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A example of the editing community's hatred for Viacom.
  • This article is about the history of Spongebob editing. And it's not just a list of bullshit that happened in the past. It's a chronicling of editing's rise... to POWER!

Origins/beginnings (late 2007)

Editing Spongebob began in late 2007 as dubs, created by various unknown YouTube users; however, most of them weren't very popular due to negative comments, poor dubbing, and flags galore. Despite this, a dub of the episode Grandma's Kisses by greenday12688 later went on to become one of the most popular SpongeBob dubs on YouTube, and many of the sounds in the video are now commonly used as sound clips for many recent edits. In mid-2008, YouTube user Klusignolo, now known as ViacomCanSuckIt, began editing episodes of  SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer as follows (respectively): Pizza Delivery, Sailor Mouth, The Camping Episode, Band Geeks, and Save the Puppies. In no less than several months, Klusignolo became the most well known and prolific editor on YouTube to this day.

Klusignolo era (2008 to mid 2009)

The first exclusively non-SpongeBob editor and the second overall was a user known as AnalKookaburras, who made a series of edits on Blue's Clues entitled The Search for the Cleveland Steamer. The first episode of this series is the second most-viewed edit on something not SpongeBob with 560,000 views, barely beaten by TheCaveManEngi's Meat Your Maker edit with 565,000. He was also the first user to find new places for sounds rather than just Klusignolo's sounds, and was especially notable for discovering the "free porno mags" sound. He was unfortunately only active for seven months before he retired, although a couple weeks after his retirement he made one last edit on the How the Grinch Stole Christmas! TV special for Christmas 2008, entitled The Grinch and the Quest for Literacy. With the influence of Klusignolo, YouTube saw new SpongeBob editors such as nubforlyfe, BadAssEdits, ToRxEdiTs, and TheNicktoonsEditor. With Klusignolo unable to make any edits at that point in time, the three, among others, helped keep YouTubers entertained with edited versions of Chocolate with Nuts, Graveyard Shift, Pressure, That's No Lady, and Skill Crane. Also, nubforlyfe became the second most well known editor to edit a show other than SpongeBob. He would eventually become notable for releasing edits of commercials from FreeCredit Report.com, Castrol, and Coors Light, among several other companies' commercials. 3StarEdits, another editor on YouTube, began making edits of Fairly Odd Parents, and a few SpongeBob edits on the side, among many others. But around mid to late-2009, Freshmilk970's (previously Freshmilk950 and Freshmilk960) edits also became some of the most popular on YouTube. Now he has placed editing on hiatus indefinitely.

Viacom strikes back: account suspensions (mid 2009)

With the vast number of SpongeBob edits and their respective editors reigning over YouTube, Viacom International Inc. began to take notice by removing videos from YouTube due to copyright claims. It all began when a number of SpongeBob edits were removed from BadAssEdits, KissMyDonkeyEditing, klusignolo, and Freshmilk950 by YouTube and Viacom starting in mid-June. Then, YouTube suspended BadAssEdits along with a few other editors. The removed videos and suspended accounts orchestrated an all-out hate-fest on YouTube; however, not all editors quit while Viacom asked for all content to be removed from YouTube. Eventually, several other accounts such as Freshmilk950 and 960, BadAssEdits's backup SantaLikesDrugs were also suspended by YouTube. Later, nubforlyfe was suspended. Despite all this, most of the aforementioned editors continued to edit using alternate accounts, aliases, and reuploads.

Roshua777 era, suspension of Klusignolo, and the Flaggot invasion (a/k/a The Flaggot War) (late 2009 to mid 2010)

