but him knows the source of.

Also, he used his own voice for certain clips, a VERY taboo thing to do in editing justified by the fact that editing was just being fleshed out.

Death and legacyEdit

His account was sadly terminated due to both the inevatible copyright and false flags.

He since has made three more accounts, MottomoShiroi (Japanese for "exceedingly white"), Morrakiu and Tyrant Fashister  however. He still makes videos on the latter two to this very day; he just no longer edits, instead making original political satire videos and song parodies. He made a few YTPs that were almost entirely edits on the former two accounts, but this pratice ceased at the end of 2008, with "Teh Earth is Young!" being the last one. (He still makes a traditional YTP once in a blue moon, though; one was uploaded to Morrakiu in 2011 and three more to Tyrant Fashister in 2015, although these three are gone forever as the account was taken down in 2016 and he didn't reupload them when he started the account again almost immediately after)

He spawned an underground second type of editing that, even after his termination, lasted until about 2013. It was pretty much just the same as normal editing, but with the sources listed in "style" instead of Tenacious D, Afroman and all the usual stuff. Users who edited like this were supergodzilla12, BarneyPooper and (partially) judgefudge418.

There was even a user named "NextMarrokiu" who tried to be a direct sucessor to him; however he only made one edit, The Berenstain Bears Suck There Own D**ks. NextMarrokiu returned in July 2019 under the username NextNextMarrokiu and released a new edit, The Berenstain Bears Please and F**k You.

Known edits of hisEdit

* Have not been reuploaded and are only known to exist due to old screenshots of his channel from the Internet Wayback Machine.

YTPs of his that contain bits of editingEdit