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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Occupation Spongebob editor
Years Active Early 2009 - April, 2010 (as Legobucket)

April 8th, 2010 - January 12th, 2011 (as DaSecondBestEditor)

Notable Works Sailor Mouth, Scaredy Pants, Band Geeks, etc.

Legobucket, also known as DaSecondBestEditor and SheldonJPranktum, was a YouTube editor, known largely for his earlier SpongeBob edits.

Legobucket Account[edit | edit source]

In his very, very earliest of days, Legobucket uploaded some very lame shit. At the immature age of twelve, his first video uploaded was that of a gallery of owls pasted over and over again with AC/DC playing in the background. Using Windows Movie Maker at the time, he had not yet discovered the world of editing. His YouTube profile backgrounds commonly included gay-ass looping pictures of owls.

Dubs and Editing[edit | edit source]

Not even a few months after setting up his YouTube profile, Legobucket happened upon the videos of "mocjackass777," a then cult-hit dubber. Inspired by his uploads, Legobucket set out on the path of righteousness, albeit on different roots. Using his laptop's Mic, and now 13 and barely pubescent, he dubbed over two SpongeBob episodes, "Chocolate With Nuts," and "Home Sweet Pineapple," with only the later being published to YouTube. His videos received fairly poor ratings and very little views. It was at this point that he casted out into the videos of the community, desperately looking for some way to gather fans. It was at this point that he discovered editing. Although the video was simply an episode of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" with censor tones plastered on it, it changed his view of his work. He immediately ripped the video from YouTube (not knowing how to download the actual episode), and searched through soundboards, downloading every little bit of profanity he could find. In the end, all he had were a few Austin Powers and Nacho Libre sound clips, but to him, it was the beginning of something the likes of which he would not know the magnitude of. This video received a low rating and little viewers as well, but it had significant improvements over the last two videos. He continued doing these edits, then known to him as "sound clip dubs", eventually going on to splice words in Johnny Bravo episodes and follow in the footsteps of MasterSpengbab. It is through him that Legobucket met nubforlyfe, and obtained his first real sound-clips. Eventually he learned how to obtain these for himself, though cautious over the concept of illegally downloading music to rip the swears. From here, Legobucket's "legacy" began.

Spongebob Edits + Cult Following[edit | edit source]

A thumbnail of his edit, Krag Borg

Although the viewers trickled in very slowly, Legobucket could see a rise in his popularity as one of his videos gathered 1,000 views (Sailor Mouth (Edited)), then another, and another, with "Scaredy Pants (Edited)" finally topping 10,000 views. It was around this time, unbeknownst to him, that Viacom was taking notice. Viewers came to be fans, and Legobucket earned himself a cult-following. Disaster struck at the near-600-subscriber-mark.

Legobucket's Account Closed[edit | edit source]

After receiving a second copyright-strike, once from Cartoon Network for a Johnny Bravo edit, another from Viacom for a SpongeBob edit, Legobucket made a drastic decision. Within two hours of the second copyright-strike, Legobucket uploaded a warning-video, created a new account known as "SheldonJPranktum", and terminated his own account. Determined to provide his edits to the community, inspiration from one of his favorite editors "DaBestEditor" led him to create his current account, "DaSecondBestEditor"

"DaSecondBestEditor"[edit | edit source]

Adopting traits and editing styles from fellow editors such as Roshua666 and EditorzRus, Legobucket had attempted to his fan-base, while broadening its purpose beyond editing.

"Retirement"[edit | edit source]

On January 12th, 2011, Legobucket officially retired from the editing community, referring to the audience as a "gang of junkies, not giving two shits about who the editor is or what he/she does, only wanting their fix." Fed up with the community, he chose to abandon his account on February 13th, and currently works under the account "TheWetOnion," working on becoming a YouTube Partner, and has largely shunned the editor community. News of his retirement spread quickly, and the community did not react calmly. Losing subscribers and his fan-base, Legobucket ignored the situation and continued focusing on his gameplay videos.

"DaSecondBestEditor Closed"[edit | edit source]

Roughly two months after he announced his retirement, Legobucket closed his account due to two copyright strikes. MasterPlanktum still has one of Legobucket's edits posted on his channel at the time this was posted.

"Community Rejection"[edit | edit source]

Legobucket is now generally rejecting the editor community has a whole. Prolonged absence from the editing lifestyle has affected his opinion on the subject, and he now completely ignores pretty much every editing-related message and deletes any editing-related comments on his videos. Under his new YouTube account, he uploads new videos weekly. As of lately, he dislikes edits, and views them as immature, and tends to side with Viacom on the copyright situation. He has also been adopted into the brony community, much like that of KernalGaddafi.

"Criticism"[edit | edit source]

Legobucket's final edit did not sit well with the community as it was very similar to roshua777's edit of the same episode. A fellow user regarded it as "FAIL!" on multiple occasions. One user asked via comment: "if this is his [legobucket] last edit why didnt he make it the best edit he made" to which Legobucket replied: "If you play chess 107 times in a row against the same person, then decide to play one more game, are you going to play your hardest?"

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