See also: Roshua777

On September 22, 2009, SpongeBob editor Roshua777 uploaded his first edit on YouTube as a video response to Freshmilk's edit, and in less than a few months, his videos quickly became popular. After his edit of Big Pink Loser, he went on to edit episodes such as Prehibernation Week, Something Smells, Sleepy Time, Midlife Crustacean, Idiot Box, and many more. Some have called him the next Klusignolo, the "God of editing," or anything that could be considered a title denoting his notability. Despite roshua777's success, the entire editing community was shocked to hear that Klusignolo was suspended after receiving his third copyright strike; however, late that year, Klusignolo returned to YouTube under the alias of ViacomCanSuckIt. Roshua777's edits have influenced/inspired other editors such as Hen97Films, ny2049, and MizzouEdits, and maybe more. On May 2nd, 2010, he created a alternate account for editing called Roshua666. During this epoch, nubforlyfe's alternate account DaBestEditor was suspended in early May. However, he created a third alternate account named DahBestEditor (notice the extra H). Then, later that month, SantaWithDrugs earned his second copyright strike and created an alternate account called MasterPrantum. Then, in late-May, a group of YouTubers (led by an 11-year-old named phonyman1) called the Flaggots began flagging videos of certain editors, notably roshua777 and DahBestEditor. This wave of video-flagging initiated the blocking of the members of this group. There had been no confirmation as to why they were flagging videos, but most editors advised blocking all users associated with phonyman1. On June 18th, phonyman1's account was hacked. His account was then shut down by the hacker so Phonyman wouldn't access his account again. One user who received the pass went as far as using the I.P. address of the hacked account to track down phonyman1's location after receiving the pass (which was found that phonyman1 lived somewhere in Florida, but exact location is unknown).

He made another called phonyman2, but out of fear of being hacked again, he closed his account and stopped flagging people. This was a major victory for all editors and people who enjoyed the edits but on July 20, 2010, nubforlyfe's alt account, "DuhbestEditor" was suspended and shortly after his account was suspended, Roshua777 was also suspended for unknown reasons. Luckily, he had his alternate account, "Roshua666". Roshua777's suspension sparked a even worst hate-fest with the editing community and Viacom.

Era of ease (Late 2009-Early 2011)

Following the end of the flaggot-invasion of May 2009, a time of peace and quiet followed. Viacom, being a constant threat seemed to have kept back a ways, and was not as big of a deal. At this time, Roshua666's edits were some of the most popular with editorzRus gaining popularity. Ny2049, LickMyNoseHAHAHA, CavemanEngi,Departur3z93 and SkateboardEditor started in this time period.

Reviews/blip.tv era (Late 2010-Late 2011)

VF3/TheDVDReview fight

Around July, editor VideoFreaks3 got into a heated fight with fellow editor, SuperUsTube after spamming his account as it was inquired. The dispute got even worse as TheDVDReview directed other fans and editors to hate VideoFreaks3 and his hate for him was directly shifted to his review series, I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!!, as a way to show people how bad his edits are. But he had lightly been flamed for not using the review series to improve his editing style.

As of January 2011, the fight cooled down and is now resolved. TheDVDReview (now SuperUsTube7) no longer hated Videofreaks3, but still saw his edits as poorly made.

A Editing Compilation, ICBINR777!!! and Angry Edit Critic

See also: A Editing Compilation, I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!!

As Roshua666 and ny2049 gained wide amounts of popularity, edit-related series were born. On July 12th, 2010, MizzouEdits2 released the first episode to his series, A Editing Compilation, which was the very first edit-related compilation series and the first series made by an editor. The compilation series got popular as the days went by and even more popular after he moved to his new channel. Each episode was released every month, excluding other months.

After A Editing Compilation was released, TheDVDReview released his own series, I Can't Believe It's Not Roshua777!!!, named after popular editor, Roshua666. ICBINR777!!! became the very first edit review series in SpongeBob edit history. He reviewed editors like VideoFreaks3, Roshua666, MasterPlanktum, Legobucket and TehKablam98 among others. The series had accumulated approx. 18 episodes since the premiere, which was the longest active editor series. Aside from it, he also made a parody series called, Editor Survivor. After ICBINR777!!! was released, MasterPlanktum released his own review series called Angry Edit Critic, unlike ICBINR777!!!, the series wasn't fueled by biased opinions but rather as a attempt to help editors improve their style and abilities. It was the second longest review series for editing.

As edit reviews began to grow popular, many others began to make reviews. After TheDVDReview made a review of Legobucket's final edit, MizzouEdits2 and Legobucket made a collaboration review of his Krabby Land edit, called Buzzkill Reviews. Nobody knew if MizzouEdits2 planned to continue the series, but later he announced that he would continue the series. However more review series came in, such as Theunknownuser0's Bad Edit Hunter and TehKablam98's Attack Of The Lazy Edits. Bad Edit Hunter was in it's third episode while Attack Of The Lazy Edits had just recently premiered.

Legobucket and Blueburn's retirements and Blueburn's return and re-retirement.

