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#[https://www.lwks.com/ Lightworks]
#[https://www.lwks.com/ Lightworks]
#[https://www.pinnaclesys.com/en/ Pinnacle Studio]
#[https://www.pinnaclesys.com/en/ Pinnacle Studio]
#[http://www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor VSDC Video Editor]
===Magic Video Converter===
===Magic Video Converter===

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This article will (hopefully) help all you other soon-to-be editors out there get started quickly and safely. WARNING: Some methods of acquiring materials are illegal, you know. Although the risk is small, it nonetheless exists. Therefore, proceed at your own caution.

Editing Software[edit | edit source]

This is perhaps the hardest part of editing: getting the software to do it. Although any software will do, most editors recommend Sony Vegas 8.0 or up. This guide will be covering how to acquire Sony Vegas .This guide assumes that you know what torrenting is and how to torrent. A brief explanation will be provided anyway, as follows. Torrenting is a peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing network of files or packages of any extension and size. It is purely run by the users themselves. Seeding is the continuous flow of uploading to other users; leeching is the flow of downloading from other users. In short, if nobody seeds, then nobody gets the file. Therefore, SEED!

Torrenting[edit | edit source]

  1. Get some torrenting software. Examples of this are uTorrent[1], BitComet[2], BitTorrent[3], etc. uTorrent is probably the best because it is small and doesn't add any unnecessary crap, so it takes up little CPU. Again, this is illegal, you know. Install it, but you don't need to start it up yet.
  2. Find a torrent. You should be looking for a torrent for Cracked Sony Vegas 9.0, episodes of <insert show here>, and Magic Video Converter. There are many sites available, such as www.thepiratebay.org, www.mininova.org, and www.demonoid.com (requires sign-in if you have one). However, be weary as this is a very fast way to get a virus, so scan or use a trusted site (demonoid has admins scan and check torrents themselves). Here is a reliable link for Spongebob episodes Spongebob Demonoid. Find torrents that have at least 5 seeders. If your download rate is less than 100kbs, you should probably find a new torrent unless you are REALLY patient.
  3. Open the torrent with your torrenting software. Start the download and... wait. Be patient, some episodes can take up to 2 weeks to download. To save time, check only the episode(s) that you want at that moment. Leave the torrent on overnight. Some files can take up to 30gb, so save on space.
  4. Once it's done, open the containing folder and check to see if everything is there.

Sony Vegas 9.0 Crack[edit | edit source]

  1. Find a torrent as directed above. PirateBay Demonoid
  2. There should have been a readme with the installer and crack. Follow the instructions EXACTLY. Even if they sound redundant or stupid, you absolutely must follow them to the point.
  3. Should you mess up, you can reinstall and start over. However, there are a few registry entries that you have to delete or else it will not work. Deleting registry entries is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Don't fuck around in there unless you know what you are doing.
  4. If all else fails, you can just stick with the trial version for 30 days and find a trial resetter or delete registry entries every 30 days.
  5. Download and install these two softwares to download videos and mp3's off of youtube (respectively). Video Audio Only
  6. Copy-paste URL's into the indicated section and download. Don't steal other people's videos. It's not cool, bro.
  7. Use this program to obtain all of your sounds. Use the source for sounds article to find where to get your sounds or download from sound collections (unflagged) that other editors have made. However, sound collections have a few major disadvantages: the quality gets very watered down, and you are missing out on sounds that the collection didn't have. Remember, you can always go out and find some more on your own!
  8. Import the video/audio into vegas and cut sounds that you want accordingly. Render your sounds into .mp3's and save them all into the same folder. Make sure you label them in an organized fashion so that you can refer back easily eg. FuckinDick_InwardSinging.mp3.

Other Editing Softwares[edit | edit source]

Although there are alternatives to Editing Softwares for Operating Systems, like: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, Other Versions of Vegas Pro, and the Others. Some of them had better options. [Movie Maker & iMovie weren't included] Maybe It's up to you for your choice, some of them are Expensive.

  1. (Most Popular) Vegas Pro Vegas Movie Studio
  2. Premiere Pro After Effects Premiere Elements
  3. Final Cut Pro [for Mac Users]
  4. HitFilm Pro HitFilm Studio
  5.  Video Pro X Movie Edit Pro
  6. Lightworks
  7. Pinnacle Studio
  8. VSDC Video Editor

Magic Video Converter[edit | edit source]

  1. Torrent and install this software. Magic Video Converter
  2. A quick note: .avi is perhaps the worst codec ever made. Not only does the sound sync off or malfunction, the quality even degrades on youtube. Always convert your .avi's to .wmv's or .mp4's. Click on the To WMV or To MP4 button at the top and pick a video to convert.
  3. Hit Convert, and let the magic begin.

Other Media Converters[edit | edit source]

Most Other Video Converters are Expensive, but it's worth it if you owned them.

  1. Online Converter
  2. 4k Downloader
  3. MakeMKV for DVD and Blu-ray ripping
  4. HandBrake ( Most Recommended )
  5. Tuneskits for ripping High Quality SpongeBob Episodes, and Movies on Streaming Services.

Working with Sony Vegas 9.0[edit | edit source]

As some may know, Sony Vegas 9 is very powerful software. However, this makes it the most complicated to use. However, this also makes it the most versatile and gives you the most options. However, tutorials are kind of scarce. However, you can learn half the stuff you will need on your own. However, this may take weeks or even months. However, you have this guide, so I'll shut up already.

Importing, cutting, rendering, and slowing down/speeding up sounds[edit | edit source]

Watch this video. Flagged? Not Flagged?

