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inactive This article is about an editor who is no longer active.

JesusWithBazookas79 was a G2 editor who started in 2010. He was notable for several things: being one of the only G2ers who was still active well into the G3 era, being the first editor to utuilize heavy visual effects, being the first British editor, and being one of only two editors (other being Marrokiu) to be just as sucessful, if not more so, in original content. He closed his YouTube account around December 26 2017.

History[edit | edit source]

Jesus started editing in 2010. Not a lot is known about what was happening back then, but luckily most/all of his edits from this time period are still on Vimeo. His big break came in October 2013 when his YTP "The King is a Clopper" was featured on an episode of Stuart K. Reilly's "Retsupoop" entitled "The King's Cum Quest For Pony Porn". This caused him to indirectly get some attention from such pooping greats as Captpan and cs188 (the former liked it, the latter didn't). Jesus himself took it in stride and even requested Stuart do his "Plankton's Army" dub entitled "SpongeBob the Rapist" but it did not come to frutiton.

After that faded, the channel was taken down and he started a new one. His name fell into obscurity and the new channel was pretty much only watched by editors out of curiosity. Until one fateful day in 2014, when Jesus decided to do a rant on TheMysteriousMrEnter. The rant was pretty bad, amounting to pretty much no reasons why he was bad other than "he trashed Drawn Together" but the starving Enter-haters ate it up like so much chocolate-covered sushi and have made his channel somewhat popular. His fans are mainly other eidtors and anti-Enterbots who stick around for videos making fun of both Enter and his notorious fan "03bgood", two groups which very often intersect thanks to him.

He announced he will be retiring from editing in August 2015 to focus on the original content. He announced his last two edits will be an edit on Blank Space by Taylor Swift and the last episode of SpongeBob and Squidward's Final Cum Quest (the trilogy of loosely-connected SB edits so far consisting of his Can You Spare a Dime? edit and SpongeBob Becomes a Nazi).

Now that the hate against Mr. Enter has calmed down, pretty much the most publicity he's gotten is having his name (as Demented Cartoons because he's known as that on Patreon) featured at the end of several RebelTaxi videos due to supporting him on Patreon.

In November of 2015 he got banned from DeviantArt due to getting in a feud with the user XD-385 (the person who had motivated said feud to start, incidentally, was fellow editor [Raster0fMandomness]). XD had managed to report his gallery as both harassing others (his many screenshots of dumb internet posts 03bgood and others who caught JWB's eye had made) and being rather disturbing and unprofessional (his actual artsyle, as it as as Raster once said "more ironic than red meat"). He has gone through many many others in the time since then.

In January 2016 his "JesusWithBazookas79" account was taken down again due to some of his many, MANY and MANY anti-03bgood original projects being flagged by the man himself. He continued production on the more aptly-named than ever account "JesusWithBazookaz79Lives".  To honor the occasion he made his first YTP in at least a year where he humerously sentence-mixed audio from several 03bgood videos to make him rant on himself for having taken down Jesus' account.

In Feburary 2016, after nearly a year without edits he announced on DeviantArt several upcoming projects, one of which was was "SpongeBob and the Final Clockwork Orgy", presumably the last episode of SpongeBob and Squidward's Final Cum Quest as promised and his swan song for editing.

In March 2016 on a livestream he confirmed both of the edits he promised back in August WOULD both be happening and WOULD be his swan song.However, in May on a different livestream he offically confirmed he is sick of edits, by expressing his dissastifaction Raster0fMandomness still makes them.

In October 2016 Demented Cartoons was terminated for violating YouTube's rules against nudity/sexual content. Later the same month Jesus quit DeviantArt for good. In his goodbye post on dA he briefly lamented ever having been an editor, being sick of the fact that it's one of the only things that ever got him attention.

New Year's Eve 2016, after nearly two years without edits, he finally announced on Twitter he will make one final one in 2017. This was on a private chat revealed to be a music video one, essentially confirming "Cum Quest" won't be finished.

In 2017, he made a "Raster0fMandomness Cringe Compilation" after the aforementioned editor left JWB's Discord server, after getting butthurt about something or the other. This video included screenshots of messages Raster had sent on Discord, the pinned message on his Twitter account (A rant on Rick and Morty Season 3) and some of his rarely-produced live-action videos, one of which featured him spinning a fidget spinner for a long-ass time, presumably ironically. One comment read something along the lines of "This guy is why YTP is dead."

Around December 26th 2017, he closed his YouTube account permanently. The video is now deleted but, he confirmed he was quitting for the regular reasons: Lack of interest and wanting to pursue greater ventures in life.