Around early January, famous editor, Legobucket, also known as DaSecondBestEditor, announced his retirement from editing, deciding that editing had gotten stale and because of the rabid, uncaring fans. His retirement shocked the entire editing world, but controversy struck when TheDVDReview made a review of his final edit, hours after the announcement. This prompted MizzouEdits to do a collaboration review with Legobucket in a 'return fire' way. Legobucket was the first editor to formally retire from editing.

After Legobucket's retirement, it was announced that veteran but not-so-well-known editor, Blueburn333 had decided to retire as well after losing all his edits, sounds, etc. Blueburn became the second editor to retire, following Legobucket. But as time went by, blueburn333 announced to his subscribers that he would be editing again, but that he needed some time to find a cartoon that is not owned by Viacom. In his own words he stated "I hope to upload some edits for everyone to enjoy again, As many of the best editors have been either suspended or have had all there videos flagged and taken down. I want to re-construct the editing community and reinstate my status as a cartoon editor for all the people who have taken hell from viacom" as sent by private message. As of 5/11/2011, blueburn333 made another account strictly for editing called "Blueburn333Edits" on YouTube and had told people he would be editing again. Eventually Viacom got to his account again not even putting a full episode edit and his account was taken down/deleted by blueburn333. He had now quit editing as of 7/23/2011, but said he would not fade away and still put out commercial edits on his regular channel. He is the only editor known to retire more than once.

HD edits and the mirror effect

Roshua was the first ever editor to attempt an HD edit, with his edit of Sleepy Time. After that, no other editor had tried HD videos. Until MizzouEdits2 began editing in 720p HD format, not long, SuperDryBones10000 and editorzRus had also tried HD edits, they were the only known editors to edit in HD until the mid 2010's.

As edits were removed, MizzouEdits2 adopted another trait by mirroring the fifth episode to A Editing Compilation, but it was only the SpongeBob parts. He later did this again when he mirrored episode four to the series, which was removed in November. Later on, editors discovered mirroring edits as a way to avoid Viacom's copyright issues and it was then used by JesusWithBazookas79, reuploading his SpongeBob edit that had been removed. But most editors didn't use mirroring for edits since it was barely heard of.

Blip.tv discovery

The first person to discover blip.tv was TheDVDReview, after his edit was removed after violating YouTube's community guidelines. But as the days went by, Roshua666 discovered blip.tv and began uploading all his edits, old and new there. He later suggested that editors make blip.tv accounts. Most used the site to reupload edits and upload new edits, mostly SpongeBob. After the excessive accounts made on blip.tv, TheDVDReview criticized fans and editors for 'following whatever Roshua says' and also said that blip.tv isn't entirely Viacom-free. This caused a bit of a dispute but fortunately didn't spark into something worse. Today, many editors use the site to either reupload edits or upload new edits.

TheDVDReview, SuperDryBones and EditorzRus' suspension

Around mid-February, famous editor, editorzRus was suspended by YouTube due to a copyright notice by Viacom, editorzRus saw the suspension coming as he once said. He returned later on under his backup, editorzRuss. But sometime later or earlier, TheDVDReview was suspended due to copyright notices by FOX, Cartoon Network and Viacom and before them, SuperDryBones9000 was suspended because of a copyright notice by Shoppro. Most fans believed that it was Viacom again until he told fans that Viacom didn't do anything. TheDVDReview returned under the name, SuperUsTubeForever and SuperDryBones returned under the name, SuperDryBones10000.

Decline (2011)

The editing community saw a decline in the Early 2011 with fewer edits, editors getting suspended or having nearly completely exhausted exploitable material. The search was on for new television shows for editing use. Live-action edits, such as those of iCarly picked up in popularity, but editing had decreased, and was somewhat being replaced with video game gameplay, namely from the CoD series. This change became noticeable roughly a month or two following Legobucket's retirement. However, this might have been caused due to the large school work placed on most editors. Many old-timers and big-timers either stopped posting edits, or slowed in putting them out. Roshua666 had only posted edits to blip and his latest YouTube videos were CoD gameplay posts. MizzouEdits's rate of putting out edits had slowed. Torxedits had not posted any new edits in over a year. Editorzruss hadn't posted many videos since his old account was banned. And TheFunnyEdits11 had for the most part only done reposts from his old channel.

