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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Laughtraxx first gained an interest in YTPs after looking up Billy Mays videos on YouTube in 2009. He first saw some cleaner BM YTPs such as Big City Sliders Attack your Family and Leave Billy Mays Alone, and thought they were hilarious. He then witnessed some of mark3611's dirtier creations, which he thought were the funniest videos he had ever seen. He was raised in a very conservative house and had hardly ever heard such lewd profanity used before. While he had seen YTP before, he had never seen ones this good. Over time however, he forgot about them due to school. Fast fowarding to the summer of 2010, Laughtraxx, along with his cousins GodOfFerrets13 and bombei777EDITED discovered YTPs of Spongebob, starting with the classics like The Sky had a Weegee and Pride Patties. Over the school year, he began following the YTPers SantaWithGuns and Hurricoaster. Then in January of 2011, Laughtraxx became one of the first to subscribe to YTPer named BarneyIsPerverted, who made YTP look very easy. During this time, he was angry that there weren't any good Fairly Odd Parents YTP on YouTube, so he ranomly typed in "Fairly Odd Parents Edited" and discovered the works of IEDITTVSHOWS and MasterSKODEWARDE and immediately became his favorte kind of YTP. So he downloaded WLMM and tried it for himself, but gave up. In May of 2011, and a day before his birthday, the idea of making Andy Samberg say "Our Lips irst Tounch IN MY PANTS" came to him as a vision while swimming in the ocean, and that night he created Jizzfest Island, which was nothing like the pro YTPers videos, but he still thought it was pretty good and he uploaded and ceased doing movie reviews and Xbox videos. He soon realized that sentence mixing was not his true calling, and on one boring weekend, he created 2 Fairly OddParents edits and a Jimmy Kimmel edit. Over the summer he created several terrible edits such as Calliou Everyday hero or Katy Parry's E.T. Over time, he mastered editing in WLMM, a task which few others have been able to do. Since then, he has gone on to keep the edit community optimistic when people quit and fight for the idea that edits and YTPs are the same thing, and became an anti-censorship activist. He stopped editing due to computer issues, but craved the idea of making a new one moar and moar each day.