If the video is not sufficient, it will be explained below.

This written guide assumes you know absolutely nada about Sony Vegas, so lets start by opening it up. Once that's done, we can get started on the editing portion.

  1. The default layout of Vegas should look familiar to just about any other editor. Anyways, go up to File>Iport Media. Choose an audio clip you downloaded off of wherever, hopefully a .mp3 file. It should appear in the top left area. If not, click on the tab that says Project Media under the top left area. You should now see the file you just added. Drag and drop it onto the timeline. A video channel and an audio channel will automatically be created in the bottom left panel. The top slider of the audio channel can be dragged right or left to make louder or softer; do this if you can't hear anything/ it's too loud. If you need to zoom in on the timeline, scroll your scrollwheel forward, and back to zoom out. The other stuff can be messed with later, but for now, let's just stick to cutting.
  2. Press the play button at the bottom and let it go until you find the spot. If you want to speed this up, left click and hold on the handle on top of the timeline arrow (the one that moves when you press play) for precision, right click and hold for cruder dragging.
    Important areas
  3. Once you've isolated a sound area you want to cut, drag the handle to the beginning area to cut, and press S on your keyboard. To undo any cuts, just press Ctrl-Z. Do the same with the end of the clip area to cut.
  4. Select and delete excess clip area. Move the clip to the very front of the timeline, if it didn't automatically.
  5. Go to File>Render As (or Alt-F then Alt-R) and save it as a file name you want. Try to make it something that you can refer back to so that you don't confuse yourself with sound names later. Save it as an mp3, trust me. After that, you can restart the process all over again and save more sounds. That's it, you're done!

Putting in a benchmark or text[edit | edit source]

Again, this part assumes you don't know fuckin' shit.

  1. Open up a project as usual.
  2. Make a new video channel (right click on the left side channel area and it should pop up with some options, just pick new video channel).
  3. Right click anywhere on the timeline in your new channel. Select "Insert Text Media," and a window will pop up that will allow you edit stuff.

Tips for editing in Vegas[edit | edit source]


  1. Keep all your sound clips in one folder, then use the "Explorer" window in Vegas to browse to that folder. By doing this, you won't have to constantly import files. Simply drag and drop onto the timeline.


  1. Assuming you don't know much about working with audio files, this can be a very useful trick. when you have a very quiet sound clip such as "on my chest", or "make some love", an easy way to boost the volume over increasing the volume via audio-FX is to simply right-click he sound-clip > Switches > Normalize. This boosts the audio to the proper volume in most cases.
  2. File:Vegas Tips highlights.png
    Click for tips example
    If you have a lot of shit going on in one scene, say a picture of Michael Moore floating across the screen while 76 video effects are masked over a picture of Squidward, chances are that your video review will lag like hell. An easy way to make it so the preview runs seamlessly, drag your cursor on the upper border of the track section to select the laggy portion of the video, then enter in the key command "Shift + b" to render the section independently for flawless playback of the selection.
  3. Do not under any circumstances use .avi files for editing. As stated above, .avi files tend to suck Ron Jeremy's wrinkly cock, as they're glitchy and out of sync at times. If the episode you've downloaded happens to be in this cursed format, use software such as "Any Video Converter" to convert it to a format such as .wmv. If you've already started editing the video, then you're fucked.


  1. For editors concerned about the quality of their videos on YouTube, try rendering in .mp4 format. This allows for some of the best possible playback quality.
  2. If you're pressed for time, and don't really care about the quality of the video, try rendering in the video in whatever format you choose, then converting it with Any Video Converter to .flv . When YouTube is "uploading" your video, some if not most of the time is actually spent converting the video flash format. By having the video already in that format, upload times are shortened immensely, leaving you with extra time to browse other videos, play with your dog, play with your dick, or play with whatever.
  3. Don't be a retard and render a 480 resolution video in 1080p HD. Not only will there be little to no improvement in quality, but it just wastes space on your computer, and is a giant waste of time. Here is a classic example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgQIsE03JhE . Watch this video in 360p first, then view it in 1080p.

How to edit video on youtube

Watch this video for help as well [4]

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Here are a few pointers to make sure your editing skills don't suck shit:

  1. Tighten up silent spaces around the clips. This is especially important with heavy editing. Your stream of 10 edit words will sound a lot better if there isn't a quarter-second of silence between each of them.
  2. Make sure your edit words don't cut off. I don't know how this happens, but it pops up surprisingly often, especially with inexperienced editors.
  3. Don't leave too much space without an edit word. No one wants to watch 20 full seconds of unedited episode.
  4. Try to vary your sources. Using the exact same "whore" or "shit" sound twenty times in a row gets very old very quickly.
  5. Make sure your sounds aren't too quiet. Use the 'normalize' feature mentioned above. This goes for episode audio, too!
  6. Don't use Windows Movie Maker. You will hate your life and your edit skills will suffer because of it. WMM edits aren't guaranteed to be bad (editors on WMM included ny2049 and pre-2012 EditDealerMD), but using better software will make you considerably less inclined to smash your computer over the nearest blunt surface.
  7. Be creative. Wow, I just made myself sound like a faggot. Or be destructive, I don't give a shit. Don't be afraid to find new sound sources or edit sources.
  8. No employee wants to be a Squidward.
  9. Whenever Viacom sues your video say "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!!!!!"

In Case of Copyright Issues[edit | edit source]

When editing a source from TV or movies, copyright holders will often try to fuck your ass. This can take the form of a ContentID block, or a DCMA copyright takedown (resultin in a strike). Consult here for detailed advice on how to dispute these.