Stagnant Times (Late 2011-Mid 2012)

An initial spike in editing occurred in Late 2011/Early 2012 with editors such as Editscentral, Laughtraxx, coolz45ful, EditDealerMD , and Assmennfiossa joining the game. Editing soon took a downturn after the Edit-off started by 45coolz briefly resuscitated it. Edits would often never show up for weeks on end and many editors grew frustrated with both the perceived "monotony" and "simplicity" of editing and the lack of new edits from others. This resulted in Brony/Editors Assmennfiossa, Coolz45ful,and Editscentral abandoning editing and becoming full time bronies. Assmennfiossa even criticized editing publicly to Cavemanengi. Nevertheless, certain accomplishments occurred in this time period including iamsage14's Latest All Star Edited Commercial Bundle and LickMyNoseHAHAHA's completion of the edit of the Toy Story movie. iamsage14 moved to iamsage16 after a second copyright strike. DahThirdBestEditor had mostly stopped reviewing edits and instead moved on to Nostalgia Critic-Style reviews of TV shows and Movies. LickMyNoseHAHAHA's retirement in September 2012 was also a crushing blow in these times with the editing community losing one the longer lasting holdouts and leaving hardly anyone left. The only editors who were indisputably active in the Stagnant Times are DaCavemanEngi, EditDealerMD, Departur3z93, and SkateboardEditor.

Ascension Period and the Age of Heavy Editing (Late 2012 - 2013)

In the Ascension Period, hence the title, edits abruptly started to ascend again in popularity and views. The editors in the Ascension Period are mainly editors from the Stagnant Times and the Era of Ease. A list of the editors that were active in the Ascension Period are as follows:

The Ascension Period mainly sparked offspringing of editors and new editors making a name for themselves in the Editing Community. Heavy editing (making sentences and even paragraphs out of soundclips) had become very popular during this period. Usually, heavy editors have near or OVER 9000 soundclips, enough to make an album with. EMV's by Departur3z93 were first made at the time also. EMV's were Edited Music Videos created by Departur3z93. They are normal edits, yet included music videos and had "sing-a-long" captions underneath to sing along to. During this time, the biggest collaboration in Editing History erupted between Departur3z93, CreativeOneRofl, MesserProductions4, xXLIGITXx47, and SkateboardEditor called SkateOneMesser93. They were working on editing the Total Drama series in it's entirety but, there had been no SOM93 official edits uploaded. A whole lot of happenings stirred up in the Ascension Period, including the rise of Brony Editors. These Brony Editors are AbortedBeiberVag, Departur3z93, and xXLIGITXx47.

End of Blip.tv (2013)

Over a year or two, Blip.tv gradually started to change its format to gravitate toward dedicated internet shows. This culminated in the removal of hundreds of Blip accounts, including all editors' accounts. On October 8 such accounts were informed that they could no longer upload videos and that their accounts would close permanently in 30 days. On November 7 this was put into effect, and most editors' Blip.tv videos are no longer accessible. However, editors could still log in to their accounts and download their edits through this link: [1]. This prompted several editors to move their backup videos to sites like Dailymotion or FunnyOrDie, notably EditDealer and SuperIdiotMan00.

Generation 3 (G3) of editing (2013-2016): Collabs Abound

Generation 3 (G3) was a term coined by Raster0fMandomness to describe all editors from 2014 to 2017.

G3 started around very late 2012 and early 2013 with XScourgeTailsX and AReallyAwesomeGuy117. ScourgeTails originally did MLP: FIM parodies and the latter doing YTPs. The two editors created edits that were far heavier than the previous editing standards which caused a massive difference between the 2009/10 generation of editing. Editors such as MDEProductionz, primetime9071 and creativeonerofl (AKA XxRoflxX15) were part of the scene, but were rarely active during these times. This generation hardly ever edited SpongeBob and instead utilized shorter clips such as commercials, popular viral videos and some other cartoons. An edit critic, XDrang93 also became popular as he, along with Rockorange and Raster0fMandomness, are the only official existing edit critics as of 2017.

G3 was also famous for frequent collaborations, such as EditsOfGreatBritain's (Now EditsofGreatBritain) "Stu Makes Chocolate Pudding" collab and Rotten Cheese's "Ugly Barnacle" collab, which both managed six entries excluding themselves.

A total of two editors from the past two generations were still regularly active: SuperIdiotMan00 and JesusWithBazookas79, with only SuperIdiotMan really still being known for editing (JesusWithBazookas is nowadays far better known for his original work and being probably the most infamous anti-Enterbot. He also deleted his channel in late 2017). TheCaveManEngi, EditDealer and MasterSKODWARDE were all still here, but Caveman made only two new edits, Dealer only did one with SuperIdiotMan (two if you count the indirect one for The Editing Collab), and SKODEWARDE had only made an update video.

