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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Occupation Editor (wide variety)
Years Active May 12, 2009 - July 23, 2011 (as TheAwesomeAsian72)

July 23, 2011 - August 2011 at earliest (Lutetia720 as editor)

March 2016 - present (Lutetia720 as original content creator)

Notable Works Band Geeks, Dying for Pie
Influences editorzRuss, iamsage14
Influenced assmennfiossa

Lutetia720 was an editor of content on YouTube, primarily cartoons and songs. This was his second username (the first being TheAwesomeAsian72.)

History[edit | edit source]

Lutetia720 was a regular viewer of editorzRuss (while he was still under the username editorzRus). After the suspension of editorzRuss, he reuploaded his song edits to his account. It was the suspension of editorzRuss that influenced him to start making edits himself.

First edit[edit | edit source]

His first edit was a song edit of The Mars Volta's "The Widow", which was barely noticed by anybody but was very popular among those who had seen it. The edit made sense and was well-made.

Later work[edit | edit source]

His second edit was of a SpongeBob episode (Band Geeks). This edit was what made him moderately noticed in the editing community, both by other known editors and of course, the edit fans. Still under his original username of TheAwesomeAsian72, he created another SpongeBob edit of the episode of the episode Friend or Foe, followed by another episode of SpongeBob, Dying for Pie.

Copyright strikes on username TheAwesomeAsian72[edit | edit source]

On June 20, 2011, he received his first strike because of the Dying for Pie edit. Then, just a short 3 days later he received his second strike (for the Friend or Foe edit). At this point he no longer used this account for editing related purposes.

Username TheAwesomeAsian72 no longer used for editing and transition to current username[edit | edit source]

He essentially abandoned his original account at around the date of July 23rd, 2011 because of the two strikes. He still occasionally checks the account for comments and related content.

At this point he had transitioned to his current username of Lutetia720 for everything, especially everything related to editing. He was an active editor and was trying to avoid editing SpongeBob edits and focus on other shows for editing such as Regular Show.

In the aftermath of a failed edit-off against DaFourthBestEditor (on account of DaFourthBestEditor not following up to deadlines and dropping out of the challenge, making Lutetia720 the de facto winner), Lutetia720 released a The Day the Ed Stood Still edit.

He was working on a project loosely based off of popular YouTube pooper cs188's Pooping the Charts series, in which five segments of songs in the Top 40 are edited. Any resemblance and similarities to any other editors' works was purely coincidental and no intent of theft, if any.

After four years of no activity whatsoever, he finally came back to YouTube in March 2016 with this non-edit video, which was followed by a second in June. Both were allegedly school projects. Whether or not he plans to continue editing was unknown.

The SpongeBob Universe[edit | edit source]

He was the only editor to actually have an all-encompassing universe in his edits. Continuity in between edits was very rare (the only other editor who did it was BarneyPooper and even then just occasionally), but he managed to have a story that encompassed all of his SpongeBob edits.

The story, according to TheAwesomeAsian72's channel description...

Bikini Bottom - one of the most notorious ghettos in the country, Bikini Bottom is crawling with hoodlums, gangsters, corrupt cops, STD-riddled hos and other lowlife filth. Despite the government's attempts to control crime, many smuggling, drug trafficking, and prostitution rings are thriving in the godforsaken city - all under the guise of a vibrant, prosperous metropolis.

The Krusty Vagina - known by the locals as the Krusty Pussy, the Krusty Vagina is an old, decades-old yet highly popular strip club and brothel. The Pussy also doubles as a meeting point and business area for many street gangs and other syndicates. Its most famous performers are Natalia, a struggling stripper, and Tanya, a crackhead, meth-addicted prostitute. The Krusty Vagina is run by Samuel Greenberg, a half black and half Mexican man and a firm believer in the Jewish religion.

The Dirty Dick - a closed down strip-club and where Samuel and Tom met (Samuel is gay, Tom was a dancer) and quickly formed a close, Brokeback Mountain-esque bond. Nowadays, the Dick has closed down due to the Krusty Pussy's competition.

Natalia Jennavie (SpongeBob) - abandoned at the age of 15 to fend for herself in the dangerous streets of Bikini Bottom, Natalia's situations have become successively desperate until she eventually found herself working at the Krusty Pussy - at least it pays well. When she met Gary wandering the streets of Bikini Bottom, she took him in and allowed him to stay at her house, for reasons unknown. Gary suspects that he's the only person Natalia has ever felt real romantic feelings for in her life.

Tanya Willis (Squidward) - born the spoiled, promiscuous daughter of rapper Willie da 6'9", she initially had dreams of being a famous popstar, though that was all cut short when her gangster dad was killed in a highly-publicized driveby shooting. After a series of unfortunate events, Tanya swallowed her pride enough to work as a prostitute to try and make ends meet.

Samuel Greenberg (Mr. Krabs) - the son of Isaac Greenberg, the wealthy politician notorious for bribing his way to power. Samuel runs many businesses, but most famous of all, the Krusty Pussy. Greenberg is a highly stingy man, refusing to allow his employees (in essence, Natalia and Tanya) anything more than $5,000 in their monthly salary,

Patrick Ferguson (Patrick, obviously) - a former successful manager of a famous corporation, he was fired (and beaten with a golf trophy) by his boss after he was caught sleeping with his wife. Patrick has since descended into cocaine and marijuana addiction and holds the highest hatred for white people - except for white women, that is.

Tom Schmidt (Plankton) - as a white man in a mostly black city, Sheldon is paranoid and racist (being a member of the "triple-k", as Patrick calls it, though he probably doesn't know what the KKK is), but does not have the money to move out. He has never forgiven Samuel for seducing his girlfriend in high school, and his strip club the Cum Bucket has never been as successful as the Krusty Pussy just across the street, leaving him a bitter, lifeless man. He is currently married to his waifu Mitsuki, after discovering a Japanese dating sim to drown his sorrows.

Vanessa Allison (Sandy) - Vanessa ran away from her Georgia home at 13 and moved to Bikini Bottom to escape her incestuous brothers and her drunk, sexually abusive father. Nowadays, Vanessa lives in a secluded house on the outskirts of Bikini Bottom. Her relationship with Patrick and Natalia is close, though the subject of rumor and gossip in the city, and her relationship with Sinclair, a total mystery.

Sinclair Vargas (Karen) - A rather rare Asian man in a ghetto and Natalia's housemate, he lives with her, mainly to leech off food and shelter, occasionally for the ass (if Natalia comes home drunk enough), Sinclair does nothing but sit on the couch all day and beat it to porn (infuriating Natalia with a long on demand bill in the process) in the house. Rumor has it that Sinclair leads a widespread pimping business in Bikini Bottom...

The description of his SpongeBob edits presumably followed the story. None of them are up anymore and Band Geeks is the only one that was seen by an editor of this wiki before it was removed, but the description of that one tied the episode into the story by making Squilliam "Double Dare", the mastermind of the driveby that killed Tanya's father.