His editing style[edit | edit source]

His style is essentialy the demented lovechild of ny2049 and SuperIdiotMan00, meets all of the ultra-violent and poorly drawn adult cartoons he adores so much (Panty and Stocking, Mr. Pickles, everything ever uploaded to Newgrounds etc...)and on cocaine. He has a limited sound selection but manages to use it to create entire sentences, eventually leading the story to a completely new direction which is resolved with poor but elaborate MS Paint effects and quite a bit of blood. He has also used ACTUAL PORNOGRAPHY in an edit ("Christmas Commercials").

To understand how he radically alters a story with editing and effects, take the afromentioned "Christmas Commercials" for instance.

Actual commercial: Some aliens wonder why humans enjoy something as stressful as Christmas shopping, and why they don't use Argos instead. They say it is as much of a conundrum as Justin Bieber and eggnoig. At the end they watch the classic British Christmas special The Snowman.

Edit version: Some aliens wonder why humans enjoy something as homosexual as Christmas orgies, and they don't just fuck the mother alien prostitute. They say it is as much of a conundrum as Justin Bieber and eggnog. Dad tells duaghter the truth that Justin Bieber sucks. They get into an extremely long argument, eventually leading to Dad insulting daughter's prostitution and daughter insulting the size of Dad's penis. At this point, the father has had it, cocks a gun and graphically blows daughter's head off. When the other two aliens question his poor decision, Dad blows their heads off as well. Obviously, the police (represented by ViacomCBS for some weird reason) are upset and the two have a long chase. Eventually, Dad shoots Viacom as well and it is impailed on a spike graphically.

The alternate ending: Dad expresses wanting to smoke some drugs, but the daughter refuses, worrying about going to jail and what will happen after that. The dad simply tells her he does not care about the police. The whole family gets high while watching ACTUAL LESBIAN PORN only to be caught by Mayor Kravindish from Zelda CD-i. When the mayor tells him drugs are illegal, Dad says yet again he doesn't care, leading into the graphic (by YTP standards) death of the latter.

Edits of his[edit | edit source]

Taken down[edit | edit source]

  • SpongeBob - Procrastination
  • SpongeBob - Help Wanted
  • SpongeBob - Naughty Nautical Neighbors
  • SpongeBob - Fools in April
  • SpongeBob - Dying for Pie
  • SpongeBob - Squid on Strike
  • SpongeBob - Nasty Patty
  • SpongeBob - Idiot Box
  • SpongeBob - Krab-Borg
  • SpongeBob - Mid-Life Crustacean
  • SpongeBob - The Camping Episode
  • Geico "Oh My God, So Gross" commercial
  • Porno Nightmare (SpongeBob - Can You Spare a Dime? yet again)

Still up[edit | edit source]

Other videos of his that reference editing[edit | edit source]

Despite having moved on from editing, he still snuck in a reference to it in his video "Lolcow Archive Episode 2: The Commentary Community" (the scene occurs roughly at the 1:35:35 mark). At one point, he does a skit where he portrayes YouTuber Neon-Sinister as randomly masturbating (actually Neon making a sigh noise on loop, to make fun of that verbal tic of his). It ends with Neon orgasming whilst going "Slow down, I'm gonna spurt - GAH! Ahh, sorry." in the same fashion as Jack Black.

Original work[edit | edit source]

As has been said, he has always been known more for his non YTP work. Some of it has even been used as sound sources. The most notable:

Jay and Herpi: A webcomic with plans to be a TV series. The summary according to the wiki: "This show satarisies a american engaged couple in America named Jay and Herpi who are atheists and sex addicts, who live in a califonia in a neighbrouhood which is simular to Spooner St where unfortunate events start to take place and things coming out of nowhere. Jay is a blue collared worker who has 1 job at a constructuion site. He is a guy who screws up half the time and solves it in the end. Kinda like Homers and Peter Griffins personality but a little more intelligent. He also likes to mock every religion in da face, Herpi is a hot chick and a whore who used to have a job at a stripclub then got engaged with Jay. She is basicly the slutty, crass, foul mouthed, dirty and off colour version of Twilight Sparkle. She also was born a christian then changed to atheisim when god didn't give here a birthday present.

The Milkman: A series of SFM movies about the titular demented milkman and what he gets up to. The most notable is Milkman's Christmas Night Out, an entire, NSFW as fucking shit short film.

03bgood's Quest to California: To compromise with the people who wanted an anti-03bgood video while Jesus wanted an original animation, he made this stop motion (imagine "Brodyquest: the Series") animation about what will probably happen when Blake Good goes to California to ptch his series to Cartoon Network. This is alas what lead to the loss of his account. 03bgood himself was not pleased with it.