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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

Occupation Spongebob Editor
Years Active 2007-2010 (as klusignolo)

January, 2010 - September 12, 2011 (as ViacomCanSuckIt)

Notable Works Sailor Mouth, The Camping Episode, Pizza Delivery, The Bully and Training Video
Influenced nubforlyfe (now DahBestEditor), BadAssDrugs (now DahThirdBestEditor) ToRxEdiTs, Roshua666, editorzRuss, SpongebobFan35 and among others.

Klusignolo (now ViacomCanSuckIt) was a Spongebob editor. He created the first version of what we know as the "Spongebob edit" in August of 2007. It was the episode "Pizza Delivery." He hadn't anticipated the minor popularity that the video would get, but positive feedback encouraged him to continue with this idea of "editing" Spongebob as opposed to the traditional YouTube Poop or Dub. His next few episodes were "Sailor Mouth" and "The Training Video". In a matter of several months, he became the most well known and prolific editor on YouTube to this day, and is commonly referred to as a "god" among editors. He has influenced many editors; most notably Nubforlyfe, BadAssEdits, ToRxEdiTs , Roshua777 and Legobucket. In November 2009, klusignolo was suspended by YouTube after getting his third copyright strike from Viacom; However, the very next day he returned to YouTube under the alias of ViacomCanSuckIt and reuploaded all of his old videos. Since his ban, he has only made one new edit, "Band Geeks", to convince people that he was not an imitator. Finding one of his episodes is really hard nowadays because of the amount of bans he got from Viacom.

On September 12, 2011, Klusignolo announced in a video that he is no longer making edits. He states that his sense of humor has since changed and he just doesn't have the heart to edit anymore. Merely after about 1 or 2 hours of the video being uploaded, many newer famed editors started to leave comments on the video stating that he will be missed and thanking him for the pioneering of editing.

As of May 26, 2013, Klusignolo's alternative channel, ViacomCanSuckIt, has been terminated due to third party violations. Here is the page you now go to when you click on his channel: ViacomCanSuckIt

Viacom likely also deleted it because of his name.

Editor's Day[edit | edit source]

Editors assmennfiossa, Lutetia720, and Editscentral gathered people to declare September 12th, the day of Klusignolo's retirement, as the de facto Editor's Day. The movement has seen much support from other editors, even Klusignolo himself. Many years later in 2017, Editor's Day became an official holiday (which is unfortunately not recognized by the U.S. Congress or the Parliament of the United Kingdom).

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