G3 editors who retired/vanished before G4

All users listed simply ceased uploading edits unless otherwise noted

  • 360 No Scope Edits
  • AHTheCat
  • BlackBile 969
  • Crazy Cradily (took down all edits; announced his return to editing on March 21, 2018; returned not long after on Funny Or Die as Octacle, and eventually moved to YouTube)
  • creativeonerofl (Terminated)
  • Editing Isn't Dead (now EID, ironically became inactive for a long time but recently signed up for EditsOfGreatBritain's new collab. On August 22, 2018, EID returned after a two-year hiatus with the upload of a Fairly Oddparents edit)
  • EditorPredator
  • Hezus XC
  • IllegalImmigrant Edits
  • Kenny The Dude
  • LeMilkyManster844
  • Malcolm
  • MDEproductionz (Currently on Editors Discord Chat, released edit for Raster0fMandomness' Hat of Discipline collab and plans to return to editing soon)
  • Michael Barnett
  • monsta7843ful (partially retired)
  • NateH
  • ninjastar2010 (Currently on Editors Discord Chat, released edit for Raster0fMandomness' Hat of Discipline collab)
  • OrangeEdits
  • orenzii (now Cuba, presumably retired, took down all edits)
  • primetime9071 (retired, returned to editing in late 2017)
  • Raccoovius Maximus (retired)
  • ShadowParanoia (Currently on Editors Discord Chat, has kind of returned, posts an edit every once and a while)
  • SkettiLobbies
  • SpiderMonkey722
  • Sponge Edits
  • SpongeBob Edits 1
  • SpongebobFan35 (retired, closed channel)
  • Spongo Edity
  • The Steaming Pile
  • TheChildhoodRuiner15

G3 editors who transistioned into G4

  • AReallyAwesomeGuy117
  • Austin Desfosses (Current username is NitroEdits, edits rarely after finding some success in the YouTube Poop community)
  • CoryRamirezEdits (DailyMotion) (CoryRamirezEdits2 on YouTube)
  • DominationEdits (Retired on 8/26/2017)
  • Edits Are Awesome (Still editing but, not often)
  • Foresaken_kill_666
  • ImpartialGem98 (became far more active/popular in G4, currently inactive on YouTube due to working on a movie edit)
  • Gamerhandsjr
  • MagiswordEditor (although he had only done one in G3 and became far more active/popular in G4)
  • LoneWolfEditor
  • Mark Riquelme
  • Mr. Skeleboner
  • Nanban
  • Octacle (formerly Crazy Cradily)
  • primetime9071
  • Raster0fMandomness (main channel was terminated for unjust Community Guidelines flaggings; is retiring soon after releasing a few edits on EditsOfItaly)
  • Rockorange (Originally retired, returned out of the blue)
  • Rotten Cheese (On hiatus as he has found popularity in a different field)
  • EditsOfGreatBritain (now EditsOfGreatBritain, although he doesn't edit much lately, he has also now found popularity in YouTube Poop)
  • Stationboxz (Either on hiatus or retired, although he is a member of the Editors Discord Chat)
  • Tagen's Editing Channel
  • TheKingofChamps (now xkingxd3athx, retired in March 2018 after his main channel was terminated, presumably by Turner)
  • ULBEdits
  • XScourgeTailsX (On hiatus due to personal issues in real life)

Generation 4 (2017-): VidLii, Quote Sites, DVDs, and the Ultimate Filter

"Generation 4" of editing was not considered to have truly overtaken G3 until April 2017, but it's technical starting date can be traced back to February of 2016 when popular name of this era Xpert Jani made his first edit. It's true roots can be considered to have began April 2016, the date YouTube Pooper and one of the two individuals who ultimately became the definitive example of this era, Goop Videos, made his first edit. The pioneers of this new style slowly gained traction in what they did slowly over the course of a year, leading up to April 2017 when two edits would carve out the era and that era was eventually noticed and classified officially. Four figures can be considered to have started it:

  • YouTube Poopers EmpLemon and Goop Videos, who throughout 2016 frequently referenced several old-school edits in a nostalgic sense. The latter even did some himself, including a couple with a third YTPer coolcat001100. All 3 of these being immensely popular poopers, their references helped remind people who had not followed edits since G1 what it was, some of whom laughed at the "A E S T H E T I C" nostalgia angle and some of whom genuinely began to like editing again, and some who are just new fans in general.
  • Editors Gašper Oštir & Xpert Jani begin making edits of a unique nature that used minimal new sounds, used a limited, mostly G2 selection of sounds despite heavy quantity of edits, and utilized heavy references to "basic bitch" material such as trap music and Vine. Although barely known among the actual edit community, they became the most "mainstream" editors, bringing in an audience of relatively normal people who most likely wouldn't have found out about edits before them.

