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  • laughing - Angry German Kid Original Video
  • "Miss" - the sequence mixing from the original video source of the edit
  • "Betrayed into Exile" by Kyle Hunter - Double D blowing the horn.
  • "What the fuck?" (DemonicBeast's idea) - Family Guy - Peter takes up crack
  • "I'm gonna (go to your house and) fuck your wife!" (DemonicBeast's idea) - Family Guy - *Stewie's Tennis Rage
  • "False Awakenings" by Anders - Juggling music
  • "...before things get worst." - AGK vs. Fabrice: The Aftermath (Part 3) by GeneBernardinoLawl (my main channel)/Mircosoft Mike
  • "adulterer" - Mircosoft Mike
  • "adulterer" - Mircosoft Mary