April Fools Day 2017 marked the well and true beginning of the era, when EmpLemon released his first actual edit: "Chad Warden Returns", his take on "Squilliam Returns". Later that month saw the release of Goop Videos' "The Camping Episode" edit (his first full-length TV episode edit not with coolcat). Both of these were by far the most popular edits so far that year. Both shared similar and intentional characteristics: a very visually glaring filter, ear-raped sounds, and direct callbacks to G1 edits.

The term G4 was coined by XDrang93 responding to a tweet made by AReallyAwesomeGuy117 speaking negatively about both of these edits. It was received with near-universal agreement the new era had began. RasterOfMandomness added that Gasper and Xpert defined it on a post on Edit City.

In late 2017, alternate video upload service vid.me shut down, leaving editors with one less alternate source than YouTube to avoid Viacunt.

In 2018, editor Raster0fMandomness discovered three sites, getyarn.io, comb.io and archive.org/tv, which could indirectly help editors find sounds for whatever they needed. Getyarn had more sources, but some clips were cut off at the beginning or end. Comb.io, on the other hand, could let users trim out whatever part of the clip they needed, but have only four sources (being Futurama, Simpsons, Family Guy, and Rick & Morty). archive.org also similarly allowed trimming of clips, but had sources limited to news and talk shows (And for some reason, the only somewhat journalistic improv comedy/game show @midnight with Chris Hardwick), making it more useful for proper nouns or very odd combinations of words than anything else.

In the summer of 2018, editor Octacle (with help from other editors) crafted the perfect Content ID foiler, the filter to end all filters. A screen split in four by a thick black cross, with a tiny undivided screen smack in the center, with Find Edges and Emboss effects to boot, helped him to move to YouTube safely, and he managed to reupload all of his edits, as well as his Portrayed By SpongeBob videos.

In August 2018, Funny or Die removed of all of its user-generated content as part of a restructuring, making editing extinct on that website. Fortunately, that month, edit reviewer XDrang93 discovered another website to share edits on, VidLii, and editors such as Rockorange, Octacle, EditsForWinners, and SuperIdiotMan00 began sharing their edits there by September.

In April 2019, EditsForWinners envisioned a new way to preserve edits at the viewer's home without Internet or copyright interference, putting edits onto ISOs. Henceforth, the idea of edits on DVD was put into practice that same month with EFW's first batch of edits, marking the first time in editing history that edits have been distributed to home media.

In August 2019, the original SpongeBob Edits Wiki was removed from Fandom/Wikia for unknown reasons. The site is currently in the process of reconstructing on Miraheze.

G4 Editors

The founding fathers

  • coolcat001100
  • EmpLemon
  • Gasper Ostir
  • Goop Videos
  • Xpert Jani

Other editors who began during this era

  • Aaron McGee
  • Caravaggio
  • EditsForWinners (Initially retired after four edits due to copyright issues and being tired of making edits; eventually returned)
  • ElectricSausageEdits
  • EvanarchyMT (Retired after producing two edits, he "got lucky" with the two he made. Has suggested that he may make an alt channel for edits)
  • ICUP321
  • ImpartialGem98
  • Kill723
  • ManaRocker657
  • Manhattan Mauler (Anthony Lopez)
  • MawileTehIronic56
  • MrDiceGuy (semi-retired at the moment)
  • Neon Weasel
  • RockHyde777
  • Sackson
  • SolidGunvolt817
  • StarFoxFreak420 Edits
  • StormTwister

Editors who returned/transitioned into in G4

  • Mrdavidatify
  • Ginnrollins211
  • Octacle
  • Rockorange
  • EOGB
  • SuperIdiotMan00
  • RasterOfMandomness (is anticipating retirement due to an unjust termination of his main channel)